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BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa
Video Game
Writer Jeff James
Alastair Swinnerton
Director Mark Livingstone
Producer Jeff James
Artist Sam Nielson
Composer Todd Sorensen
Designer Dave Rushton
Sam Nielson
Programmer Jay Rushton
Developer Saffire
Platform Game Boy Advance
Controls Game Boy Advance buttons
Release Date October 2, 2001

BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa[1] was a game developed by Saffire Corporation that the LEGO Group released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. This game was originally called "Tales of the Tohunga",[2] but was renamed to its current title due to a lawsuit with the Māori people, who were upset at the LEGO Group's use of the word "Tohunga". It is simply titled LEGO BIONICLE in the game itself and on the online LEGO Shop.[3]


The game revolves around Takua, and progresses through his first recorded adventure on the island of Mata Nui.

The game begins on the Papa Nihu Reef when Takua meets a Ta-Matoran and begins speaking to him, learning that Turaga Whenua would like to see him. Takua then travels to Onu-Koro and, is told upon his arrival that Teridax's Infected Rahi have abducted Whenua, along with Onu Koro's Toa Stone.

Takua launches a successful rescue attempt, saving Whenua and retrieving the Toa Stone. Afterwards, he is told by Whenua that the other Turaga, along with the six Toa Stones, have been captured as well. At Whenua's urging to check the status of the villages, Takua journeys around the island and braves many dangers to rescue the rest of the Turaga and their Toa Stones. He also collects objects such as the Vuata Maca Crystals and each Turaga's Staffs.

Upon collecting the final Toa Stone, Takua finds himself deep within the Mangai Volcano. Suddenly, he falls into a tunnel, and is pursued by a huge lava flow. Takua uses his new lava surfing skills and succeeds in his flight away from the magma, and is blasted out of the tunnel. The lava launches him far away, and he lands at the Kini-Nui.

The Turaga instruct Takua to place the six recovered Toa Stones into niches on the Kini-Nui temple peak. Upon his completion of the arrangement of the Stones, a beam of light erupts from the temple. The energy throws Takua away from the temple and onto Ta-Wahi Beach, where he later awakes with amnesia. Takua does not know it at the time, but the summoning of the Toa Mata to the island has been fulfilled by his exploits. The said Toa are soon swept onto the island. They emerge from their Toa Canisters and begin their task of awakening Mata Nui.



[Taken from the game's introduction slides]

"In the time before time, the island of Mata Nui was a tropical paradise. Then a shadow fell across the land -- a shadow known as Makuta. In the dark years that followed, the islanders of Mata Nui put their faith in a legend that foresaw the arrival of six mighty heroes: the Toa. For only the Toa have the strength and courage to bring peace and light back to the world. As Mata Nui awaits the arrival of the Toa, a lone islander unknowingly begins a quest that will change Mata Nui forever."

The Beach

On a beach outside Onu-Koro, Takua is greeted by a Ta-Matoran, who informs him that Turaga Whenua wishes to speak with him. The Matoran then instructs Takua to travel up the beach to Onu-Koro, while passing the obstacles placed in his path. He is to overcome the many challenges, such as stone hurdles, wide rivers which he can cross using Shore Turtles, and a strange puzzle involving a large stone gate, some boulders, and two switches. He is also supposed to practice throwing Bula Berries at a circle of stones. Eager to take on the adventure, Takua traverses through the obstacle course, with the help of several other Matoran, and some signs planted in the sand along the way. Once he passes a large stone gate, he is greeted by an Onu-Matoran, who instructs Takua to enter the cave to Onu-Koro.


After gaining energy and health from a Vuata Maca Tree Fruit and a Bula berry, Takua enters Onu-Koro's gates, and is temporarily stopped in his tracks by two Onu-Matoran guards. In Onu-Koro, Takua is told that Turaga Whenua was captured by the Vatuka, a living Rahi made of Stone. Takua speaks with the Matoran in Onu-Koro, learning of local events, and eventually discovers Turaga Vakama's missing Badge of Office, the Firestaff. He then begins his hike into the Great Mine, and fights his way past the creatures of the caverns until he locates Turaga Whenua, imprisoned in a cage by the Vatuka. As the Vatuka creates smaller rock creatures to attack Takua, the Matoran uses bursts of Light from the Firestaff to stun the pebble creatures, and then Madu fruit to destroy them and their massive counterpart. Despite the sheer power of the beast, Takua destroys it, and receives the Amana Volo Sphere discharged by the monster.

