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The Featured Chronicle is one of the oldest BS01 Wiki activities. Once a week, members will vote on an article to display on the front page. Voting was held for over a year up until the Wiki was shut down. When it returned in August of 2007, all article content was lost, and thus voting could no longer be held for the Featured Chronicle. However, on February 4, 2008, the section was revived and voting has continued since. This page is a list of all articles that have been selected as the Featured Chronicle since February 8, 2008 .


June 9


Since the Piraka are thieves, they have stolen all my time. Since I'm also going on vacation tomorrow, just imagine a nice write-up about these vagrants here.

June 2

Pahrak Va

The slightly random Pahrak Va are the FC for this week. Small in size, yet they played a large part in the Pahrak swarm of the Bohrok. They acted as scouts and communicators for the swarm, making it much easier for them to cleanse the island of Mata Nui. Because of their lack of speed however, they were often captured by the Matoran. Though the Bohrok were sealed away due to the efforts of the Toa Mata, they were reawakened and were successful in clearing Mata Nui.

May 3


This made FC? Hah. Not that there's anything actually wrong with the page. Certavus was a pet project of mine, and a fun experiment foraying into the world of contests. Though I do agree that there are too many contests as it is now, this one was fun in and of itself, despite the hitches. And I just had to throw him into the winning Core War story, because he needed a concrete appearance while he was alive. But that's beside the point. Certavus is a veteran Glatorian, oft spoken of but never seen (technically), and respected worldwide for his power. Greg once told me he was the "Muhammad Ali of BIONICLE". Which is pretty sweet, if you happen to know who Ali is. He's a personal favorite story element of mine, just because you can tell that the story heads liked his presence enough to have references in the majority of the 09 storybook; his legacy is even the subject of a level 3 reader, BIONICLE: The Secret of Certavus. Thanks to BS01's first MoC contest, we have an image (or several) of him, so he's special in a lot of ways.

April 29

The Pit

Thanks to ACTs, the head of BSH has been too busy to update the FC lately. What can I say about the Pit? It was a bad prison that was featured in the 2007 storyline. Stay in school, don't end up in the Pit my friends.

April 21


Remember those freaky scorpion things from 2009? Well, they're back and they're in the FC this week. These more-than-a-century year old upright buggers are known as the warriors of the Sand Tribe. A small amount of them have allied themselves with the mean Glatorian by the name of Malum and are under his control. Another ally of theirs is called the Zesk. A long time ago, these "beasts" were actually sentient, until they were later genetically altered by the Great Beings. But when the Shattering came, A few of the sentient Vorox were trapped on Bota Magna, while the Vorox on Bara Magna were reeking havock on the residents. Currently, these Vorox from Bota Magna are under the control of another Vorox named Kabrua.

April 16

Tren Krom

The leader of the Matoran Universe before Mata Nui, Tren Krom, is the FC for this week. After his brief rule, Tren Krom was removed by the Great Beings to an island, where he could not escape. During this time, he had very few visitors, but eventually met Mutran, the Makuta. Tren Krom told him the secrets of the universe, which had disastrous consequences later. He was also visited by a strange collection of beings, including Brutaka, Vezon, Lariska, and many other backwater beings. Tren Krom eventually made them leave, but not after killing Carapar. Not long afterwards, Teridax took over the universe from Mata Nui. Tren Krom responded by switching bodies with Toa Lewa, and went to the Core Processor to send a message to the Ignika. After a small brawl in the Core Processor ensued, Artakha appeared and forced him to switch back with Lewa. Later, Teridax was killed, and Tren Krom was freed from his prison. However, he was killed shortly afterwards under mysterious circumstances. To maintain sanity, there will be no picture this week for FC. :)

April 2


The largest unofficial BIONICLE website, BZPower, is the FC for this week. Created in 2002 in the early years of BIONICLE, BZP has ever since not only been a BIONICLE fansite, but a site that could clear-up or add to various parts of the canon. This was thanks to Greg Farshtey joining BZP and interacting with various fans. Though BIONICLE's sets have ended, BZP still remains active and a great partner of BS01. Our page about BZP not only covers it's history, but lists every forum and staff member of BZP. It is an exhaustive list, and very handy for all members of the BIONICLE fandom. A very good page well deserving of Featured Chronicle.

March 26

Matoran Universe

The Matoran Universe, the primary setting for most of BIONICLE, is the FC for this week. It was located entirely within the giant Great Spirit Robot, overseen by the Great Spirit Mata Nui. It was primarily populated by Matoran who worked to keep the universe functioning. Over time, however, the universe started to be filled with conflict, with the League of Six Kingdoms, Dark Hunters, and the Brotherhood of Makuta all vying for control of the universe.. The Order of Mata Nui, meanwhile, tried to maintain Mata Nui's control. Eventually, the Brotherhood won, with Makuta Teridax replacing Mata Nui as controller of the universe. Shortly thereafter, Teridax invaded Bara Magna in search of Mata Nui, and in the ensuing conflict, the Matoran Universe and Makuta were destroyed by a fragment of Aqua Magna. Most of the residents, however, managed to leave the universe to inhabit Spherus Magna.

March 18

Toa Mahri

The scuba diving Toa team is this week's FC. They originally were the Toa Inika, but became the Toa Mahri after venturing down into the Pit. They then battled with the Barraki over possession of the Ignika, a conflict which soon expanded to include Hydraxon, Karzahni, Brutaka, an enlarged Gadunka, and even Teridax himself. Eventually, Matoro managed to take the Ignika and used it to heal Mata Nui, at the cost of his own life. Ever since then, the remaining Mahri have performed various missions for the Order of Mata Nui and have defended Metru Nui; however, they are currently under the control of the Skakdi Fusion.

March 11


Gorast, the famous female Makuta, is this week's FC. She was assigned to the Tren Krom Peninsula and was one of the first Makuta to side with Teridax's overthrow of Miserix. She was later sent into Karda Nui under orders of Teridax to capture the core of the universe. During this attack, she remained one of the few Makuta completely loyal to the plan. However, she realized too late that Teridax was planning to betray them, and was eventually killed by the Energy Storms.

March 5


Hewkii is this week's FC. He was originally a Matoran of Mata Nui and Metru Nui, and eventually joined five other Matoran in searching for the Toa Nuva, who had not been heard from in their quest for the Ignika. During that search, he and the other Matoran were transformed into the Toa Inika and took the place of the Nuva in the quest to find the Ignika. They finally succeeded after transforming into the Toa Mahri, and despite losing Matoro, they continued to work as a Toa team. Recently, Hewkii and the rest of the Mahri have been hypnotized by the Skakdi Fusion.

February 24

Hero Factory

BionicleMAN man said

  • well looks like I will be doing a write-up for HF
  • even though I know very little about it
  • other than it is about a place that builds heroes

Oh that Bionicleman. Always the jokester. He should read our extremely superly awesome Hero Factory page. The only page ever to bypass the "will of the members" and offend every single person on this site! Except not. Hero Factory. What is it? Why should I care? Well, Hero Factory is the spiritual successor to BIONICLE. Obviously, with BIONICLE being canceled, Hero Factory is a nice scapegoat for all the angst of the fan community, but in reality, it is much more than that. It is a fun, new, and exciting line from LEGO, one that is invariably part of the BIONICLE line, and a page is necessary to fully understand it. An epic new saga of heroes, villains, and the neverending struggle of good and evil. With robots. Go, my children. Read. Learn. And accept.

February 12


The elite Visorak Kahgarak is this week's Featured Chronicle. Created with the rest of the Visorak by Makuta Chirox, it is unique in how it can create a portal to the Field of Shadows. They were driven to extinction by the Order of Mata Nui, but were restored by Teridax when he was in control of the Matoran Universe. They have since emigrated to Spherus Magna. While only one type of Visorak, our page on these creatures still stands up to all other FC pages. It covers all of their appearances, as well as abilities and set info. A worthy FC page.

February 5

Toa Inika

The third Toa team featured in BIONICLE is this week's Featured Chronicle. They were originally six Matoran on Metru Nui and Mata Nui, who united when the Toa Nuva went missing in their search for the Mask of Life. They transformed into Toa, and then beat the Piraka to the Mask of Life. However, the Mask fled to the ocean, and the Toa opened pursuit. Upon reaching Mahri Nui, however, the Mask transformed them into the Toa Mahri. Despite only existing for one story year as the Toa Inika, our storyline summary of them is very detailed and lengthy. It also has a nice chart of the Toa and their Kanohi and tools. Good page, go check it out.

January 30

Toa Mata The first Toa team featured in BIONICLE is this week's FC. They were created on Artakha to awaken Mata Nui if necessary. It became necessary after the Great Cataclysm, and they landed on Mata Nui. They then collected their Kanohi and battled the Makuta. They then faced off against the Bohrok and Bahrag, and afterwords they were transformed into the mighty Toa Nuva. This first Toa team is covered very well. We have nice and classic art, as well as history that goes even before the 2001-2002 saga. Great page, go check it out. (side note: did you know that they weren't named the Toa Mata until newer Toa teams were revealed? Even before this name was canonized, some fans called them the Toa Olda. What a nice name.)

January 15


An interesting little article, Protosteel is the ultimate winner of the best new article from 2010. Little known fact, this article was originally rejected from the AfC the first time around, but later made a comeback, with the intention of it being a good companion page to the overarching Protodermis page. It has since developed into a decent page in its own right, with a detailed history section, an image, and topped off with a nice quote, as well as an extensive list of objects; which is part of the reason it needed its own page. With the properties section, the section unique to substance pages, it has since become an exemplary substance page: and one that should be turned to for anybody who wants to know how it should be done.

January 5


The tiger-like Rahi are this week's FC. Like most Rahi, it was created by the Makuta. It has since been known to inhabit Metru Nui and Mata Nui. Some were held in the Archives, but because they were immune to stasis they had to be kept as woken specimens. Teridax also inslaved many Muaka when he invaded the island of Mata Nui. They have likely migrated to Spherus Magna following the Battle of Bara Magna. Though Rahi pages are not often focused on in FC, that does not detract from their quality. The Muaka page goes over the many appearances the Muaka have made, and very much deserves to be FC.

January 1


The fierce, robotic Baterra are this week's FC. They were created by the Great Beings in an effort to end the Core War, but were unable to to shut them down later. After the Shattering, many remained on Bara Magna, where they came into conflict with the Skrall. Though the Baterra haven't made many appearances, our page is still very detailed and interesting. It is worth checking out.


