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"It's only overconfidence if you can't back it up. And you know I can."
Glatorian Kiina, A Hero Reborn

Tribe Water
Powers Water
Tools Vapor Trident
Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Kee-nuh[1]
Set number 8987

Kiina is the former Second Glatorian of the Water Tribe on Bara Magna, and current deputy leader of the united village defense force.


Early life


Prior to the Core War, Kiina lived near the River Dormus. She fought for the Water Tribe on Spherus Magna during the Core War, serving under the Element Lord of Water. When the Shattering took place, Kiina was in the desert with a patrol led by Tarix. They were left trapped in open desert, and many died before the group reached the village of Tajun. Despite wanting to return to the river, she decided to stay in order to help and protect the Agori.[2][3]

Glatorian career

Kiina became the Second Glatorian for the village of Tajun, fighting the lesser matches for them. She found a special cave near Tajun, and claimed it as her place of solitude.[4]

The Agori Metus, seeking to train Kiina, hired Strakk to engage in a practice match with her. Kiina attacked Strakk with an unexpected ferocity, and defeated the Ice Tribe warrior.[5]

The Crossing

When a caravan containing Exsidian won by Vulcanus failed to arrive in the village, Kiina was enlisted by her good friend Ackar to help search for the convoy. The two discovered the group at the base of the Dark Falls, arriving in time to see Strakk pulling Gresh out of the water. Kiina and Ackar helped Gresh recover from a head wound, and were informed that Strakk had demanded payment before saving Gresh's life. Kiina was angry at the Ice Glatorian, but chose not to confront him about it. When Ackar spoke about the lost Exsidian, and the difficulty in recovering it, Kiina realized that there was someone who could help them, and they developed a plan to trick the Skrall. Using Strakk as bait, they acquired the help of a Skrall platoon, but ambushed them after the Skrall had fished the Exsidian out of the river, engaging in combat quickly. Kiina gave Strakk her Vapor Trident during the battle, as he required a weapon. While running away, they ran into Malum and a number of his Vorox, whom due to Ackar's stratagems, they managed to evade, along with the Skrall.

The group then continued their journey to Vulcanus, which was interrupted by the discovery of a band of dying Bone Hunters, one of whom Kiina interrogated, learning of a Skopio attack. Kiina and the others were soon drawn into a battle with Telluris and his Skopio XV-1, and managed to capture him by climbing into the cockpit of the Skopio vehicle, and offered him a chance to escape. Though he agreed to this option, she threw him over the side of the vehicle anyway, as she believed he would betray them. The convoy then continued on and reached Vulcanus.

During the trip, the rookie Glatorian Gresh befriended Kiina, who in turn offered to coach him at its end, which he accepted. They later grew to be good friends, though Kiina kept trying to convince the Glatorian to be less serious.[6]

War with the Skrall

Kiina later traveled to the Arena Magna in order to participate in the Great Tournament.[7] During the first match, the arena was assaulted by an army of Skrall. Kiina and the other Glatorian attempted to repel the Skrall, but they were eventually forced to abandon the arena and return to their villages.[8]

Raid on Vulcanus

During a search for a herd of wild Rock Steeds, Kiina and Tarix discovered the bodies of two Fire Tribe Glatorian trainees. Kiina volunteered to go to Vulcanus and inform Raanu of his deceased warriors.

After arriving in Vulcanus, Kiina admonished Raanu for being careless with the lives of his warriors. Raanu explained the impending Bone Hunter attack to her, and Ackar attempted to persuade the Water Tribe fighter to assist them in defending the village. Kiina grudgingly agreed and helped by training the Agori in the use of Thornax Launchers.

In the evening, while waiting for the Bone Hunters to strike, Strakk arrived bearing news of the Hunters' movement plans. Gelu, also part of the defense team, made snide comments about Strakk's tracking skills, calling it excuses for cowardice. Strakk attempted to attack Gelu, but Kiina intervened, forcing Strakk to back off.

