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Tribe Water
Occupation Vehicle pilot
Tools None
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KER-brazz[1]
Set number 8993 Kaxium V3 (instructions)

Kirbraz is an Agori living on Spherus Magna, and a member of the Water Tribe.


Before and during the Core War, Kirbraz lived on Spherus Magna under the rule of the Element Lord of Water. When the Shattering occurred, Kirbraz was in the desert region of the planet, which formed a separate planet called Bara Magna. When the new social system was established, Kirbraz became a vehicle pilot in arena matches, piloting half of a Kaxium V3.

A few months prior to the Skrall War, Kirbraz was briefly injured and unable to pilot his vehicle. He soon made a full recovery. Along with many of the residents of Bara Magna, Kirbraz traveled to Atero to view the Great Tournament. During the tournament, a Skrall army invaded the arena, forcing the Agori to flee. Kirbraz returned to Tajun, in order to inform the village of what had happened.

Kirbraz piloting the Kaxium V3 in practice combat

Kirbraz took Scodonius and engaged in a practice vehicle match against their friend, the Fire Agori Crotesius. Kirbraz and Scodonius split their vehicle to surprise Crotesius, but the maneuver failed, and Crotesius knocked Kirbraz's cycle over with a Thornax blast. While Kirbraz was recovering from the blow, the three Agori talked about the Skrall attacks, and whether or not the arena matches would continue. Kirbraz was confident that the Skrall would not attack villages, as their defenses were too high. Several Skrall, who had been watching the three, later attacked, though the Agori were able to escape.

Kirbraz was later part of the Agori army that attacked Roxtus, driving the Skrall out. He later moved to the Mega-Village with the other Agori, and evacuated it when Mata Nui took control of the robot that sheltered the Mega-Village.

Abilities and Traits

Kirbraz always sought to outdo his partner Scodonius in piloting the Kaxium V3 during arena matches, an attitude that occasionally cost them the match.


Kirbraz pilots the larger side of the Kaxium V3. Stats


Set Information

Kirbraz and Scodonius piloting the Kaxium V3
Kirbraz Set
Kaxium V3

Kirbraz was released as a pilot alongside Scodonius in the set 8993 Kaxium V3 in late 2009. He uses fourteen of the set's 251 pieces and attaches to the main cycle by a connector piece on his back.


  • On LEGO Shop, Kirbraz's name was misspelled as Kibraz.[2]


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