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History of the Matoran Universe
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The following timeline presents the events that occur preceding Takua's quest that summoned the Toa to Mata Nui. Note that all dating counts backwards from that point.


[note 1]

At Least 100,000 Years Ago

  • Well before the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Great Beings form the synthetic substance known as Protodermis.[1] As a byproduct of the Protodermis creation process, Antidermis is also created.[2][3] Protodermis, and Antidermis to a lesser extent, is transmuted into different states of matter and employed by the Great Beings to create everything in the Matoran Universe.[4] The later discovery of Energized Protodermis prompts the building of the Great Spirit Robot and is used by the Great Beings to stabilize the power sources in it and the Red Star.[5][6][7]
  • The programming for Mata Nui is completed and the creation of the Matoran Universe begins.[8][9][10] The shaping of the Great Spirit Robot is influenced by the designs for the Toa Mata, which are completed by then.[11][12][13] Protodermis, in its various material forms, is employed as the basic building block of the Matoran Universe, although several pools of Energized Protodermis and one of Antidermis are also eventually placed within.[14]
  • Inspired by the Agori of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings create Matoran to inhabit the universe, starting with the Av-Matoran named Takua.[15][16][10] The Matoran are the first things the Great Beings create for the Matoran Universe.[17][18][19] The Matoran are responsible for much of the construction of the universe.[20]
  • Following the creation of the Matoran, the organic entity known as Tren Krom is created.[19][21][22] He is subsequently placed in Karda Nui to maintain the functioning of the Matoran Universe until Mata Nui is fully prepared to take over.[23]
  • Umbra is created by the Great Beings as one of the earliest beings in the Matoran Universe.[24][25] He is one of a small number of beings to be created directly by the Great Beings, rather than later being created via Mata Nui.[26]
The Matoran Universe
  • Construction on Artakha is completed, and it is the first island to come into existence in the Matoran Universe.[27] Karzahni is completed soon afterward, becoming the second.[28] Other landmasses such as the Southern Continent eventually follow.[29] Notably, some individuals who will later serve the Order of Mata Nui are involved in the construction of Artakha and Karzahni.[30]
  • The Legendary Mask of Creation and the Mask of Alternate Futures are created by the Great Beings.[31][32][33] Following this, the Kanohi Ignika is forged in the fortress of the Valley of the Maze. After it curses one of the Great Beings, they come to fear and respect it. Several crucial fail-safes for the Matoran Universe are programmed into the Legendary Mask of Life.[24][10][34]
  • After the forging of the Mask of Life, but still early in the construction process, the Great Beings create the brothers Karzahni and Artakha, who are among the universe's earliest creations.[35][21][36] The two brothers are allowed to compete to earn the Mask of Creation. Artakha eventually overcomes Karzahni and secures the Legendary Kanohi, while Karzahni is given the Mask of Alternate Futures.[37] Both take up positions in the islands they ultimately name after themselves, and the transfer of Matoran to the islands of the two brothers begins. The Matoran believe that if they work well, they will be brought to Artakha, while the lazy or damaged are sent to the realm ruled by Karzahni to be repaired.[38][35]
  • However, Karzahni does not do a very good job and gives the Matoran weapons to compensate; he sends some of these Matoran to the Southern Continent because he is afraid to let anyone see his work.[39][27] More and more over time, he grows increasingly unaware of what happens in the larger universe, and is left unaware of the existence of Mata Nui, Makuta, or Toa following their eventual arrivals.[38][35][40]
  • Artakha, meanwhile, throws himself into his work and begins forging unique Kanohi and vehicles to inhabit the Codrex, as well as tools that will benefit the earliest Toa and designs for Metru Nui.[37][41] It is out of Artakha that the creation of the universe is overseen by the Great Beings.[37]
  • Two Great Beings traverse Artakha, Karzahni, and other landmasses and bring the Mask of Life to the center of the Southern Continent, near the village of Voya Nui. There they burrow a secret underground hiding place for it, filled with traps and hazards, before leaving the Ignika on a pedestal. They then depart the chamber and leave the continent.[24][10] Umbra is placed as a guardian of the Ignika.[42][43]
  • Predating the first Toa, the Hand of Artakha is organized to act as public peace enforcers within the Matoran Universe, challenging threats to the universe and stopping natural disasters.[44][45][46][47][48] Shadow Stealer and Axonn are among the Hand's early operatives.[45][46][49] In time, Helryx and Hydraxon also serve in the Hand.[44][50]
  • The Great Beings act on their plans to create Toa, modeling them after Glatorian and Element Lords.[15][51][52] Pieces for the Toa are made in a facility on Spherus Magna before being delivered to Artakha for completion.[53][54] A Toa of Water named Helryx is the first Toa to be created, coming into existence on Artakha.[55][56][10] Some time later, a Toa of Psionics named Orde is similarly created.[57] Moreover, the pieces of the Toa Mata are prepared and delivered, but incomplete at this point.[54][12][58]
  • As her first assignment, Helryx is tasked with assisting on the construction of Metru Nui.[55][47][59] The Great Beings lay the foundations of Metru Nui and the Matoran do much of the actual construction.[60]
  • The Great Beings create the first Krana by exposing the leftovers from the Matoran creation process to Energized Protodermis, although as the Great Beings had discovered some time ago, this has the adverse effect of creating Zyglak as well, with Zyglak being one of the first species the Great Beings create.[61][62] The Great Beings develop a method for creating Krana that bypasses the use of Matoran and creation of Zyglak.[63]
  • As his first assignment, Orde is tasked with calming the vengeful Zyglak. Orde loses his patience and drives the Zyglak to greater levels of hatred. Because of this, all future Toa and Matoran of Psionics are created as female.[64]
  • The Great Beings create the first Rahi, sea creatures of tremendous size.[10][65] Smaller Rahi such as the ancient Pit War Tortoise are also formed some time afterward.[66][67]
  • During his reign, Tren Krom forms monstrous creations which in time are left to reside on the Tren Krom Peninsula.[68]

