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"Axonn saw the gate advancing rapidly, threatening to envelop him. He couldn't see anything inside it, only deep darkness. He knew Brutaka's power — the gate might lead to someplace else on Voya Nui or any other island, or even to a different dimension entirely."
— Narrator, Inferno

Title Mask of Dimensional Gates
Powers Creating dimensional portals
Bearers Brutaka (formerly)
Vezon (absorbed into his body)[1]
Pronunciation Ohl-MACK[2]

The Kanohi Olmak was the Mask of Dimensional Gates.


Artakha created the only two Kanohi Olmak known to have existed in the Matoran Universe,[3][4] although more could have existed in the past.[5][6]

The Order of Mata Nui gave one Olmak to Brutaka.[7][8][note 1] It was later damaged when Brutaka was exposed to Pit Mutagen,[10] causing its portals to lead to unintended destinations. After Makuta Teridax took control of the Great Spirit Robot, Brutaka used his Olmak and appeared in the Core Processor beneath Metru Nui's Coliseum; Teridax proceeded to destroy the mask.[11]

The second Kanohi Olmak had a variety of owners. Artakha arranged for a member of Jovan's Toa Team to wear the mask.[4][12] After the team entered Karda Nui and the Kanohi Ignika took the life of one of Jovan's teammates to revive Mata Nui, the remainder of Jovan's team used the Olmak to escape Karda Nui's energy storms.[13] Makuta Tridax hired the Dark Hunters to attack the team after the mission to acquire the mask, which resulted in the Olmak-bearing Toa's death.[14][15][16] The Order of Mata Nui sent Tobduk to secure the mask.[4] It was used twice by Botar: once to imprison Toa Mangai Tuyet in a pocket dimension and once to capture a Tuyet from an alternate universe who would take the place of her imprisoned counterpart.[17] Makuta Tridax eventually regained possession of the mask and used it to recruit an army of Shadow Takanuva.[3] Vezon later looted the Olmak from the sub-basement of the Brotherhood of Makuta's Destral Fortress. When the half-Skakdi donned the mask and traveled through a portal, he stepped out only to face a wave of Energized Protodermis that caused his body to absorb the mask.[18][1] Vezon then lost control over the mask and hopped between several dimensions.[19] Eventually, however, the Skakdi returned to the prime dimension, and the cursed Great Being deactivated his Olmak.[20][21]

Currently, no Kanohi Olmak exist in the main dimension except the one fused to Vezon.

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak was held in the Coliseum's Hall of Masks after he was killed. The Tuyet of this universe fought with the prime universe's Takanuva over the mask, which the latter wanted to use to return home. During the battle, Takanuva escaped through one of the Olmak's portals; Tuyet followed but was killed when the gateway closed on her midsection. The mask was lost in interdimensional space.[22]


The Kanohi Olmak allows its user to transport themself and/or other targets to different locations or dimensions via dimensional portals. It navigates by sensing and mapping out where alternate dimensions exist within the interdimensional space.[23] Although achieving time travel with an Olmak is impossible, users can travel to other dimensions where time flows at different rates than their own. Users can travel beyond the Matoran Universe with the Olmak's power.[24][25][26]

Olmak users can only create one portal at a time and may also form a gateway that remains open without their continued concentration, until somebody passes through it.[27][28][29] They can also move the portal around or designate a target that the portal will attempt to reach. Such a portal will continue to move even after the user is knocked unconscious.[28][30] It is possible to temporarily push the gateway away by releasing pure energy at it.[31][30] Removing an Olmak from its wearer while a portal they created remains open will slowly close the portal.[32]

When Brutaka's Olmak was damaged by Pit Mutagen, it continued to open portals on demand. However, Brutaka had virtually no control over where these portals might lead. Vezon demonstrated even less control over the Olmak absorbed into his body; the Skakdi could not choose when the portals opened or where they led.

Example Usage

Takanuva emerging from a portal created by a Kanohi Olmak

Brutaka used his Kanohi Olmak to transport a Doom Viper into a pool of lava in an alternate universe in Power Play.



  • Brutaka - Formerly
  • A Toa from Jovan's team - Formerly; now deceased
  • Makuta Tridax - Secondary mask; now deceased
  • Botar - Used the mask twice
  • Vezon - Absorbed into his body[1]


An Olmak as the "Mask of the Ancients"
  • The Kanohi Olmak appeared as an easter egg in an online game promoting the LEGO Atlantis theme, where it was one of the pieces of undersea treasure the player could discover.
    • The mask is identified as the "Mask of the Ancients" with the brief description: The ancients of Atlantis wore this all powerful mask during Rituals. Like a seashell, It echoes The Beat of The Drum And the Shouts of The Civilization from so long ago. While it Has been out of use for centuries, it Still radiates the power it used to hold.[33]


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  1. Greg Farshtey has also stated that Brutaka had his Olmak prior to joining the Order.[9]

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