He then frees Whenua by dragging boulders onto two switches, unlocking the cage. Once he is rescued by Takua, Whenua grants the Matoran a Volo Lutu Launcher, to help Takua cross wide voids and other obstacles. He then gives Takua the mission he had intended for Takua to perform: to collect the Toa Stones, and bring them to Kini-Nui, the massive temple in the center of the island. Takua also receives a mission from Onu-Koro's Vuata Maca Wizard, who requires the Vuata Maca Crystals to heal their poisoned tree. Takua departs on his second adventure in Onu-Koro, and utilizes his Volo Lutu Launcher and Madu fruit to reach the inner bowels of the mines, and finds both halves of the Vuata Maca Crystal. Using a Madu Cabolo, he blasts a hole into a small section of the caves, containing Onua's Toa Stone, hidden there long ago by Whenua. He then exits the caves, and gives the Crystals to the village wizard, who thankfully rewards him with an Amana Volo Sphere. Takua is then sent to Ga-Koro by Whenua, but as he departs, Onepu challenges Takua to race against him in the Great Ussal Race. Takua meets his challenge, and to the surprise of Onepu, Takua wins the race. The defeated Onepu then allows his competitor to pass.


As soon as Takua exits Onu-Wahi, he enters Ga-Wahi, and encounters even fiercer Rahi than those in Onu-Wahi. Once again making use of the Madu and Volo Lutu Launcher he is carrying, he arrives at Ga-Koro. However, as he crosses the bridge, a Ga-Matoran stops him and tells him that before he may enter the Koro, he must compete in in their Ngalawa Boat Race. Once again, he accepts the challenge and finishes first, and so is allowed to pass. He speaks with the Ga-Matoran in the village, and learns from their Vuata Maca wizard and Macku that Turaga Nokama, her Trident, and the Vuata Maca tree crystals are all missing. However, they have a suspicion that Nokama was kidnapped by a Makika that lives in the harbor. Takua then begins a journey into the harbor, and encounters more of the large Rahi that he fought on his way to Ga-Koro, and finds one of the Vuata Maca Crystals. He eventually arrives at the Makika's cave, which is marked by a sign warning that the giant toad is immune to Madu fruit. He enters the cave to find Nokama tied up with the Makika close by, guarding her. The Makika does not react to Takua unless he comes too close, allowing Takua to search for a way to rescue the Turaga of Water. He then heaves up a Matoran-sized rock, and hurls it on the Rahi. As the Makika strains against the rock, Takua races over to Nokama and picks her up. He runs towards the cave's exit with Nokama when the Makika frees itself and hops after him. However, he still manages to escape with Nokama. After returning to the village, Nokama gives him an Amana Volo Sphere, and asks him to go search for Gali's Toa Stone in the cliffs of Ga-Wahi, where she had hidden it a millennium ago. Takua accepts the task, and travels south to the cliffs. Here, he finds more of the Rahi that he fought before, an Amana Volo buried in some rocks, and another Vuata Maca crystal. He makes it to an elevator to the top of the highest cliff, and at the top he fights several Cliff Bugs and locates the second Toa Stone. He returns briefly to the village to drop off the crystals and receive another Amana Volo before entering Po-Wahi.


Takua then starts on his journey to Po-Koro. Near the border, he finds Whenua's Drill of Onua, which allows him to dig under obstacles, such as a stone wall that is blocking his path. As he nears the village, he encounters two Po-Matoran. One, named Podu, is trapped underneath several boulders. Takua frees the Matoran and resumes walking toward Po-Koro. He discovers that Onewa, the Vuata Maca Crystals, and Pohatu's Toa Stone are missing. He then begins looking for them, and soon finds Onewa's Stone Hammer. He frees a Matoran's Moa bird from a rock fall, collecting a tree Crystal along the way. He then defeats a swarm of insects which were burrowed in the ground around Onewa's prison. Using the Drill of Onua, he digs under each of the five stones surrounding Onewa, and frees him. He is returned to the village, where the Turaga gives him an Amana Volo Sphere, which restores his health fully. He then begins searching for the Toa Stone. He defeats a giant Kofo-Jaga along the way by first tricking it into attacking a boulder, and then uses the drill to burrow under the creature and jump out of the ground underneath it, flipping it over. He then finds the stone and the Crystal and returns to the village. He heals the Vuata Maca tree, and returns the stone. After Takua plays a game of koli, he begins his journey to Le-Wahi, and begins the next stage of his mission.