December 26

Spherus Magna

Since it is the week of Christmas, the head of FC has decided to take it easy this week. Spherus Magna is a cool planet with a cool page. Go check it out!

December 18


The "devil" of BIONICLE, Karzahni, is this week's FC. He was created by the Great Beings and competed with Artakha for the legendary Mask of Creation. He then ruled the land named after him with malice, taking broken Matoran and "fixing" them. He later made an invasion into the Pit, where he battled with both Toa Lesovikk and Makuta Teridax. Later, he was killed by an unknown assailant on Spherus Magna. Our page on this demon is very detailed and interesting, from his early exploits to his encounters later in life. A page worth checking out!

December 9

First Toa Team

The first ever Toa team is this week's featured chronicle. Led by Lesovikk, the team was formed about 100,000 years ago and defended a Matoran village from Rahi and other threats. However, the team was short lived as all members but their leader were killed by Zyglak. For a team that apppeared seldom in the story, our page that covers them is still very detailed and well written. It also has a unique image of Lesovikk as the main image, as it is the image of him from the instruction book. A well deserved FC.

December 4

Arena Matches

The many Arena Matches of Bara Magna are this week's Featured Chronicle. They were the basis for the society of Bara Magna following the Shattering, settling resource disputes between the Agori tribes. They were fought by the Glatorian of the various tribes. With the threat of the Skrall however, the Agori tribes abandoned the Arena Matches system to unite against the Skrall. The Arena Matches page is a great example of a Society page. It covers the history of the system, has an impressive list of all known matches, and lists the various weapons allowed in the battles. A very well done page, much deserving to be FC.

November 20


One of the primary elements of BIONICLE is this week's FC. It has many users: all Toa of Fire, Bohrok, Skakdi, Ackar, Prototype, the Element Lord of Fire, and many others. The element allows the user to control fire, either by creating it or manipulating fire already existing. Toa of Fire can also release a Nova Blast of fire. Fire is likely the most famous BIONICLE element. As a result, our page covering the element is very detailed, it lists all known species that control the element, as well as all known individual users. It is a great example of how a power page should be, and well deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

November 11


The main villains of BIONICLE are this week's Featured Chronicle. Originally created to create Rahi for the Matoran Universe, they later turned against Mata Nui. Eventually, one of them, Teridax, managed to take over the universe in place of Mata Nui. He was shortly thereafter killed by Mata Nui. The Makuta species is now critically endangered; only one remains. Their page covers all of the Makuta's history, abilities, and social interactions. It also tells all of the times the Makuta have been released as sets. A great species page, go check it out.

October 31


The LEGO line TECHNIC is this week's Featured Chronicle. It began in 1977 as very similar to LEGO sets at the time, but evolved to feature many different technical sets. Some of these included Robo-Riders and Slizer (also known as Throwbots), which eventually led to BIONICLE. BIONICLE was so successful that it split off from TECHNIC into its own line. TECHNIC still continues today to release new sets. Our page on TECHNIC covers all of this history in much greater detail, as well as listing some of it's most popular lines. For a new page, it is very well done. Go check it out!

October 22

Greg Farshtey

The writer for BIONICLE is the FC for this week. Always the answerer of many questions on BZPower, Greg has greatly entertained all BIONICLE fans with his writing in the Books, Comics and Serials. He is also the Chief editor of the Lego Magazine. Our page contains all this info, and also has various biographical information on Greg. Do you know his hometown, his favorite BIONICLE character, and his favorite book? Find all that out on his page, well deserving of an FC!

October 16

Elemental Powers

One of the fundamental aspects of the BIONICLE universe, elemental powers are this week's Featured Chronicle. They have appeared since the beginning, and only in the first half of 2003 were the Toa unable to use them. From simple elements like Fire to more obscure ones like The Green or Psionics, the elements have changed BIONICLE as we know it. The elements page lists every single element, as well as what happens when certain elements are combined. It is a great page, and is worth checking out.

October 2


This history of this wiki, BIONICLEsector01:About is the FC this week. It tells of the history from way back in it's creation by Crystal Matrix all the way to today. It talks of the multiple downtimes, but also the wiki's multiple triumphs. It is a very intresting read for those interested in the history of this wiki. Plus, the screenshot of the main page was made by your's truly.

September 26

Battle of Bara Magna The FC this week is the final battle of BIONICLE, the Battle of Bara Magna. It was a massive battle, featuring Glatorian, Toa, Skrall, Skakdi, Rahkshi, and, of course, GIANT ROBOTS!!!!! It also was the first appearance of the Golden Armor. Most importantly, the battle led to the death of Makuta Teridax, the destruction of the Matoran Universe, and the Reformation of Spherus Magna. Our page is similarly massive, it has all of the factions and their goals, as well as a detailed description of the battle and it's aftermath. A very good page, go check it out.

September 16


This week, we have the veteran Glatorian Tarix of the Water Tribe. His experience include leading a battalion during the Core War, contributing to the social system on Bara Magna, and fighting the Skrall War, and later, the Battle of Bara Magna. Despite being one of the newer character articles, the page details must of Tarix's history, especially during the Core War, as well as having great images of him.

September 9th

Skrall War

This week, we have the main event of 2009, the Skrall War. It started when the Skrall attacked Atero, and for a while, it looked as if the Skrall would win the war. But they thought wrong, as they ended up being utterly defeated by the Glatorian. The page itself is very long, detailed, and lives up to BS01's high standards. The main event of a year certainly deserves the FC, does it not?

September 1st


A fun page for an intriguing character, the Malum page was initially a source of confusion, as he was given template colors for the Sand Tribe. However, this was soon cleared up, and the page has become a wonderful source of information. With the recent release of Graphic Novel 8 (go buy it) the page has grown in leaps and bounds, and with the addition of a number of spectacular images, highly detailed, organized, and aesthetically superior. Dude still scares me, though.

August 18th


This week, the small but intriguing sub-power Vacuum is FC. This page has stood the test of time and shows that BS01 maintains a high standard, no matter what size the task is. Vacuum clearly deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

August 10th

Battles and Conflicts

The many battles of the BIONICLE saga is this week's FC. Since the beginning the story has involved conflict between many different groups and characters. Their page contains all notable conflicts, making it a worthy Featured Chronicle.

August 4th

Dark Hunters

Since Bionicleman has gone camping this week, I'll be writing the FC this week. This week, we have Dark Hunters, the "gangsters" of the BIONICLE story. Originally created by the Shadowed One and Ancient, the organization thrived by stealing precious objects from the other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. They attempted to take control of Metru Nui many times, but failed. At one point, the Dark Hunters declared war on the Brotherhood of Makuta for betraying them when they made a deal. After the Matoran Universe was deemed uninhabitable, they migrated out to Spherus Magna. The page is a very beefy, detailed page, living up to BS01's high standards, and truly deserves the FC.

July 28th


The FC for this week is the Agori, the native population of Spherus Magna. They were originally led by the Great Beings and later the Element Lords, but were separated from them by the Shattering. They then relied on the Glatorian to fight in Arena Matches in order to obtain resources. This way of life ended when the Skrall began to invade, and Mata Nui arrived to convince them to unite against their enemy. Shortly thereafter, Spherus Magna was reformed and the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe began to inhabit Spherus Magna with the Agori. Their page is amazing, especially with a list of every known Agori. It therefore deserves to be the Featured Chronicle.

July 20th


The leader of the Piraka, Zaktan, is this week's featured chronicle. He started his career as a Dark Hunter, performing many missions. He and five other Skakdi defected from the Dark Hunters, calling themselves Piraka, and investigated the site where Teridax was supposedly killed. They were planted with the idea to capture the Mask of Life, and they headed for Voya Nui. They, however, failed in their attempt, and were mutated by Pit Mutagen into aquatic beings. They were shortly thereafter captured by Axonn, and Zaktan was forced to be a guide for the Toa Hagah in their search for Teridax, which took them deep beneath the Coliseum. Zaktan, however was killed in the attempt. His page is very well done, containing everything that a BS01 page should have. It is a well-deserved FC.

July 6th


Greg Farshtey's favorite Barraki, Takadox, is this week's Featured Chronicle. He began as a spy for the Brotherhood of Makuta, who was ordered to keep an eye on Pridak. He then joined him to form the League of Six Kingdoms, but was eventually imprisoned in The Pit. He later also participated in the team sent to find Miserix. His page coves his biography, abilities, traits, set info, and more, making it one of the many great articles on BS01.

June 15th

Mata Nui (Location) The island paradise is this week's Featured Chronicle, named after the Great Spirit himself. It was accidentally created during the Great Cataclysm when Mata Nui crash landed on Aqua Magna. It had been inhabited by many different Rahi, Bohrok, Rahkshi, Matoran, Turaga, Toa, and one Makuta. It was later cleared by the Bohrok and destroyed with the reawakening of Mata Nui. Its article covers all the event that occured there, its landmarks, and even every Rahi known to live on Mata Nui. It well deserves to be FC.

June 2nd

Nokama Nokama is the former Toa of Water of both the Toa Metru and Toa Hordika, and is now the wise, peaceful Turaga who ruled over both Mata Nui and Metru Nui. She has a very detailed page covering her adventures, and has many beautiful images. A good page that deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

May 23rd

Nuparu Nuparu, the resident nerd/inventor of BIONICLE, is this week's featured chronicle. At Metru Nui, he worked as a Rahi Receiving Official for the Archives. He would, however, spend a great deal of time thinking of inventions. After a failed attempt at creating law enforcement, Kralhi, he eventually succeeded with the Vahki. He also discovered a Liquid Protodermis leak in the Archives, which he alerted to the Toa Metru. Shortly thereafter, however, he was forced into a Matoran Sphere by his own creations and was forced into slumber. He was awoken on the island of Mata Nui by the Toa Metru with his memories lost. He then participated in the construction of Onu-Koro and became an engineer. During the Bohrok Invasion, he constructed the Boxor in order for the Matoran to defend themselves. Eventually, Metru Nui was rediscovered, and the Matoran returned to the island. Shortly after, Nuparu journeyed with five other Matoran in order to locate the missing Toa Nuva, who sought the Ignika to save Mata Nui's life. On their way to the Ignika's location, he and the other Matoran were transformed into the Toa Inika. After battling the Piraka, the Inika managed to reach the Ignika, however it landed into the seas near Mahri Nui. Once they traveled there, they were transformed by the Ignika into the Toa Mahri. During their mission to retrieve the Ignika, however, Mata Nui died. Thanks to the sacrifice of Matoro, Mata Nui was revived and healed and the Mahri were transported back to Metru Nui. The Mahri then served as the Toa guardians of Metru Nui. During this time Nuparu helped to defeat the Kardas Dragon, help the Toa Hagah in reaching the Core Processor, and wipe the Visorak into extinction. He then helped to defend Metru Nui during the Siege of Metru Nui. After this, Teridax revealed that he had taken over control of the Matoran Universe. He later traveled to Zakaz where a fusion of various creatures was formed, and he and the other Mahri were forced to follow in service. They then traveled to Spherus Magna. Nuparu covers his biography in a very detailed manner, and also contains other great sections as well. A very well deserved FC.

