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"Understand something, Takanuva. We are in a war. Maybe we have been since the day the Brotherhood struck down Mata Nui. And in war, you don't always get to choose your allies or test them first to make sure they are pure enough. I would recruit Dark Hunters and Pit prisoners if I thought it would bring the Makuta down."
Toa Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

The Battle for Kini-Nui
Aspect of Society
Location All areas of the universe
Purpose Armed conflict to enact social change
Seize power
Effects Shift in balance of power, casualties

Wars are large scale conflicts, where large factions are brought into combat. These battles occur when contrasting goals and ideals reach a peak, and can no longer be discussed amicably. Wars utilize armies, weapons, and special tactics, and normally result in a considerable amount of damage and death across a wide-spread area.

Known Wars

Spherus Magna

Core War

The Core War was a conflict between the Element Lords for possession of the Energized Protodermis that leaked from the planet's core. The Glatorian were the soldiers in this war, under the command of the Element Lords. The Skrall were also eventually drawn into this war. The Great Beings refrained from the violence, but created the Baterra and Iron Wolves in hopes of ending the conflict. The war eventually came to a halt due to the Shattering, but the Element Lords continue to fight to this day.

Bara Magna

Skrall War

After the Shattering, the inhabitants on Bara Magna created a new system which allowed the Agori to split the resources left on the planet in a fair way. The Skrall however, being forced to move from their home north of the Black Spike Mountains by Baterra, began to live with the Agori and followed the system, though secretly planning against them. After striking the main city of Atero, the Skrall, lead by Tuma, officially declared a war against the Glatorian and weakened the villages over time with the alliance of the desert bandits, the Bone Hunters. The Skrall were finally stopped however, after Mata Nui arrived on the planet and eventually united the small tribes against the Rock Tribe, taking their city of Roxtus and ending the Skrall's reign.

Matoran Universe

Matoran Civil War

The first known war that took place in the Matoran Universe was the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui, which began as a simple trade and boundary dispute between the Po-Matoran and Ta-Matoran. The Onu-Matoran and Ga-Matoran sided with the Ta-Matoran, and the Le-Matoran and Ko-Matoran sided with the Po-Matoran. The lack of work on Metru Nui caused the Great Disruption and sent Jovan's team on its mission. It was ended by Teridax with the "Archives Massacre," in which Matoran were locked in the Archives while various exhibits were released upon them. The leaders of this war were banished to The Pit.

Civil War on Ancient's Homeland

On The Shadowed One's homeland, a conflict broke out when Ancient started a mercenary business, selling his allegiance to the highest bidder. The resulting struggle for power caused the dissolution of the island's society as well of the peace within the native species. Factions emerged, and Ancient's business thrived all the more. As the civil war began drawing to a close, some such as Tyrant and Conjurer, seeking greater conquests, individually set out for other lands to rule.[1] The Shadowed One, inspired by Ancient's ventures, met with him with a business proposal, and they left to form the Dark Hunters.

Zakaz Civil War

A lengthy civil war took place on Zakaz after Spiriah tampered with the Skakdi, causing the island to transform from a beautiful island into a warzone. The temperaments of the Skakdi were so high that one small conflict between Reidak and a local officer eventually led to the destruction of the city. Several Skakdi warlords eventually took control. The only safe haven from the fighting came from uneasy truce regarding the lake in the center of the island, as it is the only source of freshwater.

Toa-Dark Hunter War

During the Toa-Dark Hunter War, the Dark Hunters fought the Toa so that they could set up a base in Metru Nui, but failed. Nidhiki secretly sided with Lariska, and they planned for Nidhiki to lead the Toa into the Canyon of Unending Whispers, where an army of over 100 Dark Hunters would ambush them. In the final battle of that war, Lhikan found out about Nidhiki and Lariska's plan and convinced 300 Toa to come and ambush the Hunters. However, Hakann made a deal with Lhikan that the Hunters would be allowed to leave under their own power, in exchange for the Makoki Stone, which The Shadowed One stole back a month later.

Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War

The Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War was started by Teridax when he killed Nidhiki and Krekka by absorbing them a thousand years ago. The Shadowed One then declared war on the Brotherhood of Makuta for killing two of his operatives. One thousand years later, the Dark Hunters agreed to ally with the Order of Mata Nui, and their war with the Brotherhood was absorbed by the larger Order-Brotherhood conflict.

Great War

The Great War was Teridax's harassment of the Matoran of Metru Nui using infected Rahi, Kraata, and an attempted Shadow Plague while on the island of Mata Nui, lasting roughly around 1000 years. The Ta-Koro Guard, Onu-Matoran Ussalry, and Le-Matoran Gukko Force were formed in defense of the villages. It ended when the Toa Mata fought and seemingly defeated Teridax by using all of their Elemental Powers.

Order of Mata Nui-Brotherhood of Makuta War

During the Toa Nuva's mission in Karda Nui, the Order of Mata Nui chose to come out of hiding and openly engage the Brotherhood of Makuta in war. The Dark Hunters became involved in the conflict, siding with the Order and being assigned to stop the Vortixx from supplying weapons to the Makuta. Other potent forces, such as Teridax's former Toa Hagah, the Toa Mahri, and the Skakdi also allied themselves with the Order. The war was fought in several key locations in the Matoran Universe, with most battles won by the Order due to the overwhelming speed and intensity of their attacks. The Order purposefully staged the final confrontation with the Brotherhood on Metru Nui, and managed (with Teridax's help) to decimate the Brotherhood's forces once and for all.