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Function To provide defense
Known locations Matoran Universe
Mata Nui
Pronunciation MAH-doo (cah-BOH-loh)[1][2]

Madu are small coconut-like fruit that grew on trees in jungles of the Matoran Universe, and previously all over the island of Mata Nui.


The Great Beings based the Madu fruit on the Thornax of Bara Magna.[3]

A Madu tree

Madu fruit was used by Le-Matoran in the game Kewa Bird Riding to strike opponents and knock them from their Kewa in order to win the game, while one tried to avoid the Madu using a Volo Lutu Launcher. The Madu fruit that grew in the area was made useful by Matoran on Mata Nui to engage in target practice to defend themselves at the Papa Nihu Reef. The eight stones in the middle of the reef served as hiding places for a Matoran, while the other would try to hit the Matoran with the fruit. The wandering Av-Matoran Takua utilized Madu and Madu Cabolo to defeat Rahi and other obstacles while he was searching for the Toa Stones.[4]

On his way to save his village from the Bohrok, Lewa jumped onto a Madu tree, and saw the smoke rising from Le-Koro, and rushed to save his village.[5]

Musicians of Le-Koro played xylophones made of Madu shells. These instruments were used at the Le-Matoran party after the defeat of the Bohrok.[6]


The juices of the Madu are somewhat volatile and they are known to sometimes explode, making them effective against enemies such as Rahi.[1]

Madu Cabolo

A Madu Cabolo

Unripe Madu fruit are called Madu Cabolo. They are extremely volatile, even more so than a regular Madu, and are known to explode on rough impact. Once this happens, they release a foul smelling gas which is a repellent to the Kane-Ra.[2]

Madu fruit in BIONICLE: The Game


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