Takua talking to Kongu

After Takua has competed in a match of Kewa Bird Riding and found Nuju's Ice Pick, he discovers that like Onu-Koro, Ga-Koro and Po-Koro, the air village is also missing Turaga Matau, the two Vuata Maca Crystals, and their Toa Stone. He begins searching Le-Wahi for the Turaga, and finds the two Vuata Maca Crystals. A Kewa bird suddenly grabs Takua, but fails to drop him in the nest with Taku inside. However, he notices that Matau is trapped in the nest also. He then holds boulders up above him, which the Kewa bird drops on the Taku, stunning them. Once all of the Taku are stunned, Takua allows the Kewa to grab him and drop him in the nest. He then frees Matau, and they return to the village. The Turaga rewards him with his Kau Kau Staff and an Amana Volo Sphere. Takua now returns the Crystals to the wizard of Le-Koro and begins his quest to return the Toa Stone, armed with the knowledge that a strange mechanical tree may hold the answer. As he searches for the tree, he discovers four strange gears. When he locates the mechanical tree and examines it, he finds that the four gears are to be fitted onto it. He places the gears onto the device, which causes it to open in front of him. He then retrieves the Toa Stone which was hidden inside the tree and returns it to Le-Koro, then crosses the border into Ko-Wahi.


After engaging in a Huai Snowball Sling competition to enter the village, Takua sets off to find Turaga Nuju when he discovers that the Turaga, Vuata Maca Crystals, and Toa Stone were all missing, as the other villages had. He journeys through Ko-Wahi, and eventually finds the Ice Turaga lost in the Wastes, along with one of the Vuata Maca Tree Crystals. After rescuing Nuju, the Turaga rewards Takua with an Amana Volo Sphere as the other Turaga had, and Nokama's Trident. However, Nuju tells him that not only is the Toa Kopaka Stone missing, but also the Element of Melting, a crystal which allows the villagers of Ko-Koro to melt ice to obtain fresh, pure water. Takua departs to search for them, and discovers the hiding places of the remaining Vuata Maca Crystal and the Element of Melting. He then stumbles upon three frozen crates. Curious, he smashes them open, only to find that inside, three Ice Hikaki were hidden. He is forced to confront them, but he emerges victorious and finds that they concealed the stolen Stone. He then returns to Ko-Koro with the Element, Toa Stone and Crystals, and then travels into Ta-Wahi.


Arriving in the village of fire, Takua meets Turaga Vakama, who doubts the wanderer's ability. To prove himself, Vakama gives him the task of finding an antidote to a poison that has corrupted the village's water supply. Before setting out, Takua takes part in a game of Ignalu using a board Vakama gave him. Takua finishes, and quickly discovers that Vakama has been taken by Rahi while he was competing. Takua goes out into the lava plains to find the Turaga and the antidote. After discovering the antidote, he finds that Vakama is prisoner to a group of Fire Mahi. He is able to defeat the Rahi herd, and obtains the key to Vakama's cage from them.

Takua places Gali's Toa Stone at Kini Nui.

Takua frees Vakama and returns to the village, where Vakama reveals that the Toa Tahu Stone will soon sink into the depths of the Mangai Volcano. Hurriedly, Takua ventures into the lava caves of the volcano, navigating through a maze teeming with dangerous Rahi. Recovering a Vuata Maca Crystal on the way, Takua eventually arrives at a cave, where he finds the Toa Stone, and the second Crystal. He returns to the village with his finds, though still curious about a strange contraption in the Toa Stone cave.

Deciding to investigate further, he returns, and activates three switches embedded in the ground. This causes a large crystalline form to appear in the chamber. Puzzled by it, he places a stone onto a small geyser, throwing it into the air. It comes back down on top of the crystal, smashing it to pieces. Suddenly an eruption rocks through caverns, causing the floor beneath Takua to collapse.

Takua activating the Toa Stones

He drops down towards a lava river, but is able to land on his Lavaboard. Trapped in one place, he uses his Volo Lutu Launcher to grab onto a Rahi fleeing the eruption and pull himself into the main river. Avoiding falling stones and lava currents, he eventually bursts out of the side of the Mangai. He flies through the air and lands at Kini-Nui, where all six Turaga are waiting. They congratulate him on completing his quest and tell him to place the six Toa Stones onto the Amaja-Nui. As he places them down, they begin to glow with energy. When all six are in place, a huge beam of energy shoots up from the sand pit, traveling far into the sky. Takua is caught in the beam, which throws him high into the air above the island. He soon begins to plummet downwards, and slams into the beach near Ta-Koro. The impact robs him of all his memories, leaving him with no recollection of his great quest, or how he ended up lying in the sand.

