Arena Match of Gresh vs. Skrall

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"There's an oasis. The people of Tesara say it belongs to them -- the Skrall say it's theirs. This fight decides who gets it."
Glatorian Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

Arena Match of Gresh vs. Skrall
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Comic Arena Match Gresh vs Skrall.png
Arena Match
Conflict Tesara and Roxtus claimed rights to the same oasis
Tribes Jungle Tribe
Rock Tribe
Combatants Gresh
A warrior-class Skrall
Location Arena Vulcanus
Winner Skrall

The Arena Match of Gresh vs. Skrall was a match between Glatorian of the Rock Tribe and the Jungle Tribe.


The Jungle Tribe attempted to claim rights to an oasis they discovered, as they desperately needed the water from it. The leader of the Rock Tribe, Tuma, also attempted to declare ownership of the oasis, resulting in a dispute between the villages. In order to settle the debate, the tribes agreed to have one of their fighters do battle in an arena. The village of Vulcanus offered to host the battle, in order to promote the upcoming tournament in Arena Magna. As they could not spare their primary warrior at the time, the Jungle Tribe dispatched Gresh, who journeyed through the Wastelands with several of his allies to the Fire village. The Rock Tribe sent one of its warrior-class Skrall to represent them, along with the Agori Atakus.

The match in progress


Upon arriving in Vulcanus, the warriors were greeted by the city's leader, Raanu, and immediately pit into battle. The Skrall went immediately on the offensive, leaping in the air, and striking at Gresh. The fighters exchanged several more blows, and the Skrall threw his shield from a distance, forcing Gresh to parry with his own. Gresh fired a Thornax from his launcher at the Skrall, though the Rock Tribe fighter countered it with his hand-held sword. The Skrall took advantage of his opponent's change in stance, and launched himself at Gresh, grappling with the Jungle Fighter. The Skrall delivered a powerful blow with his blade, breaking Gresh's shield and damaging his armor, rendering him unable to fight. The Skrall attempted to strike at Gresh again when Tarix intervened, preventing the Skrall from killing Gresh.

The Skrall breaking Gresh's shield


Since the Rock Tribe had won, they claimed the rights to use the oasis. Gresh also set a record for the longest time anybody lasted in the Arena with a Skrall, which was approximately three minutes. The Skrall departed for Roxtus, while Gresh stayed in Vulcanus to recover and repair his shield.


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