May 17th

BIONICLE Ah, now this is a topic. BIONICLE is, of course, the reason this site exists. It is difficult to sum up the story in one sentence (though there probably is a BZP topic about it), but I'm going to try. It is about a giant robot named Mata Nui, within which there is an entire universe, whose mission is to restore the planet of Spherus Magna. Of course, the storyline is a lot more detailed than that. It began very simply though, just six Toa on an island who defended the inhabitants from various enemies. Eventually though, it was discovered that underneath that island was another island, an ancient city called Metru Nui. The history of that city and why it was abandoned was then told. Once the Matoran returned to the city, however, it was revealed that not only was Metru Nui part of a large system of domes underground, but that Mata Nui was dying. He was healed however, thanks to a noble sacrifice by a Toa named Matoro. The Toa Nuva then went on a quest to awaken Mata Nui in Karda Nui. They succeeded, however, it was revealed that their universe was a giant robot, and that it was taken over by Teridax. Mata Nui was expelled from the universe, only to land on the planet of his origin, Bara Magna. There he helped the Agori to fight off the Skrall. Mata Nui then restored another giant robot, and used it to fight and defeat Teridax and to reunite Spherus Magna. The inhabitants of the two worlds then joined together to form a new world. BIONICLE's vast history is all covered on its page. It also has two BIONICLE logos, which are very cool. This page definitely deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

May 9th

Visorak That's Visorak the Rahi, not Visorak the island. Anyways, the Rahi Visorak are this week's Featured Chronicle. They were originally created by Makuta Chirox on Tobduk's home island. The species were later harnessed by Makuta Gorast using the Heart of the Visorak, and were then used in the armies of the Brotherhood of Makuta. One army was led by Sidorak and his Viceroy Roodaka, who were summoned to the island of Metru Nui by Teridax, who had been sealed in a Toa Seal by the Toa Metru. The Toa Metru were then transformed into the Toa Hordika by the Visorak, and their leader, Vakama, betrayed his fellow Toa and became one of their rulers. Vakama, however, returned to light and disbanded the Visorak. The Brotherhood was eventually able to reform the army and were used in their wars with the Order of Mata Nui and the Dark Hunters. The Toa Mahri, using the Heart of the Visorak, were able to wipe out all of the Visorak by leading them to a volcanic island. Despite this, when Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe, he recreated the Visorak. They have since become a wild species on Spherus Magna, following the destruction of the Matoran Universe. All this and more can be found on the Visorak page. The page also contains their abilities and some quotes about and by the Visorak (oddly enough). This is a good page, worth checking out.

May 6th

Kraata The Kraata are this week's Featured Chronicle. They are created from the essence of Makuta and when placed in Energized Protodermis yield Rahkshi. Kraata have existed since the Makuta were created, however, in the beginning they were weak and were created in a lengthy process. Following the Makuta's evolution to Antidermis, the Kraata became much more powerful and were created in much less time. The Kraata were later used by Teridax on the island of Mata Nui to harass the population and to create six Rahkshi. A great deal of Kraata were destroyed on Bara Magna by Tahu using the Golden Armor. Their page is exceptional, their history covers a great deal, even including there existence in The Melding Alternate Universe. It also covers all of the Kraata stages, even the infamous Shadow Kraata. This is a good page, and deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

April 28th

Vakama The new Featured Chronicle is our Vakama page, which details the events that occurred in the life of one of the most important characters in the BIONICLE story. Vakama's page is very detailed, particularly in the Time Trap, WoS, and LoMN sections. It is also riddled with the best images of Vakama from the movies and comics, (Meaningless trivia: The only two comic artists who did not draw Vakama as a Turaga--or any form for that matter, were Leigh Gallagher and Pop Mhan.) and a few nifty images of the Vakama sets. The page also is filled with epic quotes from the epic books, comics, and movies in the epic epic of BIONICLE--the most epic quotes coming from the epic book known as Time Trap. After reading the page, one can clearly tell the work that has been put into the Vakama page. Many, many editors put a lot of their time into this page, and they are to be congratulated. The Vakama page is one of the best of all the character pages on the wiki, and it is now official, with the title of Featured Chronicle.

April 21st

Bara Magna Bara Magna, both a section of Spherus Magna and later a separate planet, is this week's FC. It originally was called the Great Barren, a giant desert. When Spherus Magna shattered into separate planets, Bara Magna became the largest planet formed in the aftermath. Most of the residents were trapped on Bara Magna. They formed into various factions, struggling to survive with the lack of resources. After 100,000 years, Mata Nui arrived on Bara Magna, and united the Agori against the Skrall, and the Agori tribes united and gathered together the pieces of an ancient robot. Shortly thereafter, Mata Nui discovered the Power Source to the robot, and reactivated it. Teridax then landed on Bara Magna and challenged Mata Nui. Teridax was killed in the ensuing conflict, and Spherus Magna was restored. Mata Nui then used the powers of the Ignika to transform Bara Magna into a paradise. The residents of the Matoran Universe then joined the former residents of Bara Magna to build a new world. BS01 does not have many planet pages, but as planet pages go Bara Magna is very well written and detailed. It contains all of the major events that occurred on the planet, as well as all the various locations on the planet. That is why it is the Featured Chronicle.

April 14th

Prototype Robot The Prototype Robot is this week's featured chronicle, one of many of a series of GIANT ROBOTS this week. It was created over 150,000 years ago by the Great Beings as their first large-scale robot. Shortly after it's creation however, the robot detonated and scattered all over the Great Barren. After the Shattering, the Agori used the robot parts as their shelters from the harsh conditions of Bara Magna. Once the villages united, the robot parts were rejoined by the Agori. Shortly thereafter, Mata Nui discovered the Power Source to the prototype robot, and used it to reactivate and take command of it. Teridax then landed on Bara Magna, and faced off against Mata Nui. Teridax was defeated, but the prototype robot disintegrated following the battle. The prototype robot page is great, it covers all of the history and abilities and traits. It also has two beautiful Mata Nui saga images, one of whom has been IoTW. Good page, go check it out.

April 5th

Icarax Icarax, the Makuta of Karzahni, is this week's FC. He was created along with the rest of his species by Mata Nui to serve his will and populate the universe with Rahi. Along with the rest of the Brotherhood of Makuta, he followed this way of life. During this time he helped to force the Vortixx to lower prices on their goods. Teridax, however, called a Convocation where he revealed his plan to overthrow Mata Nui. Icarax sided with Teridax and helped to eliminate all Makuta who had sided with Miserix. Icarax then helped Teridax to achieve his plan, despite a brief disobedience of trying to conquer the universe militarily. He then joined five other Makuta in the invasion of Karda Nui. During the invasion however, he was killed by Vamprah, his atoms scattered all over the universe. His page is very detailed, covering all his known adventures prior and during his attack on Karda Nui. The Icarax page is very special indeed, for Icarax was killed shortly after he was introduced. Despite this the page is well done and has deservedly won Featured Chronicle.

March 29th

LEGO LEGO, the creator of the BIONICLE line, is this week's Featured Chronicle. Originally created in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, it started out as entirely wooden toys. It began as a way for Christiansen to make more money as a struggling carpenter during the Great Depression, but soon grew when the LEGO brick was invented in 1949. LEGO continued to grow, eventually only producing plastic toys. LEGO eventually expanded beyond toys when LEGOLAND was opened. In 1979 the first themed sets appeared, and after many popular themed sets such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, BIONICLE was released. BIONICLE marked the first time a detailed back story was created for the sets. LEGO is perhaps BS01's most expansive subject, for it has existed since before anyone on the wiki (besides Swert) was born. While it may seem daunting to write an article about so large a subject, the LEGO article does not show it. It is a large page that does not appear to leave anything out, despite all the info that simply cannot fit on the page. This is why it is the Featured Chronicle.

March 8th

Teridax's Plan Teridax's plan is this week's Featured Chronicle. This plan was very complex, ranging from 80,000 years ago till Makuta's takeover of the Matoran Universe. It was so complex that only Teridax himself knew its full extent. It began when Teridax first got the idea to overthrow Mata Nui from the Barraki. The plan was fully fleshed out once Teridax took control of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Many years later, he attacked Mata Nui with a virus with the intent of forcing him to sleep. He soon took control of Metru Nui by disguising himself as Turaga Dume, eventually putting the Matoran there in pods with the intent of preventing Mata Nui's awakening. He was then beset by multiple setbacks, two separate Toa teams fought back, resulting in the Matoran reawakening and eventually returning to Metru Nui, and his armor being shattered. He, however, managed to take a new body and manipulated the use of the Ignika to prevent Mata Nui's death. He then put the final stages of his plan into motion by taking over the Core Processor, and when Mata Nui was reawakened, Teridax became the new ruler of the universe, his plan succeeding. Though some of the details of the plan are still sketchy, what we do know is all covered on the page covering this plan. It contains the history of the plan, as well as many quotes and trivia about the plan. So, with a complex plan you have a complex page, which is why this page is the FC.

March 3rd

Tarduk Tarduk, treasure hunter Agori, is this week's FC. He is of the Jungle Tribe, and has spent much of his life hunting all over Bara Magna for treasure, believing it to be an insight into the past. He is also adventurous and brave. One of his many adventures include discovering an ancient map, depicting the location of the Red Star prior to Mata Nui's departure from the planet. Tarduk has a very detailed page, despite the fact he has only been known for a year. It is quite nice when his page is as lengthy as those who have been around for years. The page also has nice images. Bottom line, this is a good page. Go check it out.

