Battle for the Kanohi Vahi

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"Your possession of the Mask of Time may leave me inclined to stay my hand, but we both know that there are a thousand ways I could destroy you right now. And 941 of them hurt."
Teridax to Vakama, Time Trap

Battle for the Kanohi Vahi
Conflict Possession of the Kanohi Vahi
Combatants Toa Metru Vakama
Teridax and his Rahkshi
The Shadowed One, Sentrakh, Voporak
Location Metru Nui
Result Several hundred Rahkshi destroyed, the Shadowed One aged 3000 years, Vakama gets the Vahi

The Battle for the Kanohi Vahi is a battle which took place shortly after the Battle of Metru Nui.



  • Retrieve the Kanohi Vahi.


  • Retrieve the Kanohi Vahi.

Dark Hunters

  • Retrieve the Kanohi Vahi.
  • Investigate why Nidhiki and Krekka are missing.


As the Toa Metru's Airships, carrying the sleeping Matoran, were about to enter a fracture in the Great Barrier that led to the island of Mata Nui, Vakama declared that he must go back to the location of his battle with Teridax and recover the Kanohi Vahi.

Upon diving to retrieve it he found that the mask had been damaged and was radiating Time energy into the surrounding area. After a dangerous underwater repair of a crack in the mask, Vakama returned to the surface, only to be slammed into the Great Barrier by a waterspout and had the Mask of Time taken from him by Voporak.

He was knocked unconscious and awoke inside his hut in Ta-Metru as a Matoran. After questioning Jaller and Nuju, he discovered that in this strange alternative timeline, Nuhrii and the other Matoran who knew the locations of the Great Disks were Toa, Matau was deceased and Onewa a coward. He then traveled to Ga-Metru and met up with Nokama. The two of them then traveled first to the Great Temple and then to Teridax's old lair in Po-Metru. Inside the lair, Vakama encountered a vision of Toa Krakua, who told him of the Toa Inika. Then Teridax, who had been disguised as Turaga Lhikan, appeared and revealed that the alternative timeline in fact was a vision created by him.

Meanwhile, the Shadowed One and his bodyguard Sentrakh had traveled to Metru Nui to collect the Vahi from Voporak. Back in the lair, Teridax and Vakama formed an uneasy alliance that they would keep until either of them possessed the Kanohi Vahi.

They traveled to the Great Temple where Voporak was keeping guard. Teridax then created a diversion for them by calling on an army of Rahkshi to keep the Dark Hunter busy while they slipped by.

Once inside, Vakama fought a battle with Sentrakh and Teridax fought Keetongu. Teridax badly weakened Keetongu while Vakama knocked out Sentrakh by blowing up a vial of experimental Energized Protodermis. Teridax then fought the Shadowed One and Voporak, with the leader of the Dark Hunters injuring Teridax badly. Teridax prevailed eventually, defeating the Shadowed One by hurling him at the overwhelmed Voporak, which caused him to age 3,000 years. The Kanohi Vahi came into possession of Vakama, who then fled to Ta-Metru.

Upon arrival, he encountered the monstrous plant-creature Karzahni, named after the ruler of a nightmare realm, who told him that he and the other Toa truly were destined to have become Toa, contrary to what Vakama had previously thought. Armed with this new revelation, Vakama had a showdown with Teridax in the Protodermis Reclamation Center, in which he threatened to destroy the Kanohi Vahi.


Vakama threatened Teridax with the fact that the universe would practically end if he destroyed the Kanohi Vahi. He used this threat to buy himself safe passage to Mata Nui with the mask and safety for the Rahaga and Keetongu. Teridax agreed and even gave the promise of a year of peace on the island above before he would return. He then teleported Vakama to a tunnel to Mata Nui and he returned to the other Toa, bringing the truth and the fact that the Kanohi Vahi was safe. He never did tell his experiences of that time to his friends, and never has.

During this battle, the Shadowed One declared war on the Brotherhood, which lasted approximately a thousand years.