100,000 Years Ago

The Toa Mata
  • The Great Beings program a number of sapient species and other creatures into Mata Nui. Although he remains unconscious, the Mata Nui program is activated.[10][69][70] With the programming that the Great Beings had provided, the Mata Nui program created numerous sapient species to populate the universe.[71][72][73][74][75][76][77]
  • Instead of building more Toa directly, the Great Beings arrange for the transformation of numerous Matoran such as Lesovikk and Jovan into Toa.[78][79][80][81] Unlike prior Toa, who primarily acted independently, eight Toa band together to form the first Toa team under the leadership of Lesovikk.[10][82][83] As more and more Toa pop up, the idea of a Toa team becomes commonplace. Interestingly, although the Toa Mata were designed to be a functional Toa team long before the Toa Cordak organized, their construction was not finished soon enough to be the first active team, nor were they ever public figures even when they were.[58][12][84] Around this time, the first Toa canisters are created.[10]
  • Construction on the island of Metru Nui is completed and the city is founded.[60][85] At this time, the Great Beings first place the Scroll of Preparations in the Great Temple.[86][87]
  • Soon after the foundation of Metru Nui, with the Toa proving far more successful as Mata Nui's enforcers than the Hand of Artakha, the Hand's leaders choose to begin disbanding the organization.[88][44][89] In its place, Helryx forms the Order of Mata Nui under the supervision of the Great Beings.[90][88][91] Many of its earliest members were individuals who assisted in the building of Artakha, Karzahni, and Metru Nui, and because of this they are able to build the island of Daxia themselves, without outside help from Matoran or others.[90] Hydraxon is among the Hand operatives that immediately join the Order.[92][44][50][91] Not every recruit from the Hand of Artakha is brought into the Order, however, and the Hand continues to exist until it is finally defunct 200 years after its creation.[44][70][93] Members such as Shadow Stealer and Axonn go their own way, and for some time Axonn wanders, using his power on petty conquests across some southern islands until Hydraxon eventually recruits him into the Order.[45][46][94][95][96]
  • Within days of the creation of the Order of Mata Nui, the Brotherhood of Makuta forms, organizing the Makuta species Mata Nui has brought into existence.[10][97][98][99] Led by Makuta Miserix, they are tasked with the purpose of creating and modifying beings as needed and maintaining order in the universe.[100][75][101] From the beginning, the Order of Mata Nui is wary of the Brotherhood.[102] Due to the influence of the Great Beings, the creation of Rahkshi begins in full through the mutation of Kraata.[103] Certain Rahi such as Blade Burrowers and Visorak are programmed into the Makuta in advance by the Great Beings, although the Makuta are free to invent most Rahi that come into existence.[104][105][106][74][72]
  • The Makuta are supplied by Artakha with protosteel armor and masks that can shapeshift as they can.[107][108][109][110][111] Makuta Miserix is given a Mask of Mutation owing to its relevance to the mission of the Brotherhood.[112] Makuta Teridax is given of the Kanohi Kraahkan, which was originally forged on Artakha and given to the Brotherhood.[113][114][115][116]
  • On Artakha, the pieces of the Toa Mata are fitted together, and the assembled Toa are delivered to Daxia for activation by the Order of Mata Nui.[54][10][117][42] Upon their awakening, they are informed of their purpose and begin months-long training under Hydraxon.[69][118][119] After the Toa Mata are trained, Hydraxon is deployed to the Pit.[118]
  • As one of the later creations to come about, the Great Beings create the Bahrag through Mata Nui.[10][120][76][77] Bohrok are later formed through the evolution of Av-Matoran into inorganic life.[92] They are then equipped with Krana and set to rest in the Bohrok nests until they are needed. The Bohrok Va are also produced at this time.[121] The Great Beings give the Bahrag a means of creating Krana that bypasses the use of Matoran and creation of Zyglak entirely, and the queens used that ever after.[63] The Makuta play a role in creating the canisters where the Bohrok lie dormant.[122]
  • The Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6, and Axalara T9 are placed in the Codrex.[123]
  • As their first assignment, the Toa Mata are deployed by the Order of Mata Nui to eliminate the Avohkah infestation that has come about as a result of the preparations of the Av-Matoran in Karda Nui for Mata Nui's awakening.[124][125][126] This battle wages for months before the Toa Mata are ultimately successful.[127][128]
  • With the creation process complete, Tren Krom is removed from Karda Nui and imprisoned on a remote island.[23] The Toa Mata are sealed in canisters in the Codrex and the Energy Storms begin.[129][130] Mata Nui is awakened and assumes full control over the universe.[131][132][133]
  • The Great Beings complete the Red Star as a booster jet for the Matoran Universe and place Kestora inside it.[134]
  • Right before takeoff, a Great Being disguises himself as the Matoran Velika and sneaks inside the Matoran Universe.[135]
  • The Great Spirit Robot takes off from Spherus Magna even as the planet itself shatters.[20][136]

Era of the League

Between 100,000 and 80,000 Years Ago

  • Brutaka serves as a lieutenant in the Brotherhood of Makuta until the Order of Mata Nui seeks him out and recruits him. He works as a roving agent dealing with crises across the universe, and during this time he teleports a Tahtorak to Metru Nui. The Order eventually deploys him and Axonn to Voya Nui to protect the Kanohi Ignika and Matoran villagers nearby.[137][138][139][96][note 2]
  • Teridax entrusted with the responsibility of guarding Metru Nui and its surrounding regions.[141]
  • Ehlek's species is modified in secret by the Order of Mata Nui, giving them Tri-Talons, to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta in case they ever betrayed the universe.[142][143]

Between 100,000 and 95,000 Years Ago

  • Pridak takes his first position as Makuta Icarax's aide in the Brotherhood of Makuta. During this time, Makuta Mutran, Makuta Icarax, and Pridak are sent by Makuta Miserix on a diplomatic mission to Xia to negotiate lower prices for their goods, on behalf of the Brotherhood of Makuta. They continue for several days until Icarax loses his temper and destroys several buildings. The Vortixx agree to lower their prices. Unfortunately, as they are departing, Mutran accidentally leaves his pet project, a sentient rock, in the center of Xia. This rock will later become The Mountain.[100]
The Matoran History

95,000 Years Ago

  • Mata Nui ceases to take an interest in the world inside him, coming to take its inhabitants for granted and being more interested in the exploration of the larger universe.[144] He forms the office of the Barraki,[10] thereby assigning six individuals to rule in his stead.[145]

Between 95,000 and 94,000 Years Ago

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta assigns Pridak the command of a small territory.[146] By this time, however, he has grown ambitious and weary of service, and he strikes out on his own.[147]
  • Pridak and the other Barraki assume positions as kings and begin to conquer the majority of the Matoran Universe.[10][148]
  • One island holds out for some time against Carapar's armies. When it is clear that he cannot conquer them, he cleverly offers them poisoned fruit as a peace offering. The natives are quickly sickened and subdued.[149][150]