February 26th

Rahkshi Rahkshi, the fearsome sons of Makuta are this week's FC. They have been used by the Brotherhood of Makuta for over 80,000 years, even before the Brotherhoods turn to evil. Prior to the Makuta's evolution into Antidermis, the Rahkshi were formed by a lengthy process that produced weaker Rahkshi. Once the Makuta evolved however, the Rahkshi became a fearsome fighting force, and were used in the raid on Artakha. Makuta Teridax later used six Rahkshi to try an obtain the mask of light on the island of Mata Nui, but ultimately failed. Once Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe, he used Rahkshi to terrorize the inhabitants. He is now using Rahkshi of Heat Vision to invade Bara Magna The Rahkshi page is large and well done. Their history covers all of their appearances throughout the history of BIONICLE. In addition to covering their abilities, the page lists all known types of Rahkshi, including their Kraata colors. That is the page's highlight. This page well deserves to be Featured Chronicle.

February 15th

Kapura Kapura is this week's Featured Chronicle. He lived his life on Metru Nui as a vat controller, occasionally scouting abandoned areas of Ta-Metru for artifacts. Later he was forced into a Matoran Sphere by the orders of the evil Teridax disguised as Turaga Dume. He was then rescued and taken to Mata Nui where he helped to construct Ta-Koro. He, despite his reputation of being slow, became Turaga Vakama's left hand Matoran. He also learned the art of traveling quickly by moving slowly. He then became a member of the Chronicler's Company, defending Kini-Nui from infected Rahi. He later returned to Metru Nui where, when Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, Kapura became one of three Matoran to discover Toa Tuyet and later witnessed a great conflict in the Core Processor. Unfortunately, he and everyone else in the Core Processor were teleported by Teridax out of the universe into space. Much like the Great Beings, not a whole lot is known about Kapura and his strange ways. Despite all this, his page contains everything that is known about him, from his biography to his strange ability to teleport. His page is among the best of the Matoran pages, making it worthy of this week's Featured Chronicle.

February 9th

Great Beings This week's FC is the Great Beings. They are probably the most important characters, for if it weren't for them few other characters would exist. They originally resided on Spherus Magna, producing many creations such as the Iron Wolves, the Element Lords, and the Baterra. Unfortunately, their planet shattered. Before that though, they managed to create an entire universe within a giant robot, tasked with observing other planets and then reforming Spherus Magna. Little, however, is known about their activities since then. Their appearance is also unknown, and little has been directly seen of them in the storyline. Despite how little we know of the Great Beings, the page covering them is plenty full of info. It contains all of their history prior to the Shattering, as well as what small info is known of them since then. The page also contains a lengthy list of all of their known creations. It also lists the individual Great Beings who have either appeared or mentioned in the story. It also contains clever trivia, such as the fact that the Great Beings wear clothes. Cool huh. This page is as great as the beings it covers.

February 1st

Matoran The Matoran page is this week's Featured Chronicle. They, as the primary species of the Matoran Universe, have occupied that universe since it's creation. They were created by the Great Beings even before the universe was created, constructing their universe under the direction of their creators. Once created, the Matoran inhabited many different realms in the universe, such as Karda Nui, the Southern Continent, and Metru Nui. Their species also contains Toa and Turaga as different forms. The species page covers many different topics, Matoran history, abilities, and society, as well as Matoran set information. The page's primary selling point, however, is that it contains a list of every known Matoran, a very lengthy list indeed. It also covers the Matoran's brief existence as the Tohunga. This is one of BS01's lengthiest pages, and therefore it deserves to be the Featured Chronicle.

January 27th

Gresh This week's Featured Chronicle is that of the Secondary Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe, and the main ally of Tahu and Takanuva on Bara Magna, Gresh. Gresh's page can be easily decribed in four words: long, detailed, and awesome images. The history section details all of his noble, unselfish, and slightly-irritating-to-Strakk, Metus, and Gelu deeds, along with a few images to make it more interesting. It goes all the way from his adventures during The Crossing, to his arena match with a Skrall, all the way to his meeting with Takanuva during the robot fight that the IotW features. Gresh's page, as is true with all Featured Chronicles, is yet another example of the great work the BS01 editors do, and the high standards of quality BS01 is known for.

January 22nd

Kongu Kongu, the second member of the Toa Inika and Mahri in a row, is this weeks featured chronicle. He lived his life on Metru Nui as a humble chute monitor, only to be forced by the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka to reverse the flow of a chute. Later, on Mata Nui Kongu became captain of the Gukko Force as well as Matau's right hand Matoran. As captain, he managed to help rescue Matau and Lewa from the Nui-Rama and later saved the village from the Bohrok. He then later became a Toa Inika on a quest to save Mata Nui's life, and soon became a Toa Mahri. Thanks to his and his fellow Toa's actions, Mata Nui was saved. He then helped to defend Metru Nui from the Brotherhood of Makuta. As an article, Kongu is very detailed and covers him very well. It has high quality images as well as many of Kongu's hilarious quotes. Oh, and Dorek says it's boss, so it must be good (but really, its an awesome page. Go read it.)

January 15th

Hahli Hahli, as one of the six Toa Inika and Mahri, is this week's featured chronicle. She began life as a simple student of Nokama on Metru Nui, but later became an influential Matoran on Mata Nui. There she became a Kolhii champion and later Chronicler. She then went on a quest with five other Matoran to save the great spirit's life, in the process becoming a Toa Inika and Mahri. She and the others succeeded in their mission, and have since then helped to defend Metru Nui from the Brotherhood of Makuta. Hahli's page describes all of these events and more in great detail. It also covers her traits very well, describing her early shyness. The article is also full of images. On the whole, this is a great page and very much deserves the honor of being the FC.

January 7th

Glatorian Glatorian, the second Bara Magna FC in a row, are the warrior species of Bara Magna. They began life as soldiers in the Core War, and later fought in arenas to maintain their social system. With the defeat of the Skrall they united to defend the newly-formed Mega-Village. The page covers the species very well, it is detailed and covers from their origins all the way up to even beyond the Mega-village. In addition to history, the page also includes their traits and social structure. Most importantly though, this page shows just how the BS01 members work on not only the old pages, but also new ones.


December 30th

Metus Metus, as everyone knows, is the infamous traitor Agori who later got his just ends from the Ignika. He was an eloquent speaker, but was also selfish, leading to his dealings with the Skrall. The article about this traitor is very well structured and detailed, containing even his involvement in the Core War. It contains some images from BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, adding to its aesthetic quality. Overall, this page is just another example of BS01's best pages, and that is why it is this week's Featured Chronicle.

December 16th

Takua/Takanuva Ah yes, the one article that has two names, Takua and Takanuva. Takua, as we all know, was a brave and irresponsible Matoran who as chronicler not only summoned the Toa Mata to Mata Nui, but also managed to defend Ga-Koro from the Bohrok. Of course, he soon donned the Avohkii to become the Toa of Light, who has since managed to defeat (but not kill) Teridax and go through many alternate universes on his way to Karda Nui, where he helped the Toa Nuva reawaken Mata Nui. But enough about the character, the article is what is being featured. It contains a very detailed biography, describing every minute detail, including the multiple dimensions Takanuva has visited. The other sections are detailed as well, one need only look at the long list of quotes to see how much work went into this article.

December 9th

Ackar WAHOO! Yes, indeed, it's an FC that is actually ON TIME! Anyhow, let's get to business. This week, the Featured Chronicle is the Ackar article. The Ackar article's only been around since this summer, but it's become incredibly awesome during that time period. It details everything from the Core War to the events of The Crossing to the Battle of Roxtus. Some magnificent proverbs of the Glatorian of Vulcanus are featured on the page, as well as a purely AWESOME image which you see to the left of this text. His more recent exploits at the side of Mata Nui are the main spotlight of the page, however, detailing every bit of their adventure, starting from Arena Vulcanus, all the way to the newly-built Mega-Village. As usual, this week's Featured Chronicle is yet another fabulous example of the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki's reliability and quality.

November 24th

Gali and Nidhiki Yes, yes, we know, we know. We haven't updated this again for a fortnight. But hey, some of us have been really busy over the last few weeks. To make it up to you, here's both FCs of the past two weeks in a SUPER FC spotlight. Gali and Nidhiki. What's there to say? First off, they have almost...nothing in common. One is a Toa Nuva, the other used to be a Toa. One is female, the other is male. One is good, the other, well, is evil. And of course, one is alive and the other is very much dead. Gali is a caring and compassionate character, whose pureness and ethnics have shaped and guided the remaining of her team through all kinds of hardship. Nidhiki, on the other hand, is self-centered and only thinks of what is good for himself. Putting the two together would be best described as the "Ying and Yang of BIONICLE", although the Ying Yang is blue and green instead of black and white. But it is also these sorts of characteristics which makes BIONICLE more diversified and cultured. Without such different personalities and traits, BIONICLE would be a very dull story indeed. Here on BS01, both pages were elected for the FC based on their fantastic structuring and other aspects typical to an article featured on the FC. Which one is better, however, is up to you to decide.

November 3rd

Click After a bazillion years of waiting, this thing ought to be updated, right? Well, here's the update after a bazillion years. (How redundant) The FC for the week (or how ever long this will be this time around) is Click, the lovable Scarabax Beetle which has befriended Mata Nui, touched the Ignika and well, can turn into a shield afterwards. Despite the few days or months which have passed, Click has developed a special relationship with Mata Nui, having endured various threats and adventures, both as a bug and shield. So all hail the adorable little bug!

September 17th

Kraahkan Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the FC last two weeks and this week is the Kraahkan! Known for being the polar opposite of the Avohkii, the Kraahkan is the mask and symbol of Makuta Teridax, the most well known Makuta in the BIONICLE storyline. Here on BS01, the Kraahkan is an exceptionally well-structured and written Kanohi page.

September 3rd

Energized Protodermis How pleasantly interesting! Right after the Core War, we have the Energized Protodermis as Featured Chronicle! The Energized Protodermis is a sentient, silver substance which originated from the planet of Spherus Magna. It was the reason for the Core War, but was also placed inside the Matoran Universe. For old BIONICLE fans, the transformation of the Toa Mata into Toa Nuva was a famous occasion for the Energized Protodermis, and for new idea. Here on BS01, the Energized Protodermis is, as always with FC articles, fantastic. So why don't you go and check it out?

