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"It was a no-win situation, and was completely reliant on Varian to succeed, which is how she liked it. There was no arguing with her once she had put her foot down (which she often did, in the most literal fashion)."
— Narrator, No One Gets Left Behind


Kanohi Calix[1]
Status Transformed into a Toa
Pronunciation VAIR-eee-N

Toa of Psionics
Affiliation Varian and Norik's Team
Kanohi Calix
Tools Blades
Rhotuka Launching Shield
Status In stasis
Location Spherus Magna[2]
Pronunciation VAIR-eee-N[3]

Varian is a Toa of Psionics. She was captured by the Shadowed One and placed in suspended animation on Odina, where she was kept as a display piece.


Varian was transformed from a Ce-Matoran into a Toa of Psionics[4] and joined a Toa team.

Varian's team was once sent to deal with a Protocairns invasion, joining with another team in order to deal with the beasts. After working together to defeat the creatures and the Parakrekks swarm that followed them, the two teams decided to permanently band together. Varian grew close with a member from the other team, Norik. Despite the team losing members over the years, they stayed together, and sent small groups out on assignments. Norik and Varian would often team up on these missions. Varian was initially assigned to stealth missions, which put her Psionics powers to good use, but she grew bored with these missions and convinced the leader of their team to let her participate in more dangerous assignments. The combat proved to be too much for her, however, and the fighting pushed her to her limits. She resolved to tell Norik about it, but was never able to do so.

Over 7,000 years ago, Norik and Varian were approached by a group of Matoran requesting help investigating the disappearance of three local Toa. The two were instructed to wait on the shore, in case there was an ambush waiting. They waited on the shore for several days, and were eventually approached by a Toa of Sonics calling himself "Grey." He claimed to be the last remaining Toa from the missing team, who led them to his village. Varian mentally scanned the surroundings and discovered two Dark Hunters preparing to blow up the building. She shouted a warning and managed to throw Norik out of the building with the help of her mask power. However, she was too late to reach "Grey," and the building was struck with the Dark Hunters' weapon. Varian recovered from the blast and was attacked by the Dark Hunters, Lurker and Gatherer. "Grey" attacked the Dark Hunters, who turned their attention to him. As they were about to kill him, Varian prepared a mental attack, but before she could unleash it, she was struck with Gatherer's mind scrambling Rhotuka, which sent her into a deep state of unconsciousness.

Varian awoke several hours later with Norik watching over her. She told him of the attack and urged him to go after the Dark Hunters in case "Grey" was still alive. The two Toa then set off to rescue their kidnapped ally.

Varian and Norik caught up to the Dark Hunters at the shore. While Norik occupied the two Dark Hunters with an aggressive assault, Varian used her mental abilities to disguise her presence and snuck aboard their ship. She dropped her disguise to scan for "Grey" and was discovered by Lurker, whom she fought. Lurker eventually threw her overboard and set out with Gatherer. Refusing to be dissuaded, Varian and Norik set off in their own boat and chased the Dark Hunters. Varian used a Mask of Elemental Energy given to her by Norik to telekinetically stop the Dark Hunters' ship. Using her Calix, she leapt onto their boat and used her Rhotuka power to put Lurker to sleep. However, Gatherer gained the upper hand in the fight, giving Lurker time to recover and knock Varian unconscious.

Varian awoke on Odina and was brought by Ancient to the chamber of the Shadowed One. Norik and "Grey" were brought in, unconscious, and the Shadowed One gave Varian the opportunity to choose one who would be set free. Varian initially refused to make a choice, but when the Shadowed One threatened to kill one of them himself, she chose Norik and imparted upon him blissful dreams as a farewell gift. Once Norik had been taken away, the Shadowed One divulged to Varian that she was intended to be his trophy, and to remain in his chamber in a Stasis Tube. Varian asked about the fate of "Grey," whom the Shadowed One revealed to be his shapeshifting operative Triglax.[5] She was subsequently placed in stasis and kept in the Shadowed One's chamber as a trophy.[6]

Varian's stasis tube survived the Great Cataclysm, the Rahkshi raid on Odina, and the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot. Salvage crews assigned to dissect the broken robot are nearing her position.[7]

Abilities and Traits

Varian is eccentric and quirky. She uses her powers to amuse herself, such as giving Norik nightmares during his sleep. She is extremely adamant, refusing to back down if it means compromising her desires. Free-spirited, she enjoys action-oriented tasks, though is less battle-hardy than she would like to admit. Varian also possesses perfect auditory retention, which allows her to recall everything she has ever heard.

As a Toa of Psionics, Varian has the ability to create mental energy, as well as a variety of abilities including masking her presence and telekinesis. She can also create illusions, which she enjoys doing to sleeping individuals. Her Rhotuka power is Sleep, allowing her to render targets into a state of slumber.[5]

Mask and Tools

Varian wears an azure-colored Kanohi Calix, the Mask of Fate, which allows her to perform nearly impossible physical feats.

She bears two elbow-mounted blades and carries a Rhotuka Launching Shield.[5]


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