94,000 Years Ago

  • The Barraki Pridak reaches out to Takadox with the idea of alliance, and the two join their kingdoms.[151][152] Under threat of being cut off from the rest of the universe by their alliance, the reluctant Kalmah joins as well.[153] It isn't long before the other three Barraki are added to the alliance, and the Barraki officially form the League of Six Kingdoms in the name of service to Mata Nui.[10]
  • Over their further conquests, they cement their mastery over their regions. Pridak holds the northwestern region, as well as Xia, whose native Vortixx population are hired to produce weapons for the League. Ehlek controls the western island chain and Zakaz. Takadox commands the eastern island chain. Kalmah rules the northeastern region. Mantax gained the central regions. Carapar has the southern lands.[154][155] The only islands not to come under their control are Metru Nui, Artakha, Karzahni, and the islands in the far south.[145]
  • Makuta Miserix hires Barraki Takadox as a spy and seller of information for the Brotherhood of Makuta.[145]

90,000 Years Ago

Between 94,000 and 87,000 Years Ago

  • The League of Six Kingdoms forcefully enlists the Brotherhood to produce Rahi for their campaign of conquest, threatening to launch an attack on the Brotherhood if it does not cooperate. Miserix agrees to cooperate with the League but orders Makuta Teridax to monitor the Barraki's actions.[145]

87,000 Years Ago

  • The League forms a trade pact with Metru Nui in exchange for the city's freedom and exemption from the League's campaign of conquest.[86]

Between 95,000 and 80,000 Years Ago

At Least 80,000 Years Ago

  • The Matoran Gaardus is taken by a group of rogue Nynrah Ghosts and mutated.[160]
  • Gaardus escapes, and begins hunting down his captors.
  • After killing his captors, Gaardus remains in the village because of the Red Star.
  • The Red Star's return function breaks down, trapping all future revived beings in the star, and the Kestora come to blame Gaardus for its malfunction.
  • Teridax creates the Water Wraith.[161][162]

80,000 Years Ago

  • The League of Six Kingdoms plots to overthrow Mata Nui. Barraki Takadox, doubtful of the League's chances of success, betrays the organization's treachery to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[163] The Brotherhood launches a surprise preemptive assault on the main Barraki fortress, catching the Barraki by surprise as they plot to capture Metru Nui. The League's army is defeated by the Brotherhood's army and the Barraki are captured, which causes the trade agreement with Metru Nui to be nullified.[86]
  • Inspired by the Barraki, Teridax begins plotting to overthrow Mata Nui himself by working on a Virus that gradually causes him to lose consciousness.[164][165]
  • Makuta Gorast and Makuta Mutran are dispatched to the remains of Barraki Kalmah's fortress in the northwestern reaches of the League's territory. There, Mutran discovers a map detailing the tunnels of the Blade Burrowers Rahi he created for the League.[166]
  • Jovan’s Toa team is formed and watch over a region.[167][168]

The Great Disruption

Between 80,000 and 79,100 Years Ago

79,500 Years Ago

  • Minor disputes between Po-Metru and Ta-Metru escalate as the Po-Matoran sink multiple transport barges and the Ta-Matoran melt a Po-Metru warehouse using Molten Protodermis. Onu-Metru allies with the Ta-Matoran, while Le-Metru allies with the Po-Matoran. Ko-Metru attempts to intervene, but when they were ignored, they join the Po-Matoran. Ga-Metru attempts to stay neutral, but eventually ally with the Ta-Matoran.[174]
  • The Great Disruption begins as the Matoran Civil War breaks out in Metru Nui. Because the Matoran are not working, Mata Nui's health begins to deteriorate.[86][174]

79,100 Years Ago

The Kanohi Ignika
  • To end the war, Teridax seals large portions of the two armies in the Archives and unleashes the dangerous Rahi exhibits on them, in what would later be called the Archives Massacre. The Matoran Civil War ends, and the war leaders are banished to the Pit.[86][174]
  • Makuta Miserix assigns each Makuta a region of the Matoran Universe to supervise,[175] awarding the "prize" of Metru Nui to Teridax.[174]
  • The Order of Mata Nui places agents in Metru Nui to head off future problems.[86]
  • After the war ended, the Kanohi Ignika is removed from the Chamber of Life by Toa Jovan and his team.[176] One member of the team activates the mask and restores the Great Spirit's health, but dies in the process. Afterwards, the team returns the mask to the Chamber of Life, fearful of its immense power.
  • Toa Jovan's team is attacked by Dark Hunters, which results the Olmak-bearing Toa's death.[171]
  • Toa Jovan and the remainder of his team achieve their destiny and become Turaga.[172] Jovan stays on the Voya Nui region of the Southern Continent.[177]
  • Miserix sends Makuta Mutran on a mission to find Tren Krom, a being of great power, to learn of his intentions and to assess if he posed a threat to the Matoran Universe. Mutran locates Tren Krom's island and the powerful being almost kills him, but instead shares his thoughts with the Makuta. Mutran awakens with incredible knowledge, realizing that Teridax's hopes of overthrowing the Great Spirit are possible.[178]
  • Mutran shares his knowledge with Teridax, who immediately calls a Convocation of the Makuta on Destral, where he explains the details of his plan. Miserix discerns that Teridax is attempting to usurp his position as leader of the Brotherhood and attempts to stop him, but he is overpowered by his lieutenant and abandoned by the other Makuta. By the will of the Convocation, Teridax becomes the new leader of the Brotherhood and begins enacting his master plan. Teridax orders Miserix's execution at the hands of Makuta Spiriah and Krika. Unbeknownst to him, Krika disobeys this command and traps the Makuta on the island of Artidax instead. Over the course of a year, Gorast and Icarax kill all the Makuta who originally sided with Miserix during the Convocation.[179]
  • Following the deposition of Miserix,[180] the Brotherhood of Makuta starts sending servants around the universe to collect Toa that would form teams named Toa Hagah to act as guards for some Makuta. Some of them are formed at different times.[181][182]


79,000 Years Ago

  • A golden age of peace and prosperity begins for Metru Nui.[86]

Authority of the Brotherhood

More than 75,000 Years Ago

  • Makuta Chirox creates the Visorak and unleashes them on Tobduk's island. The Visorak shortly devastate the island and eliminate most of the population, but some inhabitants, including Tobduk, manage to escape to Stelt through Nynrah.[184]

75,000 Years Ago

  • Makuta Spiriah begins tampering with the native Skakdi population of Zakaz, his assigned region. He leaves a garrison of Visorak on Zakaz to monitor them after he departs.[185]
  • After the Makuta's departure, the Skakdi revolt against the Visorak and begin an island-wide civil war.[185]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta places the island of Zakaz under quarantine and designates Spiriah as a rogue agent.[186]
  • Following his failed experiment, Spiriah goes into hiding.[187]
Takua disguised as a Ta-Matoran