August 17th

Core War The Featured Chronicle for the week is Core War, a fairly new addition to the wiki which is also starred in our latest contest here. The Core War was an event which took place on the planet of Spherus Magna, and lasted several years, ending at 100,000 years before the current events on Bara Magna. The war was fought over the presence of a powerful substance which would later be known as "Energized Protodermis", and would lead to the splitting of Spherus Magna into three fragments. Here on BS01, the Core War once again represents the qualities that should be found within a Featured Chronicle. It is detailed, grammatically correct and well-structured. Despite the lack of images presented for the war, the format of the article makes up for this flaw, resulting in yet another fantastic article created by the population of BS01.

August 10th

Krika Today, the Toa Sectra will be wandering into the Great Jungle for adventure! Who knows what they will find? Maybe they will find a big blue bird? Or maybe a talking dog? Or perhaps a flying house with balloons?! As our team of brave, heroic warriors journeys far into the lush realm of undergrowth and infinitely tall canopies, a white beast jumps out of nowhere and attacks the Toa! Horror washes over the camera crew as the brave Toa Sectra are eaten one by one by the monster! What could this horrific monster be? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman's evil twin bro- Krika, the Makuta of the north region of the Northern Continent (north-lover) is our Featured Chronicle this week! A highly popular favourite amongst the BIONICLE fandom, Krika's menacing pose and "awesome" appearance also guarantees a spectacular page here on BS01. Detailed and lined with appropriate images, it's no wonder this Makuta is our FC for the week. Hope those Toa Sectra goes down well in his digestive system, though, otherwise Mike Rowe will have heck of a day.

August 6th

Mata Nui (Being) He's a huge, 40,000,000 foot tall robot. He is the Matoran Universe. He is Mata Nui. But not really. See, Teridax took over the robotic being's mind. Now the real Mata Nui's inside the Ignika on Bara Magna, that tan planet thing with people who fight and people who are a bit smaller than those people who fight. Well, not people, of course. Enough with the story, you all probably know what's going on anyway. 7 or 8 BS01 members just placed their signature under a header with the same link on it, and it turns out that the other header with a link got less signatures. These members were voting on the Featured Chronicle. This week we're featuring Mata Nui, the being, which is indeed a great looking page. Its got images, a bunch of great info, and some more cool images. Anyway, you should go bask in its glory or something. Yay for Mata Nui! :D

July 27th

Raid on Vulcanus Once upon a time, in a land far, fa- Blah, not again. Another week, a new FC. This week it's Raid on Vulcanus, a very special page because it was written by the FC writer himself! Whee~ The Raid on Vulcanus is a recent event which took place on Bara Magna, and is a large battle in which the Bone Hunters attempted to invade and take over the village of Vulcanus. Luckily, the Glatorian joined up, and were able to defend the place with the additional aid of the Fire Tribe Agori! Here on BS01, the page is awesome and all that. Unfortunately, it's still spoilers-fresh, so everything remains wrapped under spoiler tags. In other words, you'll have to spend your time highlighting the page before you can read it!

July 19th

Bohrok Invasion Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived six powerful things, 1000 whiny things, six old, wrinkly things, one very evil thing and a LOT of round robot things. One day, the very evil thing, after being beaten by the powerful things, used his very evil powers to activate the round robot things evil-y. The round robot things, being robots, went and attacked the powerful things, whiny things and old, wrinkly things. While the whiny and old, wrinkly things screamed and fled, the powerful things fought back until they defeated the round robot things powerfully and set the very evil thing back. In a land far, far away from the land far, far away, located inside a world where people waste their lives being in a land far, far away, naive weak things documented the event from the land far, far away from the land far, far away from that land, and made it a very, very awesome page. In conclusion, Bohrok Invasion rocks. Why? Cuz BS01 is just so awesome that way.

July 15th

Heatstone They say small things can do big things, but what about big things? Do they do larger things or small things? Anyway, it may seem bizzare to some people that such a trivial matter is the Featured Chronicle for the week, but hey, it can have a lot of potential! The Heatstone are objects used by the Matoran in the Matoran Universe and on the island of Mata Nui. Similar to Lightstones, but not so similar in function, the Heatstone is used to provide heat, just as its name plainly presents. Here on BS01 the Heatstone is well-written and has lots of awesome images, and a well-written page which features everything nice. Plus, they do have potential to do what everybody likes to do... Burn stuff!

July 7th

Toa Nuva Thaaaaaaaaat's right fools folks, the Toa Nuva are back! This time they are fatter, slower and hogs more bandwidth from the Wiki then ever before! But just because they are larger doesn't mean time needs to be wasted, so here's a touch of nostalgia for you: If there's one thing which BIONICLE fans should remember these guys for: their remarkable capabilities of transforming three times within a single year of their lives. First they transformed from being Toa Mata to Toa Nuva, then some nutty old fool gave them Adaptive Armor and they transform again. It's amazing how single individuals can even fight with a body that constantly changes. Here on BIONICLEsector01, the Toa Nuva article is a well-structured and written page, built on over a long period of time. It's spread of images gives the reader a visual representation of the article as they read, along with making the article appear more vibrant and colorful. And that's it for the week. Tune in next week for more FC!

June 29th

Great Rescue The FC has so far starred a large bunch of nutters, a battle, and an old bugger. But hang on, we haven't starred a rescue yet! Well, this week is our chance. For long time, dedicated BIONICLE fans, the Great Rescue would be the unforgettable event which wraps up the end of the two year nightmare they had to endure from 2004 to 2005. To those who are newer, or less dedicated, here's a brief summary of the event: Evil takes over, evil makes city go ka-boom, evil puts little people in tiny capsules. Good fights back, good wins, good takes tiny capsule and then flees ka-boomed city.

June 15th

Dume It's not fun if we never have an old bugger up here, which is why we're glad to announce that Dume is our Featured Chronicle for the week! This old, frail, yet whiny and loud being is the main Turaga of Metru Nui, or at least he was until the little bugger Ahkmou came in and locked him up. He was also the one who got...old-person-napped during the time before the Great Cataclysm by the Makuta Teridax, and placed in a tiny, stuffy pod which was broken. (Shows how careless Makuta is...) Here on BS01, Dume is a good page, well-structured, lots of images blah blah blah. All in all, it's awesome and all that. But it'd still be fun to whack him.

June 9th

Battle of Le-Wahi The Battle of Le-Wahi is our featured chronicle for the week. Only recently designated as one of the worst pages of BS01, this page is now one that our community is proud of having. The page is structured, informative and well-written, detailing the events of the battle and its participants. To learn about what the battle was, and see this page for yourself, go read our FC for the week now! [/advertisement]

May 30th

Toa Nuva The Toa Nuva, with their bulging armor and weapons are the Featured Chronicle of the week. If there's one thing which BIONICLE fans should remember these guys for: their remarkable capabilities of transforming three times within a single year of their lives. First they transformed from being Toa Mata to Toa Nuva, then some nutty old fool gave them Adaptive Armor and they transform again. It's amazing how single individuals can even fight with a body that constantly changes. Here on BIONICLEsector01, the Toa Nuva article is a well-structured and written page, built on over a long period of time. It's spread of images gives the reader a visual representation of the article as they read, along with making the article appear more vibrant and colorful. With that said, how about going forwards and killing one of them? The fandom would make a huge, melodic scream of terror which could substitute as bedtime music.

May 25th

Great War Here on BS01, we like to work at great efficiencies, which is why last week's CotW is this week's Featured Chronicle. The Great War was an incident which occurred on the island of Mata Nui prior to the arrival of the Toa Mata. The event was caused by Makuta Teridax, who swamped the island with Rahi wearing Infected Kanohi. The Matoran, brave things that they were, united and formed military groups, and fought back. Finally, the Toa Mata came to attend the party, and as always, crashed it completely. Here on BS01, the Great War article is truly a CotW success. Only one week ago, this article was a random piece of garbage sitting on the Wiki and emitting horrendous odors. Now, through the dedicated work of our members, it has became an awesome page. It does get one thinking though - if this is the "Great War," where's the "Greatest War" or "Lesser War?"

May 18th

Pohatu Affectionately referred to as "Hatu" by... people, Pohatu is this weeks Featured Chronicle. From his humble beginnings as a naive ("[durrr] What's a Toa?") Toa of Stone, Pohatu (and subsequently, his article) has grown and matured. Well, maybe Hatu hasn't. But this article sure has. From his adventures on the island of Mata Nui to his jovial personality, we got it all. All the funny quotes, all the serious quotes (I think he has some serious ones...) and all the fantastic images make this an exemplary article, and one that you should definitely read. Seriously, read it. People don't do that enough. --Dorek (Talk| Contribs)

May 11th

Roodaka Once in a while, the FC goes all sloppy and weird and all that. This is because the FC writer gets bored, so he just types a block of text for the FC and be done with it. Just like this week. This week we have Roodaka, the female Vortixx with sleek black armor, weird head and a weapon which goes boom. Not that she needs it, of course, since she probably scares everybody who sees her anyway, because she is so fearsome and stuff in the storyline. Here on BS01, the Roodaka page is very detailed and informative, just like all other FCs. Because of that, it's being starred. kthxbai.

May 2nd

Hakann An egotistic and cruel thief, Hakann is the Featured Chronicle for the week. Initially from the island of Zakaz, as were all his companion Skakdi, Hakann was recruited by the Dark Hunters some long time ago. Between the time of his adventures on Voya Nui with his fellow Piraka, Hakann also played a large role in the Toa/Dark Hunter War, confronting Toa Lhikan and disgracing a fellow Dark Hunter by striking a deal with the Toa. On the island of Voya Nui, Hakann continued to be vicious, mercilessly slave-driving the Matoran population there to carry out the Piraka's plans. Here on BIONICLEsector01, Hakann is a long and detailed page. As with all character pages, Hakann is split into several notable sections, such as "Biography" and "Abilities and Traits." Each of these sections is packed with well-written content and appropriate sub-headings, all of which are blended in with images of Hakann and events equally to produce a balanced product. However, regardless of how good Hakann is, he's still one of the most evil characters one would come across in the BIONICLE storyline... so thank goodness he got mutated into a sea snake.