Though the Bone Hunters attacked the next day, they were driven off by the early traps laid out by the villagers. Kiina and the other Glatorian offered to stay in the village, believing the Bone Hunters to still be a threat. Raanu dismissed them, insisting that Vulcanus would survive. Kiina and the others left and traveled to Tesara, where they convinced Vastus to join them. They returned to Vulcanus as it was being raided by Bone Hunters, and Kiina saved Ackar's life by countering one of Fero's blows. The combined forces of the Glatorian eventually drove the Bone Hunters out, saving the village.[9]

Kiina met with Ackar soon after and fought with the Fire Tribe Glatorian in a mock battle. They witnessed the Kanohi Ignika enter the atmosphere, but dismissed it as a falling star.[10]

Arrival of Mata Nui

Kiina traveled to Vulcanus for a match,[3] where she overheard Ackar talking to a newcomer, Mata Nui, who mentioned that he came from a different world. This proved Kiina's suspicion that Bara Magna was not the only planet in the universe, and she emerged from hiding, pressuring Mata Nui to agree to take her to his world when he returned to it. In turn, Kiina took Mata Nui and Ackar in her Thornatus through Sandray Canyon to reach Tajun. A Skopio emerged from the sand in the canyon, and Bone Hunters attacked from the rear. Mata Nui took on the Skopio, while Kiina and Ackar fought the Bone Hunters. They were eventually able to make it back to the vehicle, and began driving out of the canyon as Mata Nui triggered a rockslide upon their opponents.

They later arrived at the village of Tajun, only to see it in ruins, to Kiina's despair and shock. Gresh, who had defended the village, told them that the Bone Hunters made an alliance with the Skrall and destroyed the village. Knowing the location of a secret lab constructed by the Great Beings, Kiina led them into the underground room. They encountered the Agori Berix, and though she protested, he was allowed to tend to Gresh. After Gresh recovered, the Glatorian asked Mata Nui to help fix their weapons. Mata Nui touched the weapons to his mask, creating new, enhanced tools for them to use, and bestowing them with Elemental Powers.

Kiina driving a Thornatus

During the trip to Tesara, Kiina jumped off of the Thornatus to practice utilizing her water powers. The three Glatorian all engaged in a small skirmish with their new abilities, and Ackar used the pause in their travels to coach Mata Nui in fighting techniques. The group later arrived in Tesara, where Berix attempted to scavenge a weapon he found lying on the ground, though Kiina scolded him for trying to do so. Journeying to the arena, they interrupted a match between Tarix and Vastus, and called for a uniting of the villages. Later in the night, Kiina spotted Berix sneaking out. Thinking that he was leaving to pass information to the Skrall, she followed him into the Hot Springs and caught up with him. The two were then confronted by Metus, the real traitor, who had them captured and taken to Roxtus by the Bone Hunters. During their imprisonment, Kiina and Berix talked and resolved their differences. Mata Nui later arrived and challenged Tuma to a battle for their freedom. Eventually defeating Tuma, Mata Nui freed Berix and Kiina from their confinement in a suspended cell. Kiina told Berix to keep close to her during the battle that was being fought outside, and she then went to confront the army of Skrall and Bone Hunters. With Mata Nui's assistance, they eventually defeated the army. In the aftermath of the fight, Kiina noticed that Berix was missing, and panicked, concerned for the Agori. Berix emerged from some rubble, and Kiina was relieved that he had not been hurt.

As the Agori pulled the village pieces together, Kiina visited Mata Nui atop a cliff with the others. Kiina reminded Mata Nui of his promise to take her with him, and Mata Nui assured her that he would keep their bargain. After the villages united, she joined the defense force under the leadership of Ackar.[4]

To free a trapped Thornatus in the Sandray Canyon, Kiina and Vastus combined their elemental powers, releasing it from the boulders. Kiina noticed Click on a ledge, and warned that he could have caused a rockslide, unaware that he had just saved them from a vengeful Metus.[11]

She accompanied Mata Nui, along with Ackar, Gresh, and Berix, in his attempt to reach the Valley of the Maze. An encounter with a band of Skrall led to a battle, and Berix was injured. Mata Nui insisted that the others return to the city, to prevent further harm from coming to them. They returned to the village, and were confronted by Sahmad soon after. Kiina and Ackar defeated Sahmad and threatened him in order to ensure that he did not attempt to steal any more Agori.[12] Kiina expressed her concerns over Mata Nui's long absence to Ackar, and the two agreed to search for their friend; however, Mata Nui soon returned.[13]

Battle of Bara Magna

Mata Nui received Raanu's permission to use the village robot to fight Teridax, whom he knew would soon arrive. The Glatorian and the Agori evacuated their new home, with Kiina remaining behind to help ensure they all had left. Standing with Mata Nui, she first expressed her doubts about his plan then expressed her worry that Mata Nui would not be the same once he returned to being a giant robot. He assured her that he had been changed by his journey on Bara Magna and would remain their friend, and gave Click to Kiina for safekeeping, thanking her for the friendship she and the others had shown him.