60,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Spirit brings about the Time Slip, a six-month period which no one in the universe (except members of the Order of Mata Nui) can recall and of which no historical records exist.[86][188]
  • The Order of Mata Nui relocates several Av-Matoran from their homeland to various locations in the Matoran Universe.[189] The Av-Matoran Takua is disguised as a Ta-Matoran and placed in Metru Nui.[188][190]

Between 50,000 and 30,000 Years Ago

  • The Makuta complete their evolution from biomechanical lifeforms into beings of energy.[191][192] The Nynrah Ghosts are called in to modify the Makuta's armor.[193]

The Career of Dume

At Least 60,000 Years Ago

  • Toa Dume is on active duty in lands outside of Metru Nui.[194]

17,500 Years Ago

15,000 Years Ago

  • After serving as a Toa for thousands of years and clashing frequently with Rahi and Dark Hunters,[196] Dume achieves his destiny and is named Turaga of Metru Nui.[86]
Turaga Dume

10,000 Years Ago

7,005 Years Ago

At Least 7,000 Years Ago

  • The Makoki Stone is written as a complete record of the Brotherhood of Makuta by a group of Toa who do not trust the Brotherhood.[198] It is placed in a Toa Fortress, which is guarded by a great number of Toa and is near a Frostelus encampment.[199]
  • Norik and Varian are investigating the disappearance of three Toa when they encounter and fight a team of Dark Hunters. Both Toa are captured, and although Norik is released, the Shadowed One places Varian in a stasis tube as a trophy.[200]
  • Nocturn destroys his homeland.[201]
  • Krekka joins the Dark Hunters.[202]

7,000 Years Ago

  • The territorial Frostelus inhabiting the icebergs near the Toa Fortress lay siege to it.[203]
  • As this is happening, the Skakdi thieves Hakann and Vezok steal the Makoki Stone from the Toa Fortress, but are captured by Ancient, who was also trying to steal the stone. The two are brought to Odina and recruited into the Dark Hunters.[203][204]
  • The Toa Fortress falls to the Frostelus. The Toa are all massacred except Lhikan, who is ordered to flee with the Makoki Stone, but is unable to find it before he escapes.[203]
  • Due to being defeated by Gladiator, Sidorak fails his recruitment into the Dark Hunters but is recruited into the Brotherhood of Makuta.[205][206]

Between 7,000 and 3,000 Years ago

  • Lariska loses her left arm as a punishment after angering the Shadowed One. It is replaced with a mechanical one.[197]

5,000 Years Ago

  • The Skakdi Dark Hunters Zaktan, Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and Reidak plan to overthrow the Shadowed One, but he discovers their treachery. The Shadowed One attempts to execute Zaktan with his disintegrator eyebeams, but Zaktan is instead split into millions of Protodites.[207]

Between 15,000 and 4,000 Years Ago

A group of Vahki
  • The Kralhi model is invented by the Onu-Matoran Nuparu to enforce order in Metru Nui, but because they are too powerful in their role, the decision is made to retire them. The Vahki are invented and mass-produced to replace the Kralhi.[208][209] But despite Matoran and Vahki attempts to do so, the Kralhi refuse to be shut down. Some hide in Ko-Metru, some in the Archives. Most are forced out of the city and flee to the Great Barrier.[210][211]
  • The Chute system of travel is invented by the Le-Matoran of Metru Nui.[208][212]

Between 15,000 and 1,000 Years Ago

  • Protocairns attack Metru Nui and destroy part of Ga-Metru, including the original Great Temple. Although Dume is unsure how to deal with them, they eventually die, and their bodies fuse to become the land that a new Great Temple is built on.[213]

Struggle for Metru Nui

4,000 Years Ago

  • In an attempt to take over Metru Nui, The Shadowed One sends Reidak, Avak, and Vezok to the city to awaken the hibernating Kanohi Dragon, which settles in the Great Furnace. Vahki are sent south to bring Toa to the city.[86][214]
  • Upon receiving Dume's desperate plea, Lhikan summons his team, as well as a few other Toa to answer the call for help. They immediately begin making their way north.[215][216][217]
  • Vezok, Reidak, and Avak try forcefully to convince Turaga Dume to allow a Dark Hunter base to be established in Metru Nui, but he refuses. Fortunately, the Toa Mangai arrive in the nick of time and force Reidak, Avak, and Vezok out of Metru Nui.[214][218]
  • After a month of battling the Rahi, the Kanohi Dragon is defeated by the Toa Mangai. Toa Nidhiki attempts unsuccessfully to kill the dragon. It is brought to Xia, where Roodaka takes the creature.[219][214]
Toa Lhikan

Between 4,000 and 3,500 Years ago

Between 4,000 and 3,000 Years Ago

  • The Shadowed One repeatedly attempts, unsuccessfully, to either take control of the city or establish a Dark Hunter base.[224]
  • The Skakdi Dark Hunter Thok attempts unsuccessfully to kidnap Turaga Dume.[224]

Between 4,000 and 1,300 Years ago

  • Norik and Iruini face Frostelus and defeat them with a cyclone of molten lava.[220]
  • The Makuta order the creation of a Fohrok army by the Nynrah Ghosts to imitate Bohrok swarms for the Makuta's army. Realizing why the Makuta want the Fohrok, the Nynrah Ghosts sabotage the machines and are executed by the Brotherhood.[225][226][note 4]
  • The Fohrok go on a rampage and are stopped by Teridax's Toa Hagah.[228]
  • The Toa Hagah encounter and overcome a Hoto Bug invasion.[citation needed]

3,500 Years Ago

  • Toa Mangai Tuyet murders Matoran to draw the attention of the Toa Mangai to the Dark Hunters seeking her Nui Stone, but Lhikan and Nidhiki quickly realize the true perpetrator of the murders. They defeat Tuyet and imprison her, but she is later teleported away by Botar. The Order takes her to a pocket dimension to study the Nui Stone and an alternate Tuyet is placed in the Pit as a decoy.[229][230][231]

