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"Words. You Toa are always so good with words, when it's actions that matter."
— Thok to Toa Inika Jaller, Power Play

Comic Thok.jpg
Element Ice (in conjunction with another Skakdi)
Powers Spellbinder vision
Object animation and control
Cold resistance
Tools Ice Gun (formerly)
Zamor Launcher (formerly)
Status Fused
Pronunciation THOCK
Set number 8905

Thok is one of the seven rogue Skakdi Dark Hunters who banded together under the name Piraka.


Early life

Thok was part of Makuta Spiriah's failed experiments 75,000 years ago on the Skakdi on the island of Zakaz in an attempt to create an army.

Later, Thok went to a Brotherhood of Makuta fortress as a thief, and found three Dark Hunters there on a mission. Thok used his Ice Gun to freeze the Hunters in an attempt to steal their weapons. He failed, however, and the Hunters captured him and brought him back to the Dark Hunter base on Odina to face the leader of the Dark Hunters, the Shadowed One.

Dark Hunters

Thok was presented to the Shadowed One in a chamber, along with five other Skakdi, Zaktan, Reidak, Avak, Vezok and Hakann. The Shadowed One eventually hired them into his organization.

Two thousand years later, Thok joined Zaktan, Reidak, Vezok, and Hakann in an attempt to overthrow the Shadowed One and take over the Dark Hunters. The five Dark Hunters gathered inside the Odina Fortress, but were forced to go in circles by the Shadowed One's ability to manipulate the castle corridors, and were then informed by Darkness that the Shadowed One knew of their rebellion. The rebels were soon herded into the Shadowed One's chamber. The leader of the Dark Hunters attempted to execute Zaktan as a punishment, but Zaktan was not killed by the attack, instead transformed into trillions of Protodites. The Shadowed One then let the Skakdi leave.

A thousand years later, the Shadowed One attempted to capture the city of Metru Nui, and sent Vezok, Reidak and Avak to unleash the Kanohi Dragon upon the city, and to create the need for the Dark Hunters' protection, in exchange for permission to construct a base in the city. Their efforts were frustrated by Toa Lhikan and his team. Thok was later sent to abduct Turaga Dume, ruler of Metru Nui. When Thok failed, the Shadowed One declared war on the Toa, initiating the Toa-Dark Hunter War. The war ended when Nidhiki betrayed the Toa, and the Dark Hunters were ambushed in the Canyon of Unending Whispers during their own attempt to ambush the Toa, as Lhikan had found out about Nidhiki's treachery. Lhikan allowed the Dark Hunters to leave unharmed in return for the Makoki Stone, along with the conditions that the Dark Hunters never return, and that they would take the traitor Nidhiki away with them.

Around 3,750 years later, Thok was assigned to guard a Brotherhood of Makuta fortress that had been turned into base for the Dark Hunters. When Zaktan abandoned his post at the southern wall with Reidak at the hint of Roodaka, Reidak convinced Thok into helping him with his job by threatening him. At Reidak's prompting, Thok glanced down from the wall and spotted a massive horde of Visorak and other Rahi heading toward the fort. After defending the fortress briefly, Thok and Reidak, and later Zaktan, abandoned the fortress, and were the only survivors of the raid.


Eventually, Thok and the other Skakdi abandoned the Dark Hunters, calling themselves "Piraka" after a Matoran obscenity meaning "thief and murderer". The six Piraka reached Mangaia, Teridax's lair, by boat in order to loot the place after the Makuta's supposed defeat. The Piraka found Teridax's crushed armor, but there was nothing inside the shattered Protosteel. Reidak discovered the Kanohi Kraahkan, Mask of Shadows, from the wreck and tried to take it, but it continuously blasted him with Shadow energy until the pain caused him to throw it into the Silver Sea. Later, Hakann found the Spear of Fusion and then accidentally fired its energies upon Vezok, in reverse. As a result, Vezok was split into two beings, one physically his original self and the other a silver-armored being. The newcomer was named Vezon by Thok, as "vezon" was the Matoran word for "double". The seven Piraka were then given knowledge of the Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life, and its location, planted by Teridax in his Antidermis form. They were then attacked by the lairs guardians, the Mana Ko, and Vezon disappeared during the ensuing battle. Thok tricked the Mana Ko into blasting an escape tunnel from the lair, and the Piraka emerged and found themselves on the island above. They found the island deserted and discovered six canisters and used them to sail to the island of Voya Nui to steal the Kanohi Ignika.

