Raid on Vulcanus

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"I think the Bone Hunters are about to make a very big mistake, and we're going to help them make it."
Glatorian Gresh, Raid on Vulcanus

Raid on Vulcanus
Conflict The Bone Hunters wished to raid the village of Vulcanus
Combatants Fire Tribe Agori, Metus, several Glatorian
Fero and other Bone Hunters
Location Vulcanus
Result Bone Hunters driven off, damage done to Vulcanus

The Raid on Vulcanus was an attack staged by the Bone Hunters on the Bara Magna village of Vulcanus, which was met with resistance from several Glatorian from surrounding villages and Agori in Vulcanus.


Fire Tribe

  • Defend Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters.

Bone Hunters

  • Destroy Vulcanus and kill its inhabitants.


Discovery of the Attack

Retired Glatorian Gelu was helping to escort an Iconox trade caravan when he noticed the presence of the Bone Hunter Fero and his steed, Skirmix. As a result, Gelu urged the trade caravan to travel further to safety while he confronted the Bone Hunter.

The Glatorian escort proceeded to fight with the lone Bone Hunter, but was soon overpowered. However, through several quick maneuvers, he was able to regain the upper hand and disarm the Bone Hunter. He approached the downed Hunter, to find a map of the village of Vulcanus lying next to him. Gelu tried to question Fero about it, but the Bone Hunter refused to speak even when threatened. In the end, Gelu decided that he could not gain any useful information, and thus left with the map.

Preparations and the Raid

Later, Gelu arrived at an inn in Vulcanus, where he met with Raanu. The Fire Tribe leader realized that the map contained all of their newest security measures and that it signaled either a Bone Hunter or Skrall attack, and began to despair at the fact that they were going to be attacked and would be overpowered. The Agori leader began to plan an evacuation and re-establishment of the village elsewhere on Bara Magna, when Gelu suggested that they could recruit the help of other Glatorian from surrounding villages to assist and defend Vulcanus from the attacks. Raanu agreed with the idea, and placed Ackar in charge of the team. He then dispatched two rookie Glatorian of the Fire Tribe to contact the Water Tribe, while Gresh returned to Tesara to persuade Vastus, Ackar and Gelu proceeded elsewhere to recruit the help of a "friend".

Eventually, they were able to recruit the help of Kiina, who, after seeing the bodies of the two rookies who were slain by Bone Hunters during their trip to Tajun, departed for Vulcanus along with Strakk and several apprentices from Tesara. Ackar and Gelu were also able to persuade Malum to lead his group of Vorox to attack the Bone Hunters' camp. Gresh also relayed the news he had received from an Agori, which was that the Bone Hunters intended to attack Vulcanus through Iron Canyon, with the intention of surprising the villagers due to the treacherous nature of the passage.

The Glatorian then began to assist in the preparations against the attack, training Agori in fighting strategies such as firing Thornax and preparing obstacles. Meanwhile, Strakk disappeared, and returned with the revelation that the Bone Hunters intended not to merely raid Vulcanus, but to annihilate it.

The next day, the Bone Hunters, led by Fero, began their passage through Iron Canyon. One of the Agori on watch noticed their entry and began to alert the remaining of the tribe by passing on fake Sand Bat cries. Fero, noticing the repeated cries, began to be suspicious and cautious. He told the three dozen Bone Hunters following him to attack anything that moved, and they soon noticed the Agori patrol, who set off a prepared obstacle, sending rocks rolling down the walls of the canyon and sealing the space through which the Bone Hunters had entered.

The Bone Hunters continued to file through, but were met with more resistance and attacks from the Fire Tribe.

Retreat and the Second Attack

Eventually, after the Bone Hunters received many casualties, Fero ordered the remaining Bone Hunters to turn around and retreat, destroying the barricade to the entrance by firing Thornax at it. Upon seeing this, Gresh became doubtful of the Bone Hunters' intentions, and went off to follow them to see whether they had truly retreated.

When Gresh returned and informed the group that the Bone Hunters were indeed retreating, Raanu was relieved, and told the foreign Glatorian that their service was no longer necessary and advised them to depart. The Glatorian, insulted at his remarks, left the village quickly, leaving behind Strakk, who was talking to Raanu about fees.

Later that night, Fero, after making sure Gresh had stopped following them, ordered his fellow Bone Hunters to return and attack Vulcanus once more. This time, the Bone Hunters attacked from the direction of the Sea of Liquid Sand, rendering Kyry, who had been out on patrol, unconscious in the process to prevent an alarm being sent. They then commenced an attack on the village, causing widespread destruction and wounding many. Ackar attempted to fight against Fero, but was quickly overpowered. As Fero prepared to kill the veteran Glatorian, his sword was suddenly destroyed. The two then realized that Kiina, Gresh, Gelu and Strakk had returned, along with two other veteran Glatorian, Tarix and Vastus. Together, the Glatorian fought against the Bone Hunters, eventually defeating the attackers and saving Vulcanus.


After the attack, Raanu rushed to thank the assembled Glatorian, only to be told by Kiina that they had in fact returned to help Ackar, and not Vulcanus. Kyry, who had recovered from his earlier encounter, decided to set off and tell the other villages about the success.


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