Mini Games

  • Great Ussal Race: This competition pitted riders on Ussal Crabs against each other in a test of speed and skill.
  • Huai Snowball Sling: A popular sport in Ko-Koro, in which participants threw snowballs at each other until only one player remained, encasing the others in a large snowball.
  • Ignalu Lava Surfing: A game popular in Ta-Koro, that consisted in lava surfing. Participants used Lavaboards to travel rapidly across the flows.
The game of koli
  • Ngalawa Boat Racing: A sport popular among the Ga-Matoran in which contestants were organized into four teams: red, blue, green and yellow, each team was assigned a boat. Consisted in row the boats down a stretch of river, being the winner the first that reach the end of the river.
  • Koli: Popular in Po-Koro, the game involved kicking a stone ball into another players' goal post (called "Koli Football" here).
  • Kewa Bird Riding: A game of Le-Koro. In the game, the players ride Kewa birds. Each player is equipped with a Volo Lutu Launcher and a supply of Madu fruit. The goal of the game is to score the most hits on another player by throwing Madu at them.


  • Directional Pad - Movement
  • A button - Pick up items, read signs, talk, shake trees, confirm
  • B button - Jump, cancel
  • R button - Use the item equipped on the R Button
  • L button - Use the item equipped on the L Button
  • Start - Pause (Inventory, Save, Quit)
  • Select - Select equipment



  • Small Blue Bug - These small creatures can only attack on contact and are easily knocked onto their backs with Madu.
  • Yellow Fikou - A yellow colored variant of the Fikou spider, these can be defeated by knocking their Kanohi off.
  • Wild Ussal - These red and blue colored Ussal crabs hide in tunnel walls and then burrow out, to surprise opponents.
  • Vatuka - This large stone elemental creature dwell in the tunnels around Onu-Koro, and captured Turaga Whenua. On defeat it collapses into a pile of rocks.
  • Pebble Creatures - Several of these animated stones accompany the Vatuka, but are easily destroyed.


  • Blue Fikou - These blue Fikou spiders can burrow underground, to hide from attack or to ambush travelers.
  • Water Ussal - These water dwelling Ussal crabs jump out of the sea and snatch victims who walk too close to the water.
  • Cliff Bugs - These large grasshoppers, possibly a relative of the Kirikori Nui, hop around the grassy areas of Ga-Wahi and throw stones at their victims.
  • Infected Shore Turtles
  • Daikau - These large carnivorous plants grab those who wander too close to them but can be defeated with a Madu Cabolo.
  • Blue Electric Spiders - These large creatures are difficult to defeat, but can only attack on contact.
  • Makika - One of these large toads captured Turaga Nokama. It is immune to Madu fruit, but Takua is able to stun it temporarily with a boulder.


  • Blue Fikou - These creatures also dwell in Po-Wahi.
  • Blue Electric Spiders - These creatures are also found in Po-Wahi.
  • Moa - These small birds sit and watch a victim until they stand still long enough for the Moa to attack.
  • Small Birds - These Rahi vultures circle in the air, diving down to attack.
  • Light-Blue Electric Spiders - This red-legged breed of arachnids can shoot small fireballs.
  • Scorpions - These small scorpion Rahi can only be defeated by burrowing up beneath them using Whenua's Drill.
  • Small Green Bugs - A swarm of these insects captured Turaga Onewa. They burrow underground, emerging when someone comes close.
  • Kofo-Jaga - A giant scorpion which was in possession of Pohatu's Toa Stone. Takua defeats it by tricking it to attack a boulder, and then using Whenua's Drill, coming up from under it.


  • Electric Bugs - These purple-and-yellow creatures can zap victims on contact.
  • Green Electric Spiders - This yellow-legged breed can shoot balls of electricity and resemble their cousins from other Wahi.
  • Hoto - These fire bugs push victims off the high walkways of Le-Koro.
  • Purple Kewa - Once they spot a victim, these fly off to collect a boulder and then return and attempt to drop it on their target.
  • Purple Mahi - This Rahi goat attacks by charging at their foes.
  • Red Kewa - This Rahi hawk takes Matau and puts him in its nest. It can carry medium sized objects such as rocks.
  • Taku - The chicks of the Red Kewa guard the captive Matau, but Takua tricks the Kewa into stunning them with rocks.