Thok emerged from his canister upon arriving at the Ring of Ice, and encountered the Matoran Garan. In accordance with their plan, Thok introduced himself as a Toa, gaining the villagers trust. The Piraka then started their search for the Kanohi Ignika. Believing the mask to be inside the volcano, Mount Valmai, the Piraka ordered the Matoran to dig holes on the side of the volcano to drain the lava, while at the same time commanding the villagers to build a stronghold at the center of the island. Thok made small alliances with the other Piraka, in order to secure a position of being able to get the mask when it was found.

In order to suppress any potential uprising and keep their work efficient, Thok and the other Piraka used Zamor spheres filled with Antidermis and attacked the entire Matoran population of Voya Nui after they gathered them at the Matoran settlement.

Thok and Reidak discover Vezon's Canister.

The Toa Nuva arrived at the island during the night, seeking the Ignika in order to save Mata Nui's life. Reidak and Hakann attacked the Toa Nuva, while at the same time Balta managed to steal a Zamor Sphere from Vezok. Thok and Vezok pursued, as ordered by Zaktan. The pair chased Balta into a cave, where Vezok trapped him inside with a boulder after a brief search, to suffocate the Matoran. The two then joined the other four Piraka in their battle with the Nuva, which the Piraka eventually won. The Nuva's masks and tools were taken by Zaktan, and then he ordered the other Piraka to throw the Nuva into the volcano. However, Mount Valmai erupted before they reached the top, and the Nuva were abandoned as the Piraka fled, allowing the Toa to escape.

Thok later was walking near the volcano with Reidak, who fell off the side of a cliff. While calculating how much he benefitted from this, Thok was suddenly struck from behind by Reidak, who had climbed back up.

Later, Thok and Avak were searching for the Kanohi in the lush Green Belt of the island, despite the drought that plagued Voya Nui. There, Thok managed to convince Avak that the thriving life there was due to the Kanohi Ignika's proximity, while Zaktan had kept the Piraka focused on the volcano to distract them. Thinking that Zaktan had betrayed them, Avak confronted Zaktan in the Piraka stronghold. He caged Zaktan in a resonance field, which effectively trapped the Piraka leader. Arriving soon afterwards, Thok tried to claim leadership over the Piraka, but Hakann arrived, with Brutaka as an ally. Thok and Avak then fought Brutaka, a struggle that was interrupted when Reidak entered the room and grabbed Hakann, throwing him toward Avak. Robbed of concentration as Hakann struck him, Avak lost the concentration needed to sustain Zaktan's prison. The Toa Nuva, along with the Resistance Team, arrived in the chamber with their masks and tools restored. The other Piraka refused to fight them off, hoping they would kill Zaktan for them but Zaktan desperately promised Brutaka the Antidermis in exchange for the defeat of the attackers, and he complied. The Toa Nuva were kept in Brutaka's custody while the Matoran Resistance fighters were interrogated by the Piraka. The prior struggle fractured the Piraka's sense of teamwork, and the alliances between them were loosely maintained.

While out on the island, Thok and four of the other Piraka got into a fight, which was halted by Zaktan. He believed Vezon had found the Ignika, and sent Thok and Reidak to find him. Thok then went with Reidak to find Vezon, locating his canister in a secluded region and tracing his footprints. Before they could track his footprints very far, they were assaulted by Axonn, who told them of Vezon's status as a guardian of the Ignika. Thok tried to talk his way out, but the armored titan expressed his contempt for the thieves. Brutaka, Axonn's former friend, arrived and defeated him, saving the Piraka.

The sudden appearance of six Spirit Stars alerted the Piraka to the arrival of the six Toa Inika. Thok, Reidak, and Avak were worrying about Brutaka as Zaktan's ally when they found Hakann sitting on the floor of the stronghold, after being defeated by Zaktan when he attempted to overthrow him. They initially ignored him, but Hakann persisted and told the three his plan to deprive Zaktan of his ally, Brutaka and to empower themselves. Thok and the other two listened and willingly assisted Hakann in making a Zamor containing some of Vezok's power.

