Battle of Mangaia

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"You cannot destroy me, for I am nothing."
Makuta Teridax to the Toa Mata, Mata Nui Online Game

Battle of Mangaia
Animation Battle of Mangaia.png
Conflict The Toa Mata try to defeat Teridax
Combatants Toa Mata
Location Mangaia
Result Toa Mata victory, Teridax weakened

The Battle of Mangaia was a multi-part battle in which the Toa Mata ventured through Mangaia in search of Makuta Teridax.


Toa Mata


  • Defeat the Toa Mata and prevent them from reaching Teridax.

Shadow Toa

  • Defeat the Toa Mata and prevent them from reaching Teridax.


  • Defeat the Toa Mata and further continuation of the Plan.


Fighting the Manas

The two Toa Kaita facing off against the Manas
The Toa Kaita fighting the Manas in the Mata Nui Online Game

The Toa Mata went underground in search of Teridax, and soon were attacked by two Manas crabs. The Toa began to fight the Manas with them trying several different tactics, but the Toa Mata were overpowered by the two Manas. Gali and Kopaka remembered their visions of the Toa Kaita and decided to form them. Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua formed Akamai while Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka formed Wairuha. The Toa Kaita then realized that the heat towers were giving heat that the Manas thrived on. They smashed the towers and the Manas stopped moving, overcome by cold.

As the Toa Kaita continued on into Mangaia, they were forcibly separated into the six Toa again. It was at this time that Gali also broke her mental link with Takua.

Fighting the Shadow Toa

The Toa Mata carried on further into Mangaia, towards the area just outside the main lair, hoping to fight Teridax himself. However, Teridax still had one last obstacle that the Toa Mata had to get through if they wanted to get to fight him personally. Teridax created six Shadow Toa that were exact replicas of the Toa Mata (aside from their colors being much darker, them having harsh, grating voices, and being tainted with Shadow). The Shadow Toa possessed exactly the same powers as their respective counterparts, making their defeat almost impossible for the Toa Mata to accomplish.

The Shadow Toa taunted their counterparts, and attacked the Toa using their own powers against them, (such as Gali being blasted by a flood and Tahu sinking in lava). The Toa Mata eventually came to the realization that the Shadow Toa were simply extensions of themselves, and absorbed the Shadow Toa into their own bodies, thus ending the battle. The group then entered the main chamber of Mangaia.

Fighting Teridax

The Toa Mata confront Teridax in the Mangaia.

The Toa Mata called out for Teridax, and he approached them as an infected Matoran. Teridax's appearance served as a distraction and after a brief bit of dialogue, Teridax transformed into a swirling mass. Tentacles lashed out, temporarily defeating some of the Toa Mata. Kopaka tried to outrun the tentacles using his Kakama, but fell before them. Onua tried to defend himself using his Kanohi Hau, but one of Teridax's tentacles took him by surprise by attacking from behind him, and he too fell. The Toa fought on, though, until they realized that could only defeat Teridax with Unity. The six Toa combined their Elemental Powers against Teridax, who was severely weakened from the battle. Before he dissipated, however, he taunted the Toa, saying that they could not destroy him, for he was nothing.


The Toa Mata were teleported onto the surface of Mata Nui. Takua, the only known witness to the battle, saw the awakening of the Bohrok, which Teridax released with a signal. He then escaped through the Bohrok Nest Portal.


  • The exact details of the Toa Mata's fight against the Manas was not clear for an extended period of time. While the Mata Nui Online Game showed the Toa Kaita facing a Manas swarm and defeating them through destroying heating towers, the book BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa showed the Mata fighting only two Manas, then forming the Kaita and imprisoning them. The BIONICLE: Encyclopedia established the Manas' connection to heating towers to be canon, and it was confirmed that the Mata faced only two Manas in BIONICLE Legends 2: Dark Destiny, confirming the actual battle to be a mixture of the accounts in the online game and the novel.
  • Included in Tale of the Toa is a different version of the battle against the Shadow Toa in which the Toa Mata are victorious by changing their opponents. This was later stated as being non-canon and the correct version of the battle was printed in the BIONICLE: Encyclopedia.


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