April 25th

Saga Guides/Karda Nui Over here on BS01, we love to make our pages the best they can be, and Saga Guides/Karda Nui is no exception. Had somebody been reading the page a few weeks ago, they'd think "Is this even BS01?". Now, when one reads the page, they would think "Now this is why BS01 is so awesome." The end result, created after days of hard work by Seanp12 and KH, represents a full-size Saga Guide detailing all the events which took place in 2008 - the Karda Nui saga. The page is structured into readable paragraphs, with additional images to illustrate the guide. The guide is also in-depth, and covers pretty well all the major events there were. If you are new to the storyline, a bit rusty on your storyline skills, or just plain bored, have a read through the page and admire the results which two editors achieved in creating.

April 15th

Skrall For some strange reason, the FC is constantly raided or trampled upon. This week is no difference, as the infamous army of Skrall descends upon us like bees and a huge pot of honey. The Skrall are a species of warriors, separated into several classes - from soldiers to leaders. Prior to their entrance into Bara Magna's social system, the Skrall invaded and conquered northern parts of the Black Spike Mountains following a great cataclysm named "The Shattering", which forced the original planet which Bara Magna belonged to shatter into 3 pieces - Bara Magna and its two moons and effectively shutting the Skrall off from their original homelands. They were ambushed by shapeshifting creatures which they nicknamed as Baterra, and after many members were killed, they migrated south, where they joined the social system there and claimed victory in all Arena Matches since, eventually beginning to take over the entire area. On BS01, it's not often where one see characters from a new year to have a page developed fully in the stretch of four months. This is especially unexpected, due to the depletion in storyline books this year. However, it seems once again that our members were able to extract every teeny bit of information from available comics, online serials and from the author himself, creating an absolutely splendid page to read.

March 28th

Bohrok It's not often that the Featured Chronicle department of the CFS is raided by a single article twice or more. In fact, the only article which has done so before was the infamous Teridax, who managed to sneak in at least 3 times until we chased it out of the department with a flaming broomstick. But history has a way of repeating itself, and therefore we are somewhat happy to announce that the Bohrok are our Featured Chronicle for the week, again. To celebrate this momentous moment, here is a slightly abridged version of the FC bio from the first starring: "Back in the day, the Bohrok were seen as the Toa Mata's greatest foes. The Toa fought against the constant rampage of the Bohrok swarms as they attempted to clear away villages at a fierce rate. 5-6 years later, it was finally revealed that the Bohrok were actually an essential part of Mata Nui's system, being responsible for clearing away unnecessary parts of his camouflage system and allowing the Great Spirit to penetrate through it when he is ready. Here on BS01, the Bohrok page has been organised into an extremely informative page, detailing their history, types and abilities. The images also illustrate the Bohrok's true potentials. Therefore, let us congratulate these shells for being our Featured Chronicle for the week!"

March 23rd

Avohkii The Great Kanohi of Light is the Featured Chronicle for the week. The Avohkii was created on the island of Artakha hundreds of thousands of years ago to safeguard against the Brotherhood of Makuta becoming evil. However, the mask was eventually stolen by the Brotherhood, but was recovered by the Toa Hagah. After these Toa were transformed into Rahaga and took residence in Metru Nui, they passed the mask to the Toa Hordika, who sealed it into a stone where it remained a secret until one-thousand years later, when it was discovered by Takua, eventually transforming him into Takanuva, the Toa of Light. Here on BIONICLEsector01, the Avohkii page demonstrates good organization and good combination of images. This is one of the pages where "a picture tells a thousand words" truly blends with an article "which simply works".

March 14th

Boxor Meet the Boxor - big pieces of sleek, black machinery which smash the Karzahni out of Bohrok, the body-guards of the CFS headquarters and the Featured Chronicle for the week. Created by good ol' Nuparu out of bits of Bohrok, the machines are specially designed to fight against the Bohrok swarms. They were used as one of the main defense methods during the Bohrok War, and were very effective. Here on BS01, the Boxor page is well-structured and written. The images scattered around the page gives a clear demonstration of how the Boxor works and constructed. The set images also give the readers a clear view of what the Boxor looks like.

March 11th

Matoran Homes Even the Matoran likes to head home, bash open the door, scream "I'm home!" and bounce about on their beds until it collapses. Well, that would explain why there are Matoran Homes sitting about the Matoran Universe, wouldn't it? Often small huts dotted across the landscape of islands, the Matoran Homes offers itself as basic accommodation for the Matoran, allowing them to rest and stick things onto the walls. In the case of Metru Nui, the homes are decorated with all sorts of high-tech gizmos and brilliantly furnished. It's all the more surprising that such a trivial thing can have such a detailed and well-organized page here on BS01. Ever thought that short, small things can't be useful or turned into something great? Well, take a look at this page and slap yourself on the face.

February 21st

Toa Toa, the (mostly) heroes of the Matoran Universe, armed with elemental and Kanohi powers, are our Featured Chronicle of the week. Since the first Toa was created around 100,000 years ago, the amount of Toa had increased and eventually decreased, but continued to act as the main characters of the 8 years of storyline which took place in and on the Matoran Universe. The Toa, who were based on Glatorian warriors, fought with determination and courage which allowed them to overcome foes who were more powerful then they. On BS01, the Toa page is well-organized and informative, allowing viewers to learn about these heroes progressively and clearly. This page truly deserves to be the Featured Chronicle of the week.

February 16th

Nuju And falling from a 1km tall tower and shattering into bits upon impact is our Featured Chronicle of the week, Nuju! Cold, silent, and typical Ko-Matoran/Toa/Turaga, Nuju is smart and cool. He controls the elemental power of Ice, now wields a stick, and has a fantastically written page on BS01, he sure deserves being on the FC. Click-tweet-tweak-click-click-whistle-tweet. <- Decipher that.

February 7th

Arena Match of Gresh vs. Skrall And up for this week's Featured Chronicle is a fight which kick-started 2009 - The Gresh vs. Skrall fight. Interestingly, the fight is also the IotW for the week, so it gets double spotlight. Sneaky. On BS01, the page detailing the fight was greatly acclaimed by many members. It has detailed information about the fight, and a good image to portray it. And since the fight was awesome, so was the page. So there you go, enjoy the Featured Chronicle of the week, and ignore those new cheesy ads.

February 1st

Radiak And for Featured Chronicle this week, we feature the lovely, huggable, former Shadow Matoran, Radiak. Radiak was (or is?) an Av-Matoran of great courage, fighting for his friends, family and comrades. However, not all good things came with good results, and he was shadowfied by a certain blue Makuta's Kanohi Avsa and became a not-huggable four-legged creep. But, he's cured now, although he's still a four-legged creep. Give him a hug regardless, k?

January 28th

Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War It's not everyday that a war is featured on the FC, nor an FC which doesn't have an image, but today is such a day. The Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War is an intense war between the forces of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui, with some Toa Mahri and Toa Nuva thrown into it. The result? A large group of guys huddling around a campfire in Metru Nui, waiting for an attack. And then watched in awe as the opposite side blew a hole in a wall. So there you go, enjoy reading about this war!

January 18th

Krakua Striding into the spotlight this week is Toa Krakua, the heroic, black and gray Toa of Sonics who will buzz everybody to infinity and beyond. The guy, created by a BIONICLE fan named John Dexter, was the winner of a BIONICLE Toa Building Contest, and was made into an official character. This guy is most known for his chat with Toa Metru Vakama while he was standing in some musty old chamber, lookin into da fyoocha. So let's bang pots and stuff and deafen him already!

January 11th

Ta-Metru Ta-Metru, home to furnaces, burning fires, hotheads and wierdoes, is BS01's Featured Chronicle for the week. The home to former Toa Metru, and now Turaga, Vakama, Ta-Metru is one of the most well-known regions of Metru Nui. Many recognizable events in the Matoran Universe saga, such as the king root of the Morbuzakh and the capturing of Toa Lhikan occurred here. Here on BS01, Ta-Metru is undoubtedly the best of the six Metru pages, and the best example of how a Locations page should appear. However, if you want to visit Ta-Metru, don't bother. It's fake.

January 5th

Boat ♪ Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream... ♫ Indeed, the Boat is our Featured Chronicle for the week. Despite its insignificance, the Boat page packs an amazing load of professionally written content. In fact, the page is so good that it is elected the Featured Chronicle for the week! Guess you don't have to be significant, to achieve great things. Now let's go make a hole in the boat, and see how quickly it sinks. :-)


December 13

Bohrok Bohrok, the robotic menaces of 2002, which later revealed to be working for the good of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, is our Featured Chronicle for the week. How things have changed since 2002! Back in the day, the Bohrok were seen as the Toa Mata's greatest foes. The Toa fought against the constant rampage of the Bohrok swarms as they attempted to clear away villages at a fierce rate. 5-6 years later, it was finally revealed that the Bohrok were actually an essential part of Mata Nui's system, being responsible for clearing away unnecessary parts of his camouflage system and allowing the Great Spirit to penetrate through it when he is ready. Here on BS01, the Bohrok page has been organised into an extremely informative page, detailing their history, types and abilities. The images also illustrate the Bohrok's true potentials. Therefore, let us congratulate these shells for being our Featured Chronicle for the week!

December 6

Metru Nui The City of Legends, the grand island of Metru Nui is our Featured Chronicle for the week. Located at the most northern tip of the Matoran Universe, Metru Nui is a fundamental part of the universe. It is an important trade location, essential for the health of the Great Spirit Mata Nui (cuz it's his BRAIN) and has been fought over by many factions for its potential of power and dominance. Many historical events took place on or around Metru Nui, such as the Toa/Dark Hunter War and the Matoran Civil War. A lot of the most famous Toa teams, the Toa Metru, Toa Inika and the Toa Mangai have originated from Metru Nui or stationed on Metru Nui for a long period of time. Therefore, let us congratulate this grand city for being the Featured Chronicle of the week, and to all those poor Matoran who had to move this tremendously huge island to our headquarters, and back to where it was once the week is up.

November 22

Toa Mangai Entering the headquarters this week is not one, or two, but eleven Toa! And what's more stunning, they are all zombies! That's right, our FC this week are all dead! For those who don't know, these eleven dead corpses are the Toa Mangai, a giant team of Toa which is plagued by traitors. Amongst one of the members is our grand hero, Toa Lhikan, and our beloved spider-like Dark Hunter, Nidhiki! Regardless, the FC don't like dead corpses, so we burned their corpses.