Thok using his eyebeams

Shortly after the Piraka discovered Nuparu and Kongu within their stronghold, the other Toa Inika arrived, and a battle erupted between Toa and Piraka while the Resistance team searched the stronghold for the Toa Nuva. Thok fought Hahli, and offered her the chance of becoming a Piraka after witnessing her fighting style. After her vehement refusal, Thok used his powers to bring rock to life and trap Hahli. Matoro stopped his blast at her and the two began to fight. Brutaka was buried in rubble by Hewkii, and when he emerged, Hakann fired the Zamor containing a portion of Vezok's power at him, betraying the others in on the plan. Thok noticed the Zamor being shot, and after knocking Matoro down he leapt at Hakann, making contact with his armor. The Zamor stole Brutaka's powers and gave them to Hakann and Thok. Thok then used his enhanced powers to bring the stronghold to life, with hands sprouting from the walls to grab the Toa and Piraka. After Hakann defeated them with his mental blasts, the two forced Brutaka to tell them about the 777 Stairs, which would lead to the Chamber of Life, where the Ignika was located. Thok and Hakann headed for the secret location, but before they reached it, they attacked each other. Thok used his spellbinder vision to topple Hakann near the end, who ended up falling face down into the mud. In a desperate bid, Hakann used his Heat Vision to pierce through the ground. It struck a gas pocket and exploded, sending a great fireball into the air and revealing their position to the Toa and the other Piraka. The explosion also destroyed a false wall that concealed the entrance to the stairs.

Thok and Hakann's stolen powers being returned to Brutaka

Then the other Piraka, and soon the Inika, caught up with the pair and a battle erupted. At the conclusion of the battle, Hewkii fired the Zamor Sphere that Zaktan, Avak, Reidak, and Vezok made for them, at the point where Hakann and Thok's armor met, exactly when the two super-Piraka aimed their energies at the Toa and Piraka. Thok and Hakann were robbed of Brutaka's power when the Zamor struck them, while the Toa and Piraka were devastated by their blast.

The Piraka recovered first, and the six of them headed down the stairs. After turning right at a fork, for the left was blocked, they entered a chamber in which the trespasser's worst fears would come to life. To the Piraka, it was the legendary Irnakk, a feared myth of the Skakdi. When he attacked the Piraka, Thok tried to bring the tunnel walls to life to attack, but he was struck by one of Irnakk's Zamor and his power was reversed. As a result, his own armor came to life and squeezed the breath out of his lungs. Zaktan later realized that Irnakk existed because the Piraka feared him, and to defeat him, they would have to stop fearing Irnakk. Zaktan made Irnakk fear death by threatening to bring down the tunnel upon all of them, and Irnakk disappeared, allowing the Piraka to pass through.

Later, the Piraka reached another chamber where six cylinders erupted from the ground and trapped the six Skakdi. A voice said that if one raised the stone latch that was present inside the cylinders first, only he would be allowed to proceed and the others would be destroyed. If all six raised the latch together, all of them would be allowed to pass. Despite their initial agreement to raise the latches at the same time, Reidak raised his first, but instead of being the sole survivor the ground beneath all six gave way and they fell into a pool of mutagenic water in a vast cavern, where bars of fire blocked the way that they had came. Vezok dove into the water and found a way out, and the Piraka escaped by the underwater tunnel that led them to a vast plain of hardened magma.

The Piraka waited in the tower at the end of a bridge that spanned the lava, planning to ambush the Toa. When the Toa arrived, Nuparu managed to shake most of the Piraka from their posts with an earthquake. When Kongu used a cyclone in an attempt to scatter Zaktan, it also caused the bridge to collapse. With the Toa buried, Thok and his partners headed for the Chamber of Life. Inside, the Piraka found Vezon riding atop the giant spider Rahi Fenrakk. Upon Vezon's suggestion that he would give them the Ignika if they killed Vezok, the Piraka attempted to do away with their teammate, but they soon realized that the Kanohi Ignika was fused to the back Vezon's head, and he was unable to part with it. Using his Spear of Fusion, Vezon fused Vezok and Reidak together. The resulting fusion rampaged throughout the chamber, knocking out the rest of the Piraka. Vezon then separated the giant brute back into two, both unconscious.

