Arena Match of Malum vs. Vastus

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"Fall, Vastus! Today belongs to Malum!"
Glatorian Malum, The Exile's Tale

Arena Match of Malum vs. Vastus
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Arena Match
Conflict Dispute over resources
Tribes Fire Tribe
Jungle Tribe
Combatants Malum
Location Arena Vulcanus
Winner Malum

The Arena Match of Malum vs. Vastus was a fight between Glatorian of the Fire Tribe and Jungle Tribe.


The village of Vulcanus and the village of Tesara were drawn into an argument over resources, and each sent a Glatorian to do battle in order to decide the outcome. The match was held in the village of Vulcanus. In attendance were Raanu, leader of Vulcanus, and Tarduk, an Agori of Tesara.


Malum leaping at Vastus

After the fight was initiated, Malum launched himself at Vastus, striking with his sword. Vastus parried the blow and quickly charged towards Malum, closing the gap and surprising the Fire warrior. Using his weapon, he flipped Malum, who landed in the sand. Malum heard jeering from the ground, and was enraged; upon hearing Vastus' proclamation that his brute strength could not win everything, Malum angrily launched himself at the Jungle fighter. Discarding his own sword, he knocked Vastus' weapon out of his hands after tackling him. Malum beat Vastus into a state of submission with his claws, but continued attacking, trying to force Vastus to verbally concede the fight. Strakk interrupted this attack, preventing Malum from attacking further.


Aftermath of the match

Malum threatened Strakk, but eventually left the arena, having won the match. Tesara did not end up filing a complaint against Vulcanus, though Malum was warned of his brutal behavior a number of times.

Several months later, Malum would fight Strakk in the arena, claiming payback for Strakk's interference.



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