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"A howling gale swept through the cavern, sweeping the sisters into a maelstrom. Soon a driving rain hammered down on the queens. Seconds later the rain froze to deadly hail. A shower of stones pounded the enemy from every side. Waves of earth rose up from every side. Blasts of fire heated up the stone and earth into steaming lava."
— Narrator, Beware the Bohrok

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Elemental Powers, otherwise referred to as the Elements are special powers known to be wielded by several species in the BIONICLE mythos. These beings have the ability to create, absorb, and otherwise manipulate certain aspects of their surroundings. The core elements are typically only able to be used by Toa heroes, however, exceptions exist.


The Great Beings, enigmatic creators located on the planet of Spherus Magna, granted several members of the warrior class the ability to manipulate the elements. These beings, known as the Element Lords, eventually gained control of tribes on the planet.

While creating the Matoran Universe, the Great Beings chose to give its primary inhabitants, the Matoran, innate connections to a certain element. They also granted the Toa, an advanced stage of the Matoran life cycle, the inherent ability to mentally manipulate these same elements. The final form of the Matoran, called a Turaga, was also made able to control their element, though to a lesser degree. Several other species in the universe were also given elemental powers, such as the Makuta. The Skakdi race, originally unable to use elemental abilities, gained them after their essence was altered by Makuta Spiriah.

On Bara Magna, five Glatorian were altered by Mata Nui and granted control over an element.

The Zyglak and Marendar have a resistance to elemental powers.

Traits and Characteristics

Gali generating Water

An Elemental Power is a force of nature, both inside and outside of the Matoran Universe. Wielders of elemental abilities have the ability to alter their surroundings in various ways, such as:

  • Creating more of an element
  • Manipulating existing amounts of the element
  • Absorbing the element for a boost of energy

Most beings with the ability to wield elements cannot use it limitlessly; after using large amounts of it, they must wait until their body naturally recharges it, or they absorb some. A being's proficiency in the usage of an Elemental Power will allow them to perform more complex tasks with that power. While they are able to channel their powers without a tool,[1] many beings use tools and weapons to gain finer control over their element.[2][3] Any physical object is able to serve this function.[4][5]

Certain species have unique ways to use their elemental powers. Toa have the power to perform a Nova Blast, a destructive ability where a Toa releases all of his or her elemental power at once, whilst other species do not have this ability.

Beings from the Matoran Universe, such as Toa, can control both the elements and their Protodermis variants - however, they can only create the Protodermic equivalent. For example, a Toa of Water can control and absorb both water and liquid Protodermis, but she can only create the latter. Glatorian with elemental powers are the opposite, and can only create the natural forms of their elements. The Element Lords cannot control Protodermis, but it may be possible for them to learn to do so.[6][7] This does not apply to all elements; fire and air are exceptions, as they are the same inside and outside the Matoran Universe.[8][9]

Known Elements

Spherus Magna

On Spherus Magna, seven known Element Lords were affiliated with the Elements of their respective tribes.

Matoran Universe

Primary Elements

The Toa Mata using their Elemental Powers on the Bahrag

These are the most commonly seen Elements in the Matoran Universe. Species that wield these Elements include Matoran, Skakdi and Bohrok.

Secondary Elements

These elements are not as common as the six prime Elements, but are still utilized by multiple species, including Matoran, Makuta, and the Bohrok-Kal. Skakdi can also use the secondary elements with the exception of Light and Shadow.[10][11]

Combining Elements

Gali and Lewa creating a storm

Certain elements, when used in conjunction with others, create unique attacks or a new substance altogether.

Matoran Universe

  • Fire and Air - Can be used to create a tornado of fire, and makes glass if sand is present[12]
  • Fire and Stone - Creates lava[13][14][note 1]
  • Fire and Water - Can be used to make steam[19]
  • Fire and Ice - Able to create an instant seal by quickly melting and solidifying rock.[20][21]
  • Air and Water - Can be used to create a thunderstorm[22][23][24][25]
    • Gali and Lewa also attempted to dispel a storm on Artakha, but were unsuccessful.[26]
  • Earth and Water - Can be used to make mud[27]

Toa Abilities

The following combined attack can only be performed by Toa.

  • Any six Elements - Creates a Toa Seal of solid Protodermis
    • Light and Shadow cannot be combined to help create a seal, as their powers cancel each other out, however they can be used individually with five other elements to form a seal[28]

Skakdi Abilities

Skakdi can only use their elemental powers individually if they have a weapon that can channel it, such as Thok's Ice Gun. In any other situation, they must work in tandem. Skakdi also do not have control over Light, Shadow, Sand, or Acid.[29][10][11] The following combined attack has only been seen performed by Skakdi:

  • Fire and Stone - Create a creature composed of both; demonstrated by Avak and Hakann in an attempt to further convince the Voya Nui Matoran that they were Toa. This is the only known use of the ability.[13]


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