Shadow Plague

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"If these kraata were ever unleashed, a shadow plague would strike Mata Nui. All of the Matoran might become infected by Makuta's darkness."
— Narrator, The Official Guide to BIONICLE

Shadow Plague
Concurrent to Great War
Witnesses Teridax
Matoran of Mata Nui
Time During the Dark Time
Actions Shadow Kraata used to infect Matoran
Significance Minor

The Shadow Plague was a creation of Makuta Teridax during the Great War, meant to scare the Matoran and prevent them from returning to Metru Nui.


During the Great War, as part of his campaign to terrorize the Matoran of Mata Nui, Teridax vaporized the essence of Shadow Kraata and used that airborne essence as a virus to infect Matoran, producing a similar effect to Infected Kanohi. However, the effect was temporary and weak; although the infected Matoran managed to cause severe damage to various Koro that took years to repair, Teridax's limited supply of Shadow Kraata prevented the plan from being cost-effective. The Makuta eventually abandoned the plan to focus on more efficient ways to prevent the Matoran from returning to their city of origin, such as controlling Rahi through Infected Kanohi. The affliction eventually faded away from all infected Matoran.[1]

In the years following the plague, Turaga hunted down Makuta's Kraata and imprisoned them in a Po-Wahi cave.[2] It was feared that another Shadow Plague would occur if these Kraata ever escaped their containment.[3]