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The Mountain

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"Where I come from, hordeling, there is a rite of passage -- a mountain that two climb together. The sky rains fire... the grasses are filled with acid... and the rock itself tries to devour you as you scale its slopes."
Roodaka, Shadow Play

The Mountain
Location Xia Cityscape.png
Status Deceased[CwGF]
Position Xia

The Mountain was a living mountain on the island of Xia. Rahi and Vortixx that attempted to scale it were frequently "eaten" by its crevices and injured by its acidic grass.


Roodaka climbing The Mountain with another Vortixx

The Mountain was once a small, sentient rock created by Makuta Mutran to maintain as a pet project. During a visit to Xia he accidentally left it behind, and over time it grew larger and larger by eating Xians until it reached its current size.[TMC, Ch. 1]

The Vortixx that live on Xia have a rite of passage in which two Vortixx must climb the mountain. If both manage to come back, they are given the chance of better working conditions, but if only one returns alive, they are given a special status having shown they have what it takes to survive in the world.[C24]

At some point in time, the Brotherhood of Makuta attempted to export parts of the Mountain to Destral, hoping to add another asset to their formidable security. The attempt failed as the living rock found that it liked the taste of the Visorak that were patrolling the island.[BW, p. 81]

During a battle on Xia between a Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon, the former having been dropped there by Order of Mata Nui member Botar and the latter having been held on Xia for some time, large chunks were ripped off of the Mountain. Despite this, no significant permanent damage was apparently done, as Toa Hagah Iruini took precautions to prevent the Mountain from consuming the dragon following its defeat.[DID, Ch. 1]

After the Great Spirit Robot was severely damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Vortixx and other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe emigrated to Spherus Magna. The Mountain was trapped in a failing universe without a source of heat or light and consequently perished.[CwGF]

Abilities and Traits

The Mountain was sentient and sustained itself by swallowing beings and absorbing them into itself. This process made it grow larger over its lifespan, a period of over 95,000 years.[TMC, Ch. 1] The grass of the Mountain was filled with acid, and the sky above it was said to rain fire.[C24]


  • The living rock that made up the foundation of Mutran's Shadow Leech Hive was a variant of the living rock that became the Mountain.[OGDi]


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