Kiina saw the flash caused when Mata Nui powered up the robot and became worried, though the others restrained her. She witnessed the robot being animated and, with the other Glatorian, spoke to Mata Nui who allayed their fears and sent them to take cover.

When Teridax arrived on Bara Magna, his landing caused a massive earthquake that spread across the planet and shook the mountains the Agori and Glatorian had been using for protection. Kiina stopped Gresh from confronting this threat, knowing they would probably just endanger themselves and distract their friend. As they agreed to quietly observe the ongoing conflict, Teridax used his gravitational energies to lift the mountain from the ground, exposing the inhabitants underneath. They were saved by Mata Nui after he struck the mountain with a laser, turning it to dust before continuing his fight with the Makuta. As the Agori began to journey east under Ackar's request, Kiina revealed that Gresh had a plan help Mata Nui.

As Mata Nui continued to fight against Teridax, Kiina joined her fellow Glatorian in attacking the new unwelcomed robot as a distraction. However, Teridax released an energy blast on them and unleashed a swarm of Rahkshi of Heat Vision to combat them.

Kiina cradling the Ignika

With the help of Tahu and the Golden Armor, Mata Nui was able to defeat Teridax, and kill him, completing his task of uniting Bara Magna with its moons. The robot body he was in collapsed after revitalizing the reformed Spherus Magna.

Ackar and Kiina rode their Sand Stalkers to the site, and Kiina immediately mourned Mata Nui, clutching the Ignika that had emerged from the dust. Mata Nui spoke to them through the Ignika, and wished them peace in building a new life, not wanting to interfere. Kiina cradled the Ignika, worried that Mata Nui had disappeared. Tahu reassured her that he had not, and invited the others to establish a new life.[13]

Spherus Magna

Kiina began to help Ackar and Tahu integrate the cultures of the Matoran and the Agori.[14]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Kiina was urging Toa Jaller to hurry up with repairing a metallic shelter. Vezon, who had earlier arrived in the universe via the power of a Kanohi Olmak fused to his face, almost mistook her for a Toa of Water.[15]

Abilities and Traits

Kiina in Tajun

Kiina is very aggressive and pushy, traits that are disliked by many Agori and Glatorian. However, they make her an excellent fighter, and she is respected for her skill. She is also known for her fierce protection of her comrades, and despises tribes that fail to properly respect Glatorian.[9] Kiina had an incessant desire to leave Bara Magna for some other world, and believed that such worlds existed. She spoke of this wish frequently, and her beliefs led others to think she had gone mad.

With the assistance of Mata Nui, Kiina was granted access to the Element of Water.[4]


Kiina wields a dual-sided Vapor Trident as her main weapon. She also carries a Thornax Launcher. Stats


Set Information

Kiina in set form

8987 Kiina was released as one of the six "Glatorian Legends" canister sets in the latter half of 2009. The set contains 43 pieces, including a Thornax Launcher, Thornax, and life counter for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.


"Wow, what do you think it is? A flying ship - something I could use to get off this sand pile?"
"More likely a dead star plunging to a last resting place in the desert..."
"Yeah, I guess that's what Bara Magna is good for -- a place to die."
— Kiina and Ackar, A Hero Reborn

"Finally, someone to convince the Agori there's a better place than this miserable wasteland."
— Kiina, The Legend Reborn

"Ackar knew there were some things on Bara Magna that one couldn't argue with: an enraged Skopio, a hungry swarm of scarabax beetles, and Kiina once she had her mind made up."
— Narrator, Journey's End

"It all looked, sounded, and felt real, but I knew it wasn't. If I hadn't been sure before, Kiina's appearance had quenched it. I don't care how much time had passed. She would never appear at my bedside except to stab me."
— Sahmad, Sahmad's Tale


  • The name "Kiina" was loosely inspired by Jackina Farshtey, Greg Farshtey's ex-wife.[16]
  • Kiina was voiced by Marla Sokoloff in The Legend Reborn.
  • In an illusion given to Sahmad, Kiina would come to live with Toa and Matoran in the city of New Atero on Bota Magna, and had injured an arm. She talked to Sahmad after he woke from his 750 year slumber, introducing him to New Atero.[17]
  • Kiina is Greg Farshtey's favorite Glatorian.[18][19]
  • Kiina would be in her mid-30s in human years.[20]
  • Kiina was the most successful female Glatorian on Bara Magna.[21]


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