  • Snowbird - Also called the "Winged Snowman", this bird made of snow flies above the player and drops down, smashing itself, and then reassembling itself for another attack. The birds can be defeated by tricking them into dropping onto an icicle.
  • Red Mahi - These red-black Rahi goats attack by charging their victim.
  • Ice Vako - These beasts, also known as "Ice Demons", hide in the snow and pop up for a sneak snowball attack.
  • Ice Hikaki - Three dragons that hide in ice crates. They hold Kopaka's Toa Stone


  • Fire Vatuka - These are red versions of the monster found in Onu-Wahi.
  • Fire Husi - Known as "Lava Skimmers", these run across the lava plains and caves, knocking down anything that gets in their way.
  • Fire Vako - These employ similar tactics to their icy cousins, hiding underground and popping up to hurl fireballs.
  • Hikaki - These dragons, also known as "Lava Demons", reside in the lava rivers of Ta-Wahi and throw fireballs at their foes.
  • Purple Mahi - These also roam the lava plains of Ta-Wahi.
  • Fire Mahi - An herd of these red-hued Mahi captured Turaga Vakama. Takua has to pursue them to retrieve the cage's key.

Cheat Codes

BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa had various cheat codes. They can be unlocked if the player creates a save file using the cheat code as his or her Matoran's name. Entering a Toa's mask code followed by their canister code unlocks the minigame associated with their element.

Below is a list of the codes:

  • 8MR472 - Unlocks the Great Ussal Race minigame.
  • 9MA268 - Unlocks the Ngalawa Boat Racing minigame.
  • 5MG834 - Unlocks the Koli Football minigame.
  • 3LT154 - Unlocks the Kewa Bird Riding minigame.
  • V33673 - Unlocks the Huai Snowball Sling minigame.
  • 4CR487 - Unlocks the Ignalu Lava Surfing minigame.
  • Saffire - Skips to the ending lava surfing minigame.
  • Credits - Plays the Lego Media credits followed by the Saffire credits.
  • SCredits - Plays the Saffire credits only.
  • DiePinky - Takua uses a bright pink color palette. If the save is reloaded, he reverts to his original colors.
  • EvilGeorge - Takua uses a dark blue color palette. If the save is reloaded, he reverts to his original colors.

Outside of the inventory screen or pause menu, holding the SELECT button and tapping a shoulder button will change the item equipped to that shoulder button. By repeatedly tapping the shoulder button, the player can rotate through every item in the game except for the snowballs, even if the player has not collected the items in question.




  • Most Matoran in this game wear different Kanohi every time a level is loaded. Masks are selected at random from among six options: the Great Hau, Great Kakama, Great Akaku, Great Miru, Great Pakari, or Noble Huna. All of these masks share a single rear-view sprite.
    • The guards found in Onu-, Ga-, Po-, and Ta-Koro always wear the Kanohi Hau and carry staffs similar to the Drill of Onua.
    • The "Wizards"[4] that maintain the Vuata Maca trees in each village are identical: all wear green and purple armor along with a Kanohi Miru.
    • Four other Matoran always wear the same mask: Onepu, Podu, an unnamed Ga-Matoran near the center of Ga-Koro who wears a Huna, and an unnamed Ta-Matoran in Ta-Koro who resembles Jaller.
    • Taipu appears in this game, but his appearance is not consistent with ones in later media, and his mask is randomized.
    • Due to how the RNG functions in this game, under common circumstances the Matoran on the first level will always wear the same masks when starting the game for the first time, however their masks are still randomized.
  • A number of Rahi enemies were cut in development, including the Brakas monkeys. Of these, the Brakas still made an appearance in the Nintendo Power Advance issue, where they are stated to "have strong arms and enjoy pelting passersby. They are extremely rare and difficult to find. If you happen to locate one, be sure to stop and take a picture."[4] True enough, because the Brakas was cut, only two images of the Rahi exist: the one found in that magazine, and another from a development image on IGN.
  • The term "Wahi" is not used in the game, which instead refers to the regions by the names of their respective Toa Mata; for example, Onu-Wahi is called "Onua". This is seen in the game's Demo LEGO Warp Station[5] and in associated media such as Nintendo Power Advance.[4]


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