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"We are the Kestora. We are the ones who keep this place operating. But it has not been operating, not for a very long time. And it is his fault."
— A Kestora to Toa Nuva Kopaka, The Powers That Be

Sapient Species
Powers None
Status Active
Locations Red Star
City of Silver Pocket Dimension
Pronunciation kess-STORE-uh[1]

The Kestora are a biomechanical race created by the Great Beings.[2][3]


Red Star

The Kestora were created by the Great Beings,[2][3] who placed many of them in the Red Star, an engine responsible for retrieving and reviving sapient beings from the Matoran Universe below.

Early on, the Red Star malfunctioned, and the Kestora found that they could no longer send revived beings back down to the Matoran Universe. Hoping to locate the source of the problem, the Kestora dissected some of these beings.[4][5] When Gaardus was revived on the Red Star, the Kestora encountered him, and came to blame him for the malfunction.[4]

80,000 years[6], at most, later, Gali discovered the Kestora aboard the Red Star while using a telescope on the island of Mata Nui.[7] Later, after the Battle of Bara Magna, Pohatu, Kopaka, and Gaardus arrived in the Red Star and encountered a group of Kestora, who threatened them.[8] The Kestora recognized Gaardus, and debated between themselves how to handle the newcomers. When Pohatu asked them to lower their weapons, the Kestora instead attempted to use them, but were swiftly disarmed. The Kestora proposed that the group return to the Great Spirit Robot, but when informed that it no longer functioned, one of the Kestora suggested that they instead keep the group for dissection. Kopaka froze them while they talked and, as Gaardus had disappeared, left with Pohatu to search for an escape route.[4]

City of Silver Pocket Dimension

The Kestora watching Takanuva's fireworks

A population of Kestora was also created in the City of Silver Pocket Dimension.[3] These Kestora reduced the other occupants of their area, the creatures that constructed the City of Silver, to a single member, and attempted to drive it out of the village.

When Takanuva arrived in the pocket dimension, he received information from the Spectral Mask that the village was in trouble. Without hearing the complete message, Takanuva rushed off, where he saw crowds of the Kestora fighting against the last creature. Deciding that the creature was the source of the commotion and what he had to combat, Takanuva fended off the creature, believing to have saved the Kestora. However, the Kestora laughed at Takanuva, and locked him out of the village. It was later that Takanuva learned the Kestora were actually trying to chase out the last of the creatures to whom the village actually belonged. Takanuva consulted with the creature and enacted a plan to lure the Kestora out of the village. He stood outside of the village and created many large fireworks, and the Kestora flooded out of their village to watch. While they admired the fireworks, the creature burrowed back into the village and locked the Kestora out.[9]

Abilities and Traits

Much like other creations of the Great Beings, the Kestora are bio-mechanical in nature, and bear purple and black armor. They wear Kanohi masks but are unable to access their mask powers.[10]

Some Kestora carry bladed energy weapons.

Social Structure and Interactions

The Kestora were not among the beings given higher sapience by Velika's Awakening, and continue to function on their original, limited artificial intelligence, without empathy or concern for others.[11] They are focused on doing their job, returning revived beings to the Matoran Universe, to the exclusion of all else.[12]

The Kestora are of a morbidly curious nature, though they appear quite absentminded and easily forget major details. They also have no qualms about dissecting Matoran Universe inhabitants. The Kestora have killed some of the beings who have been revived on the Red Star.[5]

The Kestora located in the City of Silver are warriors; they conflicted with the other inhabitants of the City of Silver and drastically reduced their population.

Known Kestora

  • Many Kestora in the City of Silver Pocket Dimension
  • Many Kestora inhabiting the Red Star
    • Three Kestora who confronted Kopaka, Pohatu, and Gaardus


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