Less than 3,500 Years Ago

3,000 Years Ago

  • After Thok's failed attempt to abduct Turaga Dume, The Shadowed One in a rare move orders the Dark Hunters to mobilize as an army and descend upon Metru Nui. Toa-Dark Hunter War begins, and the Matoran are forced underground[citation needed] as the Toa Mangai and Dume are held under siege in the Coliseum. As things grow dire, Naho[233] slips past their lines and swims to a nearby island where she begs for help. As a result, almost a hundred Toa descend on the city.[224]
  • Tyrant, who frequently tries to undermine The Shadowed One, is betrayed by the Dark Hunters to the Toa. Tyrant is lost beneath the Silver Sea, but not before vowing revenge on The Shadowed One.[234]
  • In one of the last battles of the war, Lhikan clashes with the Dark Hunter Vengeance who is defeated and trapped by the Toa of Fire. Years afterward, the Dark Hunter frees himself and vows revenge on Lhikan.[235]
  • Six months after the beginning of the war, Toa Mangai Nidhiki and Lariska meet.[206] Nidhiki gives up on the city and expects that the best chance the Matoran have of surviving is if he works with the Dark Hunters and arranges to work as a puppet leader on their behalf.[86][236][206] Unfortunately, Lhikan and Hakann are both eavesdropping on the exchange. Hakann offers the Makoki stone to Lhikan in exchange for their freedom, if the Toa win, which he accepts.[224] Nidhiki leads the Toa into the Canyon of Unending Whispers where the Dark Hunters are waiting in ambush, but a few hundred Toa that have arrived the night before surround the Dark Hunters. The invaders surrender and are forced to evacuate the city. Nidhiki is forced to accompany them.[236]

2,999 Years Ago

  • Six months after the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter War, a Dark Hunter team trained by Nidhiki steals back the Makoki stone, breaks it up into six pieces, and sells it to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[236][224]
  • Nidhiki is paired with Krekka in stealing three prototypes of the recently-rediscovered Zamor launcher prototypes developed on Nynrah by the Nynrah Ghosts.[237][238] Nidhiki wants to take only one to The Shadowed One, but Krekka forces him to deliver all three. Their arguing draws the attention of guards, but they escape.[236]
  • Because the launchers were under development by a Matoran client of Xia, the Dark Hunters are forbidden entry on Xia for awhile due to their involvement with the theft.[citation needed]
Nidhiki after being mutated
  • Roodaka arrives at the Dark Hunter base asking for training, but is initially denied because she does not want to join the organization. Nidhiki encounters her and asks Roodaka to help him off the island. She agrees to meet him midnight that night but informs the Shadowed One of Nidhiki's treachery. The Shadowed One agrees to allow Roodaka training in exchange for mutating Nidhiki. That night, Roodaka mutates Nidhiki into an insectoid monster using her Rhotuka spinner, ensuring his continued loyalty to the Dark Hunters.[236][224]

Twilight in the Matoran Universe

2,900 Years Ago

  • Roodaka is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.[239]

2,500 Years Ago

  • Teridax orders a discreet theft of the Avohkii from the island of Artakha.[240] In spite of Teridax's wishes, Makuta Kojol makes the theft a large-scale affair, leading a raid composed of Visorak, Rahkshi, and even Exo-Toa to steal the Kanohi Avohkii from the realm of Artakha. Despite the fact Kojol disobeyed Teridax, Teridax lauds him, and the Brotherhood explains it publically by claiming Artakha was simply not secure enough to protect such an important artifact.[241]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta appoint Seeker and others to guard the Avohkii in the Destral Fortress.[242]
  • At Artakha's request, the Order of Mata Nui hunts down and kills all who know of Artakha's location, including Makuta Kojol, also destroying any records of the island's location.[243]

2,000 Years Ago

  • After 1,500 years of interrogation, Toa Tuyet persuades one of her guards to fake her death. Using technology from the pocket dimension in which she was imprisoned, Tuyet embarks upon an inter-dimensional voyage that spans the next 2,000 years.[231]

1,300 Years Ago

  • The Toa Hagah assigned to Makuta Teridax learn of the Brotherhood of Makuta's theft of the Kanohi Avohkii.[244] This is followed by discoveries that Matoran slaves produced their masks, that the Brotherhood was allied with the Dark Hunters, and that the peaceful Exo-Toa have been corrupted to serve as sentries for the Brotherhood fortresses.[245] Furthermore, they learn that Roodaka and Sidorak, known servants of the Brotherhood, are commanding Visorak spiders, a species that had appeared years before.[246] Finally, they learn that the Dark Hunters, Visorak, and Exo-Toa have been assembled in their full might to strike at other lands.[220]
  • Iruini, having already grown fed up with the fact that they spend too much time on huge menaces and not ever-present dangers or issues that really matter to the Matoran[247][248] announces his intention to quit, warning Norik that he will do so after the Destral raid.[220]
The Raid on the Destral Fortress
  • All six Toa Hagah launch a raid on the Destral fortress and swiftly retrieve the Avohkii and Makoki Stones from the fortress vaults.[240][249] As the Toa Hagah are escaping, Norik underestimates the Makuta,[247] which results in the team being separated in the conflict. Gaaki, Bomonga, Pouks, and Kualus are each ambushed and abducted by Roodaka, striking each in quick succession from the shadows.[250] By this point, Iruini and Norik have been separated from the others.[251] After overcoming all Dark Hunters and Exo-Toa sent against them, Iruini and Norik alone battle, defeat, and drive off Makuta by using their knowledge of the Destral fortress.[252][253][250][254] At last, they are able to escape with the Avohkii and Makoki Stones.[255]
  • The four captured Toa Hagah are mutated by Roodaka into Rahaga, the term being a pun on the words Hagah and Rahkshi which they've been made to look like. They are transferred to a separate fortress held by the Visorak.[256]
  • Norik and Iruini are on their own for roughly half a day[257] during which Iruini comes on the brink of quitting.[247] However, he ultimately postpones his resignation until after the others are safe.[220]
  • Norik and Iruini track their teammates down to the Visorak fortress where their teammates are held prisoner. Norik distracts the Visorak guards and leads them into a trap where they are crushed by a stone slab.[258] After evading Dark Hunters and Visorak guarding the outpost, Norik and Iruini find the remaining four, who have been mutated into bizarre, shrunken creatures resembling Turaga with Rahkshi heads. Norik and Iruini free them, but as they are escaping, Roodaka mutates them into Rahaga form as well.[220] Roodaka calls off Visorak pursuit, believing that the Rahaga have been subjected to a living death as outcasts and ignorant of the fact that they stole the Avohkii and Makoki Stones.[citation needed] The Rahaga escape the fortress to safety.[86]
  • Recognizing that the corruption of the Brotherhood has been exposed, Teridax strikes at Mata Nui, successfully infecting him with the virus.[241][259]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta orders the Dark Hunter guards responsible for the Avohkii's protection to be executed. The Shadowed One resists and calls off the execution.[260]
  • Fearing a similar revolt by the other Toa Hagah teams, the Brotherhood eliminates some of them,[261] giving at least a few of them over to Chirox for use in developing Rahi,[262][263] while others manage to survive.[264] Some Toa Hagah become corrupt, serving in the Brotherhood's army,[265] although they no longer serve the Brotherhood by the time of its Karda Nui invasion.[266]
  • For his failure in defending the Mask of Light, Seeker is cast out of the Brotherhood. He joins the Dark Hunters with the intention of hunting down the Rahaga and taking revenge on them. To ensure his continuing service, the Shadowed One prevents him from learning the location of the Rahaga.[242]
  • Sidorak claims credit for the idea behind Toa Hagah's mutation; as a result, he is named king of Visorak horde, with Roodaka as his viceroy. Under their command, the Visorak launch a major offensive on inhabited islands, starting in the south and working their way north.[241] They start by eliminating the population of Keetongu's homeland.[citation needed]
  • The Rahaga are horrified at their new forms, but Kualus reminds them of their duty and Norik gives them new purpose to find the mythical Keetongu who can reverse the effects of Hordika Venom. Over the following centuries, they travel to lands ruined by the Visorak, saving and studying Rahi, seeking Keetongu, and antagonizing the Visorak Hordes.[267]