November 15

Mata Nui And stampeding into the headquarters of the FC this week, is the enormous and omnipotent Mata Nui, the Great Spirit! This giant robot...thing has awoken after 1,001 years of slumber, sleeping underneath layers of crust, dirt, and rock, and made an island to cover his face. We at the FC understand why he does that; after all, taking care of the universe is as tiring as beating people with sticks, and everybody deserves a nice long sleep. Since most of Mata Nui is still covered in rock and dirt with the word "SPOILERZ!!!" printed on them, we won't go any further. Why don't you go to the page and read about this dirty old robot?

November 8

Hau After a period of wiki turmoil, being thrown through dimensions by Brutaka and being forcefed tuna, we've finally found ourselves with a Kanohi Hau to protect us from those silly happenings and return safely to Earth. As thanks to the Hau, it is our Featured Chronicle for the week! The Hau is the Mask of Shielding, and it is used for a ton load of things. The symbol for the Great Spirit Mata Nui, the mask of the heroic Toa Nuva and Toa Lhikan, little babies dumping it onto their faces and laughing with glee, or just thrown into the Protodermis Reclamation Yard to be smushed up into liquid. The Hau has also became the symbol of bravery and, well, pure awesomeness. So there you go, our Featured Chronicle for the week. Have fun smashing it to bits afterwards!

October 16

Brutaka Still enjoying the Bahrag? Well, unfortunately, your time is up, and the great Brutaka is itching to teleport you to his side and pat you on the back. Big, powerful and gold, Brutaka trumpets into the spotlight of the Featured Chronicle for the week. (Or the fortnight, if the system messes up again.) Being a member of the Order of Mata Nui, it therefore means that he wields great power, a mental shield and no cookies. His Kanohi Olmak allows him to send himself or others flying through to other dimensions and universes, where they can suffer the worst possible death or grow as fat as a whale. Therefore, let us congratulate this big piece of Order of Mata Nui thing as our Featured Chronicle for the week!

October 5

Bahrag The red and blue Bohrok queens, the Bahrag are our Featured Chronicle for this week. The Bahrag are the controllers of the Bohrok swarms. The Bahrag commissions and awakens the Bohrok swarms if ever a mysterious signal is given. When this happens, the Bohrok swarms will go forth and cleanse the island of Mata Nui of all matter, except those created by the Great Beings. The Bahrag are symbiotic, and thus draws power from each other. With all six powers of the Bohrok, the Bahrag can eat their foes alive if they can defeat them. So there you go, our Featured Chronicle of the week! Oh, and a special reminder to all those fools still traveling in the Sculpture Fields, your free FC pass has now been expired and you will now be brutally slaughtered by rain of rocks.

September 14

Sculpture Fields On the island city of Metru Nui, you are most likely to see the following things: A lot of something, or a lot of nothing. In this case, the Sculpture Fields turns out to be a lot of nothing, but that's what makes it so important. Here, a visitor can find themselves lost and have nobody to guide them out, as the inhabitants are most likely asleep or too focused on the sculptures being carved here. After a while, one could find themselves trampled over by a herd of Kikanalo, chased by Vahki for wandering around or getting hit by hammers thrown by Po-Matoran sculptors for disturbing their works. But during a normal day, one would find the Sculpture Fields strangely fascinating. After all, it's not often one would come across a place where the only things there are sand, unfinished sculptures, finished ones, and more sand. If you ever go to Metru Nui (Which is impossible, so don't bother), be sure to pay the Sculpture Fields a visit.

September 7

Axonn A giant axe wielding titan who is capable of chomping and chopping off people's heads without warning, Axonn is the Featured Chronicle for the week, and yet another Order of Mata Nui member. (At this rate, they might as well declare themselves openly...) First introduced into the storyline when he popped up almost randomly at Matoran Balta, Axonn has since became one of the favorites of the fans. His amazing strength, brutal force, wisdom and his heavy appearance which makes some think he's "fat", was especially showcased when he grabbed two of the Piraka, spun them around and threw them away. (Oh my.) On BS01, the Axonn page details all of Axonn's amazing feats, along with other random stuff which makes his page a BS01 one. If you come from the middle ages, you might be interested in Axonn's execution service which will be running for the next week for free. Simply walk onto his page and feel Axonn's wrath!

August 29

Hydraxon Hydraxon, the prisoner guard of The Pit, is the Featured Chronicle for this week. In order to star him in a safe environment, the CFS team has kindly binded him and locked him up in an isolated cell when he was in the midst of killing Nocturn. Having spent so long guarding The Pit, Hydraxon sees everybody as an escaped prisoner and hunts them down. Although he was killed following the Great Cataclysm, Hydraxon was "revived" when the Ignika transformed Matoran Dekar into a new Hydraxon, which was every bit indifferent to the old and senile Hydraxon. Hydraxon is best known for training the Toa Mata, and performing extraordinary skills combating against Teridax. Therefore, let us celebrate Hydraxon as the Featured Chronicle for this week! Oh, and to the escaped prisoners, you might like to run away as far as you can while we lock Hydraxon up.

August 21

BIONICLE Heroes Filled with loud explosions and Toa which look like graphics, BIONICLE Heroes is the Featured Chronicle of the week. Since its release in 2006, BIONICLE Heroes tossed the BIONICLE fandom away like ducks in a tornado. It's plot, gameplay and the simple fun of it made it welcoming for gamers of all ages. Best of all, it's one of those games in which a player can blast away another, without being slapped by their somewhat fearsome parents. Therefore, blast away for the next week as we celebrate BIONICLE Heroes as the Featured Chronicle of the week. In accordance with the celebrations, we would like to promote excessive slapping for the next week. Thank you.

August 14

Order of Mata Nui Less then a month ago, had anybody asked of the "Order of Mata Nui", they will either be laughed at, or be killed. But with recent events, it seems prudent to help the Order unveil its existence, especially with it being the Featured Chronicle for the week. An extremely secretive organization, the Order of Mata Nui was formed to serve the will of Mata Nui. They do this by protecting the Ignika, secretly aiding the Toa, or destroy beings without prior warning. They featured members from a variety of species, each with unique abilities to aid the Order. Here on BS01, the Order of Mata Nui is everything but secretive. That may have something to do with the fact that we list out everything possible about the Order, but who knows? With large amounts of information also means a well-structured page, or otherwise a hideous and messy page. Thankfully, the Order of Mata Nui page is the former, and not the latter. With that said, and the fear of being killed by the Order for blurting out further secrets, why not go and read their secrets yourself?

August 9

BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows And traveling all the way from tunnels beneath Kini-Nui is the Featured Chronicle for this week: BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows! BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows is a video game for the Game Boy Advance console released in 2005. It illustrates the events of BIONICLE Adventures 6: Maze of Shadows in an interactive way, along with new additions such as Bohrok possessed with strange worms and a Red Serpent which chases Matau down a tunnel. On BS01, the BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows page is one of the rare examples of a well-structured video game page. It describes the plot, and gives a detailed list of the characters, zones, controls and enemies. It's gallery also presents images to further illustrate the information on the page itself, giving the reader a thorough understanding of the game.

July 31

Kini-Nui The Great Temple of Mata Nui, Kini-Nui is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Kini-Nui is amongst one of the oldest locations in BIONICLE history. It's foundations were originally laid down by the Great Beings themselves, many millennia prior to the discovery of the island by the Matoran. When the Matoran arrived, Kini-Nui was made into a majestic temple, and many original events occurred here, including the first appearance of the Makoki Stones, the Toa Mata's Golden Masks and the confrontation of Takanuva against Makuta Teridax. Like many other pages, the Kini-Nui page was once in immense disrepair and looked horrible. But thanks to the efforts and dedications of BS01 editor Tiome, the page has since been reconstructed into an editing beauty. It now includes sections of extremely in-depth information, along with images to illustrate these sections along the way. If you're here to tour around BS01, why don't you start with our Featured Chronicle of this week, Kini-Nui?

July 25

The Shadowed One Self-proclaimed as the most powerful being in the BIONICLE storyline, the Shadowed One's name provoke fear into every being's heart. It's only fitting for him to become the Featured Chronicle of this week. The leader of the Dark Hunters organization, the Shadowed One is a being quick to anger, and often punishes members in the most unusual ways when they fail to meet expectations. He is powerful enough to stand up against Makuta Teridax, although he was defeated and aged several thousand years as a result of the unfortunate battle. On BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, the Shadowed One page is an excellent example of a professional and clean page. Unlike some pages, the page itself is not cluttered with immense amounts of images, and the images on the page are well-picked and efficient at displaying the Shadowed One. The biography is in-depth and provides top-quality information for all viewers, and the page is well organized. Without a doubt, the Shadowed One is definitely worthy of the title of Featured Chronicle.

July 17

Ussal Famous for their adorable looks and extreme efficiency, the Ussal are our Featured Chronicle for the week. The Ussal are some of the most easily tamed Rahi, and has been seen used for many purposes, including trans port carts pullers or otherwise competing in tournaments. On the island of Mata Nui, the Ussal were mainly used by the Ussalry, and one of the Ussal, Pewku, would be famous for selecting Takua as her leader and follow him on many of his adventures prior to becoming a Toa. On BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, the Ussal page was formerly a rather disgusting piece of mess. However, after the continuous labor and combined efforts, the page has since been cleaned up and now looks rather decent. The Ussal are also one of the primary stars in BS01's 2008 April's Fools plot, in which a White Ussal (As seen at the top) were used as a messenger. Perhaps the White Ussal would contact the infamous Toa V about it being a Featured Chronicle? We'll see.

July 11

Voya Nui Online Game As we prepare to step into another week, so comes another Featured Chronicle. This time, we are proud to star the wonderful online experiences of the Voya Nui Online Game. Despite the large amounts of delays which occurred prior to its release, the Voya Nui Online Game has proven itself to be an exciting and extremely enjoyable game. The many quests and mode of play allowed players to experience a brand new type of BIONICLE gameplay, one in which the player is actually capable of constantly defeating things and causing babies to cry upon seeing it happen. The unique sprites of characters and Rahi also elevates this game to a brand new level, making it even more enjoyable. Recently, the Voya Nui Online Game has been revamped after being classified as a "Stub" page for a long period of time thanks to the dedications of BS01 members Omega Blademan and Tahu Nuva Unleashed. It seems that his efforts had been worth it, and all his hard work is now displayed as the Featured Chronicle of the week.

