Great Disruption

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Great Disruption
Matoran Civil WarTime Slip
Witnesses Inhabitants of the Matoran Universe
Time During the Matoran Civil War
Actions Kanohi Ignika used
Brotherhood of Makuta stopped Civil War
Significance Major

The Great Disruption was a 400 year period in the Matoran Universe during which the Great Spirit Mata Nui was ill.


The work performed in the city of Metru Nui was essential for Mata Nui's health. When the Matoran Civil War began in Metru Nui, work in the city fell to a halt, and the Great Spirit Mata Nui grew weak. The effects of Mata Nui's illness could be seen all over the Matoran Universe. The Great Spirit's condition eventually worsened so much that Toa Jovan led his team to acquire the Kanohi Ignika, a mask whose power could restore Mata Nui to full health. The Toa traveled to Voya Nui, retrieved the Ignika, and entered Karda Nui. After the Brotherhood of Makuta put an end to the Matoran Civil War,[1] a member of Jovan's team donned the Ignika, restoring Mata Nui at the cost of his own life. Upon Mata Nui's revival, the Energy Storms picked up within Karda Nui again. The surviving teammates escaped Karda Nui through a portal created with a Kanohi Olmak, and returned the Kanohi Ignika to its chamber on Voya Nui.


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