Between 3,000 and 1,000 Years Ago

  • The First Rahi arrive on Metru Nui. Turaga Dume commissions a clandestine study of them, led by Archivists Mavrah, Whenua and Onepu. The Rahi get out of hand and destroy large portions of the Archives. Dume orders the studies to cease, but Mavrah and the Rahi disappear shortly before the Vahki arrive to drive them away.[268]
  • Mavrah and the Rahi occupy one of the tunnels beyond the Great Barrier of Metru Nui. They eventually come to coexist with the Kralhi that have also fled there.[269][270]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta begins discreetly exterminating Toa of Iron and Magnetism, due to the threat they pose to the Makuta's new armor.[271]

1,050 Years Ago

  • Anticipating a Visorak attack on Metru Nui, the Rahaga take refuge in the Onu-Metru Archives, where they hide the Kanohi Avohkii.[267][86]

The Great Cataclysm

1,001 Years Ago

  • Eighteen months in advance of the Great Cataclysm, Teridax arrives in Metru Nui along with Nivawk, and poses as Turaga Dume.[272][273] Right away, he begins by sending most of the Toa Mangai on missions outside the city where they are assassinated by Dark Hunters including Nidhiki. Additionally, Teridax places the Morbuzakh plant in the Great Furnace, from where it spreads its vines across the city, wreaking havoc on Metru Nui and abducting numerous Matoran to drive the rest inward to the center of the city.[274]

At Least 1,000 Years ago

1,000 Years Ago

  • During one of his work runs, the Ussal rider Orkahm spots the Le-Metru Great Disk inside of a Chute Force Sphere.[note 5]
  • After the disappearance of his teammates and the appearance of the Dark Hunters, Lhikan grows suspicious about "Turaga Dume." He retrieves and delivers six Toa Stones imbued with his Toa Power to six Matoran chosen by Mata Nui just before being kidnapped by the Dark Hunters. Under the guise of Dume, Teridax announces Lhikan's disappearance.[276][277]
The Toa Metru
  • The six Matoran go to the Great Temple and are transformed into the Toa Metru. At the inspiration of Vakama's visions, they decide to seek out the Great Disks in order to prove themselves as Toa. To do this, they track down Matoran who have learned the location of these disks.[278][279] After finding the Matoran, and despite some attempted sabotage on the part of Ahkmou, they are able to find the Great Disks and defeat the Morbuzakh.[277][278][280]
  • On their way to the Coliseum, the Toa Metru are sidetracked when they receive word that the Archives are on the verge of flooding. Travelling to the source of the leak, they encounter and defeat the Krahka and seal the breach.[281]
  • The Toa Metru arrive at the Coliseum. They present the Great Disks and attempt to demonstrate their heroism to Dume and the Matoran, but are labeled imposters by Makuta. Whenua, Nuju and Onewa are captured by the Vahki, while Vakama, Nokama and Matau escape, going on a rescue to find their jailed brothers and Toa Lhikan.[282]
  • Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua are taken by Vahki to their prison.[283] In their confinement, Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua meet a mysterious Turaga who teaches them lessons on patience and guides them to using their mask powers which enable them to escape.[284][285]
  • While on the run, Vakama, Nokama, and Matau clash with Vahki, Dark Hunters, and the Tahtorak, whom they had awakened during their fight with Krahka.[283][286][287] They eventually reach Po-Metru, even as Vakama begins tinkering with the Great Disks. The Toa ally with Kikanalo to defeat the Vahki and Dark Hunters guarding the Canyon of Unending Whispers and eventually arrive at the Prison of the Dark Hunters.[288][284][285]
  • The six Toa reunite in the tunnels and realize that the Turaga is actually Lhikan. Vakama is told by Lhikan that they must save the Matoran, not him. They find Turaga Dume locked in a stasis pod, but are chased by Vahki and Lohrak back to the surface before they can recover him.[289]
  • The disguised Teridax tells all Matoran to report to the Coliseum where they are subdued by Vahki and put to sleep in stasis pods. The Toa arrive at the Coliseum, but are too late. The false Dume reveals his true identity as Makuta Teridax to the Toa. While Makuta is busy activating the Coliseum, the Toa resolve to take six Matoran pods with them, vowing to return later for the rest.[290]
  • Makuta absorbs the power of the Coliseum, as well as absorbing Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk into his essence to regain his strength. The sudden power drain causes a backfiring of electricity into the Vahki hives, either destroying the Vahki or changing their programming.[291]
  • The Toa Metru flee the city as the Great Cataclysm begins.[291]
Teridax merged with Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui crashes on Aqua Magna, plunging into a deep sleep. The resulting quake has repercussions all over the universe.[292][86]
  • Karda Nui explodes with energy, and Voya Nui is jettisoned from the Southern Continent and the Great Spirit Robot, bursting to the surface of the sea of Aqua Magna. Turaga Jovan and many Matoran are killed.[293][292][294]
  • The dome containing the Pit shatters and breaches the surface of Aqua Magna, settling north of its prior location.[295] The prisoners escape, but Hydraxon and the decoy Tuyet are among the casualties killed in the chaos. The surviving prisoners escape into the sea of Aqua Magna, but are mutated by the radioactive energy leaking from Karda Nui.[296]
  • In Karda Nui, the Energy Storms cease even as the stalactites supporting the Av-Matoran villages break from the roof, carrying the Matoran with them. Water cascades down from outside the Great Spirit Robot through the holes left by Voya Nui's ejection.[189][297]
  • As they flee on the Silver Sea. Vakama makes the Vahi from the six Great Disks. The realization of the mask's power brings another vision on him, and he sees a hole in the Great Barrier through which the Toa must sail. The Toa Metru face off against Makuta on the Great Barrier, and although the Vahi is lost beneath the sea, Makuta is sealed in protodermis when the Toa combine their powers.[291]
  • The Toa Metru travel through the tunnels of the Great Barrier. After a near-disastrous run-in with Mavrah, the First Rahi, the Kralhi, and some Vahki, the team finds their way on the surface of Aqua Magna and discovers an island that they name Mata Nui.[298]