July 7

Mutran The infamous mad scientist, the Makuta Mutran is our Featured Chronicle for the week. Known for his insanity, Mutran is skilled in mutation and creation, many species of Rahi such as the Blade Burrower and Lohrak. He is also famous for other acts, such as his encounter with Tren Krom, his mutation of the Shadow Matoran and unleashing a blast of Shadow equivalent to a Nova Blast. Therefore, let us congratulate Mutran by giving him lots more Rahi to mutate!

June 27

Onua After a long day of tunneling and accidentally collapsing the soil beneath the previous Featured Chronicle Kopeke's foot and thus effectively killing him, Toa Nuva Onua is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Onua is arguably most famous for his reputation of saving other members of the Toa Nuva group at the last moment, and of his great knowledge which makes him one of the wisest Toa Nuva. Onua tends to remain calm and make logical decisions, something which makes him similar to Gali, and generally gets along well with the other members of Toa. Therefore, as usual, let us celebrate Onua as our Featured Chronicle this week before Kopeke's tomb.

June 20

Kopeke In the soapbox of the Featured Chronicle this week is the icy Ko-Matoran Kopeke. The current acting Chronicler of Metru Nui, Kopeke is most famous and infamous for his favorite line: "..." So let us all celebrate Kopeke as the Featured Chronicle by saying "..." for a week!

June 13

Miserix The former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Miserix is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Like any Makuta, Miserix is arrogant and proud, and has abilities such as shapeshifting and mind control just like any other Makuta. He is also very intelligent, and more cautious then his successor, Teridax. When he was forced from his position after a convocation meeting held by Teridax, he was imprisoned on the island of Artidax, where he took on the form of a large dragon and currently resides on. This dragon form was made by MOCer Sarah Newkirk in a BrickMaster Magazine contest.

June 5

Lhikan The hailed hero of the city of Metru Nui, Lhikan is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Originally Ta-Matoran saved by Dume when he was a Matoran, Lhikan would become a novice Toa guarding a fortress for the Makoki Stone. He was also involved with a massive battle against the Kanohi Dragon, of which he and his team was victorious, and many other historical events, such as the Dark Hunter/Toa War and the betrayal of Tuyet. He would also be involved with the creation of the Toa Metru, giving up his powers to transform the six Matoran in order for them to protect the Matoran from the evil schemes of Makuta Teridax. In the epic battle between Teridax and Vakama, Lhikan, now a Turaga, sacrificed himself for Vakama's life, thus sealing his destiny as one of the greatest heroes of the BIONICLE world. Therefore, let us celebrate this great hero as our Featured Chronicle for this week!

May 30

Jaller The former Captain of the Guard of Ta-Koro, Toa Inika of Fire and now Toa Mahri of Fire, the heroic and famous hero Jaller is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Ever since his first appearance in 2001 as part of a set of six Matoran released in 2001 in an exclusive McDonalds promotion, and the famous scene in which he ambushed Tahu in the Mata Nui Online Game thinking the Toa to be a villain, Jaller had grown into the favorite character of many people. Jaller has always been a Matoran, and later Toa, of great courage, responsibility and justice. He would even sacrifice himself for the life of another, as in BIONICLE: Mask of Light, where Jaller sacrificed his life for Takua. After being resurrected, Jaller would become a Toa of Fire, and would become the leader of the group, leading it with fairness and never rushing into situations without planning. Therefore, let us celebrate this great hero as our Featured Chronicle for this week!

May 25

Kanohi The common artifact worn by Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Makuta and other species are our Featured Chronicle for this week. The Kanohi are one of the most famous aspects of BIONICLE, and is often related directly to the storyline. (Such as the Ignika and Vahi.) The Kanohi are also one of the most powerful tools used by Toa and Makuta, as they are artifacts which supply different powers and abilities. Therefore, let us admire these artifacts as our Featured Chronicle for the week!

May 16

Kolhii The most popular sport on Mata Nui, Kolhii is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Invented by Turaga Onewa and Whenua, the game of Kolhii involves two equal teams of no more then six, in attempt to score a goal by using a Kolhii Stick which is used to hit the ball forwards. Therefore, let us appreciate the sport of Kolhii in all its glory as our Featured Chronicle for the week.

May 9

Vahi One of the two Legendary Kanohi masks, the Vahi is our Featured Chronicle for this week. The mask was once the Great Disks, but was merged into a Disk of Time and carved into a Kanohi mask by Vakama. The Vahi is so powerful, that if it is destroyed, the fabric of time would be destroyed along with it. It's tremendous power means that controlling it is extremely difficult, and even Toa Nuva Tahu failed to control the mask. The Vahi is also the oldest existing Kanohi mask in set form, being the first Kanohi mask to have ever been designed by the BIONICLE team.

May 1

Spiriah The Featured Chronicle for this week is Spiriah. A rogue Makuta, Spiriah saw the potential in making a species named the Skakdi into an army. The Makuta tampered with the Skakdi, giving them new powers. He then left the island, intending to return later to check on his "experiment" at a later time. When he returned however, the entire species of Skakdi had turned on each other and raged in a civil war. Spiriah had then retreated into hiding, and was recruited by the Order of Mata Nui to take on a suicidal mission to find Miserix. The ongoing adventures can be read in Federation of Fear.

April 25

Ahkmou The infamous criminal, Ahkmou, is our Featured Chronicle for this week. Ahkmou was first introduced as an unnamed Po-Matoran that sold Comets, which caused the Po-Koro Epidemic. In 2004, Ahkmou was featured in the flashback as the Matoran who betrayed the Toa Metru to Nidhiki out of greed and personal gain.

April 18

Ignika This week, we are proud to present the Ignika as our Featured Chronicle! (Or "Iggy", according to our picture name...) Created so very long ago by the great and almighty Great Beings, the Ignika is the ultimate Mask of Life. With the power to revive Mata Nui from death, kill everybody in the universe and curse anybody "not destined" to wear it so they become some purple, dinosaur-like creature who runs around on TV trying to impress little children. This mask is worth even more than things which are worth more than gold. So let us congratulate this...object as our Featured Chronicle for this week!

April 11

Takanuva It's a Yeti! It's a giant monster! It's a...Takanuva? Yes, that's right. Takanuva has received soooooo much new information and stuff nowadays that he has became a giant black and white monster! Armed with his awesome Power Lance and his amazing Light and Shadow powers, he will surely be a wonderful advertisement and this week's Featured Chronicle! Therefore, let us congratulate Takanuva, who was once a small, tiny, weak, helpless Matoran who is now a Toa larger than a Toa. (That doesn't make sense, does it?)

April 4

Vezon Annnnnd, for this week's Featured Chronicle, we shall be starring the famous and absolute lunatic, Vezon! Being an absolute lunatic, he tends to do absolutely lunatic-ly things, such as patting a cute, big monster, thinking he has awesome powers and, well, barfing down the street. So let us all shun this absolute lunatic into a lunatic asylum and observe him there!

March 28

Lewa Today, we all crowd around the training grounds of Daxia to witness Lewa Nuva practicing his fighting skills against Trinuma! A joyful Toa who has nothing but fun in his mind, Lewa is most at home swinging from tree to tree until he smacks right into a tree and dies faints. He is also an art of history, being one of the only Toa known to be infected with a Krana! Wouldn't it be nice if all the Toa worn those rubberish cute things? Therefore, let us congratulate this art of history by splatting more paint on him while he practices his fighting skills!

March 22

Kopaka As we fly across Karda Nui, we encounter our icy friend, Toa Nuva Kopaka and decide to kidnap him for this week's Featured Chronicle. The first Toa of Ice known to the BIONICLE fandom, Kopaka is a cold Toa, both in power and personality. Like most other Ice Toa, Kopaka prefers to work alone, but with his über-cool powers which have impressed BIONICLE fans all across the world, Kopaka is definitely a star in the ice. Therefore, let us congratulate Kopaka for being the Featured Chronicle for today and thank us for chaining him up on the wall so all can meet him!

March 14

Botar This week, we honor Botar as our latest Featured Chronicle. Botar was once a member of the Order of Mata Nui whose job was to transport defeated enemies into The Pit. Sadly, even his transportation abilities could not save himself from the awesome power of Makuta Icarax. Please take the time to read about Botar and his many deeds to fulfill the goals of the Order of Mata Nui.

March 7

Locations Here for the last time as the Featured Chronicle, (due to a rule change) today we celebrate the featuring of the oldest section on the BS01 Wiki. The Location page hosts almost every single location, from massive islands to locations which had never been seen at all. Also, unlike all the other boring ol' wiki-coding based sections, the Locations page combines wiki-coding with HTML, providing a clean, efficient and pleasant page to look it. Therefore, let us congratulate this wonderful section for being the Featured Chronicle for the last time!

March 1

Ignika The Kanohi Ignika is this week's Featured Chronicle. (No, it's not Lhikan. Sorries.) This legendary mask has gone through a great deal in the past few years (three years to be precise), and is now fighting on its own. Too bad it's no smarter than a baby. The article is pretty good, though.

February 22

Teridax Here for the 4th time, the Makuta of Metru Nui, or Teridax, is the Featured Chronicles once more. The main villain and evil mastermind in the Matoran Universe, no year is a year without some sort of cameo appearance from this guy. With awesome power and as the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, it strikes fear even in the bravest Matoran. Therefore, let us congratulate this evil villain in become the Featured Chronicle for the 4th by decorating him with tons and tons of flowers!

February 15

Tahu One of the six original Toa heroes known to the BIONICLE fandom, Tahu is the Featured Chronicle for this week. Bold and hot-tempered, Tahu has led his Toa team through many adventures in Karda Nui and Mata Nui, all of which ended in victory but jeopardy was involved in most. Let us all gather around him and admire the quality of his page!

February 8

Matoro This week's Featured Chronicle is a former Ko-Matoran who became a Toa, and a Toa who saved a universe. We dedicate this FC to Matoro Mahri, the deceased Toa of Ice who brought life back to Mata Nui by sacrificing his own. Please take time to read this article in order to learn more about the hero who saved a universe.