Rahkshi Kaita

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"Do not assume you can take the measure of an enemy based on its appearance."
Turaga Vakama, Secrets and Shadows

Rahkshi Kaita
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Formed by Any three Rahkshi of different types
Powers Vary
Tools Vary
Pronunciation RAHK-shee KIGH-ee-TAH

Rahkshi Kaita are constructs created by the fusion of three Rahkshi into one. Three Kraata can inhabit the Kaita, but only one can control it. Rahkshi Kaita can be made from any three out of the forty-two types of Rahkshi, creating thousands of potential types of Rahkshi Kaita. Two were seen on the island of Mata Nui, the Rahkshi Kaita Za and Rahkshi Kaita Vo. These two were formed by the six Rahkshi Makuta Teridax unleashed.


Toa Nuva Lewa's energy being absorbed by the Rahkshi Kaita Vo

The Rahkshi Kaita were formed in Le-Wahi, where they downed all the trees that they encountered while they were in the region. The Toa Nuva, searching for the Rahkshi, found a Shadow Kraata and two Matoran with their masks infected. The Matoran were defeated by the Toa Nuva, and later the Toa Nuva continued along the destroyed path when the Rahkshi Kaita waited to ambush them. At the end of the path, the Rahkshi Kaita Za used its power to render Kopaka cowardly with its fear power, and afflicted Tahu with its anger power. Lewa sensed the strange emotions in the other Toa and identified the Rahkshi Kaita as the cause.

Tahu prepared to attack the creatures when the Rahkshi Kaita Za become a cyclone and struck him and Kopaka. Then the Rahkshi Kaita Vo used its hunger power against Lewa, bringing the Toa of Air to his knees. Kopaka intervened, reflecting the hunger power beam at the two Rahkshi Kaita with an ice wall. As the Toa Nuva retreated, Tahu used his fire powers to collapse a rocky peak on top of the Rahkshi Kaita, what let Tahu to regroup with the other Toa Nuva. The Rahkshi Kaita separated into the six component Rahkshi, and they continued their search for the Avohkii.

Set Information

The Rahkshi Kaita Za can be built out of the canisters sets Turahk, Lerahk, and Kurahk, and the Rahkshi Kaita Vo can be built of the other three Rahkshi, Vorahk, Panrahk and Guurahk. The instructions of each Kaita were distributed on each one of the Rahkshi that were part from. The instructions of each one could be also found on BIONICLE.com. As with the individual Rahkshi, a compartment on its back holds the Kraata.