The Great Rescue

  • The Toa Metru explore Mata Nui and choose secured locations for future villages. They each pour a small amount of Toa Power into six stones, as a precaution that, should they fail the mission, others may be able to follow through with it. The stones are hidden throughout the Island.[299][300]
  • Because the tunnel they arrived through has been blocked off, the team descends through a cavern Onewa has found hoping it will lead to Metru Nui. On their descent, they encounter numerous Rahi, who are either experiments of Makuta's or regular Rahi fleeing the Visorak. After facing off against many of these, including the Rahi Nui, the Energized Protodermis Entity, and the Karzahni Plant, they arrive back at the Great Barrier.[301]
  • The Visorak hordes that have been summoned by Teridax arrive and proceed to invade Metru Nui under the command of Sidorak and Roodaka.[302]
  • Six Toa Canisters are launched from the Codrex, and land in the sea around Mata Nui. The canisters malfunctioned, and the Toa remain dormant for 1000 years.[303]
Le-Metru in its ruined state
  • The Toa return to the city and make their way through Le-Metru as they marvel at the destruction and abundance of spider webs. They quickly realize that the Visorak Horde has overrun the city in their absence, but before they can storm the Coliseum and save the Matoran, they are captured.[304][305][306]
  • Roodaka convinces Sidorak that mutating and dropping the Toa Metru instead of just killing them will add to his glory. They are mutated into Toa Hordika, who are dropped off the Coliseum to a sure death, but are rescued by the Rahaga and are taken to their camp in Ga-Metru.[304][305][307]
  • The Toa, now mutated into Toa Hordika, awaken to the Rahaga who explain their mutations and tell them that they can only be cured by Keetongu. The Toa decide to prioritize saving the Matoran over healing themselves.[304][305][308]
  • Onewa, Vakama, and Norik arrive in Po-Metru where they find Roporak attacking Kikanalo. Vakama angrily charges in and distracts the spiders while Onewa fires two Rhotuka that trap them. As they survey the aftermath, Norik reminds Vakama that they must seek Keetongu. This reminds Vakama of Turaga Dume, whom they'd been forced to abandon earlier. The Toa Hordika assemble and make their way to Dume's sphere, but realize that it had malfunctioned and he has escaped. Dume goes into hiding while the six Hordika return to the surface.[309][310][311]
  • Upon returning to Ta-Metru, Vakama seeks out Rahaga Norik and Gaaki and saves them from the Visorak that have trapped them. The Rahaga inform Vakama that the Visorak were after the Mask of Light and the Makoki Stones which they had brought to Metru Nui and hidden. Vakama and the other Toa hunt down and recover the Makoki Stones, before arriving at the Archives to retrieve the Avohkii. Despite attacks by the Visorak, they are successful.[312][313][314]
  • In the Coliseum, Sidorak smashes a Great Huna as he expresses regret for letting Roodaka enact her experiments, calling the Rahaga and Hordika a plague.[309]
  • The Toa Hordika act on Matau's idea and seek out parts to make an Airship. However, no sooner do they find these than they are summoned to Le-Metru when the Visorak ambush and trap Matau and Iruini. The battle continues to snowball as Sidorak, the Zivon, the Tahtorak, and Krahka are all pulled into the fray, but the Toa Hordika are eventually successful in defeating the Visorak.[315]
  • Gaaki and Nokama are swimming in Ga-Metru when Nokama goes feral and accidentally creates a massive thunderstorm.[309]
  • Kualus and Nuju are driven into the Archives by Oohnorak and Kahgarak. They, along with Bomonga and Whenua, are driven deep underground by the Visorak, but Whenua goes feral and unleashes his powers, causing the room to cave in, knocking them unconscious. While he lies in the rubble, Kualus dreams of his past and the adventures as Toa Hagah. Vakama and Onewa eventually recover them, and they all set out in search of Matau and Nokama.[309][246][220][316]
  • Matau and Nokama evade Visorak attacks as they scout the Coliseum. They stow away under a Visorak Battle Ram and are nearly incinerated before Matau creates a cyclone that whisks the ram into the air. The ram crashes to earth some distance away, close to the other Hordika. Of those attached to the ram, only Matau and Nokama survive. The reunited group camps and plans for a decisive final strike.[316]
The Hordika
  • Vakama storms away from the others and is captured by Visorak and brought to Roodaka who offers him a position as the new commander of the Visorak and possibly King. He realizes he could use this to save the Matoran and so joins the Visorak.[308][317][318]
  • The other Hordika and Rahaga go to the Great Temple for information about Keetongu, but Vakama attacks the Rahaga and kidnaps them from under their nose. Vakama brings the captured Rahaga to Sidorak, and is accepted as general of the Visorak.[317][318]
  • Norik tells the Hordika of what he translated, and make their way to Keetongu who agrees to help them. The group breaks in the Coliseum and a battle ensues. Norik frees the other Rahaga, Matau convinces Vakama to rejoin the others, and when Sidorak and Roodaka fight Keetongu, Roodaka abandons Sidorak to die.[319][320][321][322]
  • Despite being surrounded by Visorak, the six Hordika are united and attack Roodaka's heartstone, which has been carved from Teridax's prison. The elemental discharge unlocks Teridax, and Teridax teleports her from certain doom.[323]
  • The Toa Hordika are transformed by Keetongu back to Toa Metru. They leave in six giant Airships with the Matoran and head to Mata Nui. Dume, the Rahaga, and Keetongu begin rebuilding the city.[323][311]
  • Upon learning that two of his Dark Hunters have been slaughtered, The Shadowed One travels in Metru Nui to avenge them upon the Toa Metru, whom he sees as being responsible.[324]
  • Vakama returns to the city to recover the Vahi, where he and Teridax find themselves begrudgingly working together to track it down. The arrival of the Shadowed One leads to a three-way battle against Teridax and The Shadowed One over the legendary mask, during which the Shadowed One realizes it was Makuta's fault the Dark Hunters were killed. He declares war on the Brotherhood of Makuta sparking the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War. He and his servants are defeated, however, and retreat from the city.[325][260]
  • When Vakama threatens to destroy the Vahi and undo Makuta's Plan, Teridax concedes to leave the Matoran alone for one year on Mata Nui. He teleports Vakama to Mata Nui, banishing him from Metru Nui.[326]
  • One to two months after having become Toa, the Toa Metru arrive on Mata Nui with the remainder of the Matoran refugees.[327][328][329]
  • The Toa Metru hide the Avohkii and other Great Kanohi obtained from the Great Temple, as well as the Makoki Stones, all over Mata Nui. They then give up Toa Power to awaken the Matoran, and transform into Turaga.[291][330]
The Makuta Stone, used to represent The Makuta
  • Makuta recovers Ahkmou's lost sphere, which the Toa Metru had lost during the battle with Mavrah's Rahi. Makuta awakens the Matoran, brainwashes him, and sends him to rejoin the other Matoran under his command.[331][332]
  • Matoran on Mata Nui enjoy one year of peace.[333] Villages built, construction of Kini-Nui completed.[334]
  • Icarax, discontent with Teridax's recent defeats, plans and launches a conquest of his own, in defiance of the Brotherhood. However, he gets no further than attacking the Northern Continent when Teridax confronts and defeats him, putting a stop to it.[335]

