Battle of Sandray Canyon

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"I look behind. We are being pursued -- why and by whom, I don't know. But I doubt they are here to invite us to dinner, unless we are slated to be the meal."
Mata Nui, Before the Storm

Battle of Sandray Canyon
Conflict Bone Hunters attempt to kill the Glatorian
Combatants Mata Nui
Location Sandray Canyon
Result Glatorian defeat the Bone Hunters and continue on to Tajun

The Battle of Sandray Canyon was an assassination attempt organized by Metus to have the Bone Hunters wipe out the Glatorian and Mata Nui in Sandray Canyon.


Mata Nui and Glatorian

Bone Hunters

  • Kill the Glatorian and Mata Nui


Kiina battling a Bone Hunter

After Mata Nui, Kiina and Ackar departed Vulcanus, Metus approached two Bone Hunters in the desert and instructed them to eliminate the Glatorian. On their way to Tajun in a Thornatus, the three warriors were faced by a Skopio in the middle of the canyon. Kiina maneuvered the vehicle away from the creature, dodging its legs. The warriors attempted to avoid the creature by finding an alternate route, but noticed Bone Hunters pursuing them from behind. When the fighters began traveling away from them and attempting to get past the Skopio to continue on to Tajun, their Thornatus was overturned when struck by one of the creature's legs, forcing them to confront the Bone Hunters.

Mata Nui told the others to fight the Bone Hunters off while he lured the Skopio away. Kiina and Ackar began fighting with the Bone Hunters and Rock Steeds, incapacitating several. Defeating a rider, Ackar mounted a Rock Steed and continued combat, fighting off two Bone Hunters simultaneously and then leaping to aid Kiina, who was battling a Bone Hunter against the canyon wall. The two continued to fight the Bone Hunters while below on the ground, Mata Nui was dodging the Skopio's attacks, keeping it occupied as he ran to draw it away from where the Glatorian were fighting. The Skopio targeted and fired a Thornax at Mata Nui, who did not notice in time and fell to the ground momentarily. Kiina proclaimed that they could not defeat their adversaries, and Mata Nui told her to get to the Thornatus, as he had developed an idea.

Running towards the Skopio, Mata Nui grabbed onto the end of one of its legs, letting it carry him up and onto the back of the Skopio. Mata Nui then proceeded to fire Thornax at the Bone Hunters, using the Skopio's biomechanical tail. No longer trapped, Kiina and Ackar ran to the Thornatus and boarded it, veering around to speed towards the Skopio, away from the Bone Hunters coming from behind. The Skopio then threw Mata Nui off onto a ledge, and he drove his sword into the rock, severing it and sending large boulders plummeting down onto the Skopio and Bone Hunters. Kiina and Ackar, in the Thornatus, narrowly managed to avoid being hit by the falling rock which trapped their opponents. Mata Nui then rejoined them, sliding on the Scarab Shield down the canyon walls.


The Glatorian and Mata Nui continued on their journey to Tajun in the Thornatus. Soon after the battle, Tajun came clearer into view, revealing a spire of smoke coming from it, to Kiina's shock. Reaching the village, the group discovered the damage done as a result of the attack on it.


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