Outside, the Toa Inika had recovered and entered the chamber, finding Vezon and his steed. After the Fenrakk was transformed into the Kardas Dragon, they managed to defeat both with the Zamor that Axonn gave them, freezing them in the air. After Matoro retrieved the Ignika, Thok and the others recovered and prepared to take the mask from them. The defeated Kardas unleashed an energy blast at Matoro, causing him to drop the mask, which flew away from both Inika and Piraka. The Inika pursued the Kanohi Ignika until it plunged into the ocean that surrounded Voya Nui, into the depths of the Pit. The Piraka followed, planning to ambush the Inika after the Toa lost the mask at shore. However, Axonn was heading toward them, along with the six Matoran Resistance fighters, the freed Toa Nuva, and Botar with Brutaka slung over his shoulders. Seeing the combined forces, the Piraka decided not to attack.


Thok and the other Piraka were mutated as a result of exposure to the Pit Mutagen that the sea water contained, turning into sea snakes with only their heads and spines. They entered the Cord that connected Voya Nui to Mahri Nui, where they killed the Zyglak that lived there. When the Toa Mahri took the Matoran of Mahri Nui up the Cord, the Piraka attacked them. However they were then defeated by Axonn, and taken for interrogation by the Order of Mata Nui. Thok and the other Piraka were kept in a water tank on Daxia, the Order's base, next to Roodaka and Karzahni until Daxia was leveled by Teridax. Thok and the others were taken by Skakdi, and put in an Energized Protodermis pool with a Zyglak, a Vortixx, and a slave from Stelt to make a new being.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate timeline, Thok was among the survivors of Mata Nui's death and the Matoran Universe's destruction. After ten thousand years of relative peace, a Panrahk managed to get past the light barriers and was discovered by several Fe-Matoran as they were feeding Avak and Thok.

Abilities and Traits

A closeup of Thok

Thok was an extremely solitary being, the presence of others irritating him, and would abandon others if forced to work with them. He was also clever and manipulative, making alliances with all of the other Piraka in order to ensure that he ended up with the mask. When the Piraka searched for the Ignika, Thok was aware of the fact the Piraka distrusted each other, and planned to use it to his advantage.

Thok's spellbinder vision power disoriented opponents, mostly to make them lose their balance. Thok also possessed the power to make inanimate objects come to life to serve him, be it walls, rocks or plants. He was immune to extreme cold but weakened when exposed to extreme heat. Thok could also use the Elemental Power of Ice in conjunction with another Skakdi.


Thok carried a dual-use Ice Gun as a weapon. On one end was the ice gun which could fire ice blasts, and on the other end was an ice peg. The tool enabled him to use his Ice powers without being forced to team with other Skakdi. Thok also carried a Zamor Launcher that Avak made for the Piraka. However, Thok lost his weapons after his mutation.

Set Information

Thok as a set
Thok as a minifigure

8905 Thok was released in early 2006 as one of the six Piraka canister sets. He came with forty-two pieces, including four Zamor Spheres. His action features were the same as those found in all the Piraka canister sets. Thok's parts could be combined with Vezok's to build a non-canon alternate model. Thok's instruction manual contained half of the building instructions for this model, while Vezok's contained the other half.

Thok was also included in the Irnakk Wal*Mart exclusive set. His pieces can be combined with Vezok and Reidak (also included in the set) to create the Irnakk model. This set includes a golden Piraka spine exclusive to this set.

A Thok minifigure was released in the Piraka Stronghold, Piraka Outpost, and Race for the Mask of Life playsets of 2006.

In a Nestle promotion in 2006, Thok was released as a small promotional set under the name 6995 White Piraka - Thok. It consisted of 3 pieces which, unlike most other promotional items, were compatible with LEGO pieces. The promotional set featured a body, the 'hands', and the ammo for launching.


"How did you know we needed help?"
"I'm a Toa, aren't I? Knowing things is part of my job, along with imposing my idea of peace and order on others and unleashing elemental powers on anyone who disagrees with me. More knowing things, though.
Garan and Thok (while posing as a Toa), Island of Doom

"Reidak, there is this new pastime called "thinking" - you really should try it."
— Thok, Vengeance of Axonn

"Struggle all you wish, Toa... I like prey that fights back!"
— Thok to Toa Inika Hahli, Showdown

"That's where you belong, groveling in the dirt. Who knows? Maybe a few more blasts and the effect will be permanent."
— Thok to Hakann, Power Play

"What's next? — The walls close in? Swarms of fireflyers attack? The Shadowed One sings?"
— Thok, Inferno


  • Thok's promotional nickname is "The Drifter".


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