The Dark Times

Less than 1,000 Years Ago

  • Zyglak occupy the ruins of the old Pit.[336]
  • The Staff of Artakha is created.[337] The Scroll of Preparations is updated to account for it and for the Heart of the Visorak.
  • The escaped Pit prisoners construct an underwater fortress as a stronghold from which to launch future conquests.[338]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta begins overtly exterminating Toa of Iron and Magnetism.[339][271]

999 Years Ago

  • Teridax arrives on Mata Nui. He uses Kraata to infect Kanohi, which he then places on Rahi.[340]
  • The effect of the Matoran Spheres causes the Matoran to gradually lose their strength and memory.[334]
  • The Turaga hunt and capture thousands of Kraata, keeping them in stasis tubes from Metru Nui.[341] They did not kill the creatures, believing the energy would simply revert to Teridax.[342]

900 Years Ago

  • Matoran of Voya Nui build the small city of Mahri Nui on a newly formed portion of their island.[343][294]
The Mata Nui Stone, used to represent Mata Nui

500 Years Ago

  • The Rahaga, Keetongu and Turaga Dume demolish a rogue troop of Visorak, as the Dark Hunter Dweller watches.[344]
  • Voya Nui is ravaged by a hurricane. No Matoran are killed.[345]
  • A Great Temple Squid attacks a boat of Ga-Matoran on the island of Mata Nui.[346]

300 Years Ago

  • Land upon which Mahri Nui sits breaks off of Voya Nui and sinks into the ocean. All are believed lost in the disaster.[347] [294]
  • Mahri Nui lands on top of the Barraki's underwater fortress, destroying it.[348][349] The impact releases air bubbles from fields of airweed, enabling the Mahri Nui Matoran to survive underwater.[350] Mutagens in water cause Mahri Nui Matoran to grow larger and stronger, but also damage many of their weapons.[351]
  • Matoran villagers begin developing an air bubble system from bubbles created from the fall to protect them from drowning and further mutating.[350] The hydruka are found and tamed their ability of harvesting air from seaweed is discovered.[352]
  • The Matoran gradually forget their life on the surface due to trauma and accept the new style of life.[347][353] Mahri Nui's Council is formed.[354]
  • Matoran begin to disappear because of the Barraki's armies.[355]

250 Years Ago

  • Zaktan, Thok, and Reidak are sent to guard a Dark Hunter base to protect it from the Brotherhood of Makuta.[260]
  • Roodaka arrives, and Zaktan gives her a tablet that is a map of the Dark Hunter Headquarters. Roodaka tells them that the base formerly belonged to the Brotherhood.[260]
  • The Visorak Army begins its attack. Zaktan searches the base, and finds a record of all of the Brotherhood's plans, including Teridax's takeover of Metru Nui. He vows to make himself a part of the plans. He, Thok, and Reidak escape as the base is overrun. [260]

5 Years Ago

  • On the Tren Krom Peninsula, Mazeka hunts down and nearly kills Vultraz because of the murder that he committed. Gorast recovers and rebuilds Vultraz as a servant of the Brotherhood and gives him the mission of hunting down a Matoran named Krakua.[356][357]
  • Mazeka is approached by Jerbraz with an offer for a job of protecting certain Matoran from beings like Vultraz.[357]
  • Mazeka and Jerbraz arrive at a village of De-Matoran, and spirit Krakua away just as Vultraz attacks. Mazeka and Vultraz fight, and Vultraz nearly kills Mazeka before changing his mind. He stops, and lets the Ko-Matoran live with the knowledge that he is alive only because Vultraz wished it.[358][359]
  • Mazeka requests Order of Mata Nui training from Jerbraz.[359]


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  1. Roughly a hundred items have been found to date in BIONICLE canon pertaining to the pre-launch period, and although not all of them can be reconciled, the BS01 editors have labored to produce a timeline that is consistent first with all published BIONICLE media and then with as many Greg quotes as possible. On occasion, quotes are interpreted in the larger context of the larger body of canon, and, on the rarer occasion that proves impossible, some quotes are discarded if they contradict published media. A comprehensive listing of the sources that have been taken into account can be found here.
  2. In BIONICLE Ignition 2: Vengeance of Axonn, Axonn states that he has stared into the face of evil for over "100 centuries."[140] Given that Brutaka's entry in BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated says that the pair were stationed on Voya Nui for "most of the next 100,000 years," this may have been a intended to instead say "100 millennia." It's also possible that the line was written before the full extent of the timeline was known. If it was not a typo and was made with the present timeline in mind, it may mean that the time Axonn spent battling evil from his service in the Hand to his deployment to Voya Nui was 10,000 years, suggesting he and Brutaka were deployed around 90,000 years ago.
  3. The founding of the Dark Hunters has to be after the Barraki's imprisonment[169][170] and before Jovan's team completed their mission.[171][172]
  4. The date of the Fohrok's creation was never specified, only that they were made just as an experiment,[227] reprogrammed by the Nynrah Ghosts,[225] then destroyed by Norik's team.[228]
  5. This info originates from Orkahm's Bios entry on the 2004 version of BIONICLE.com, though no archive version of the original website exists. The text was copied onto BIONICLEsector01 in 2004, and an archive of that web page can be found here.