Battle at the Great Barrier

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"If Toa Lhikan could not defeat me alone, how could you?"
Makuta Teridax to Toa Metru Vakama, Legends of Metru Nui

Battle at the Great Barrier
Conflict Toa Metru try to escape through the Great Barrier
Combatants Toa Metru, Turaga Lhikan
Location Silver Sea, near the Great Barrier
Result Turaga Lhikan dies, Vahi drops into the Silver Sea, Toa Metru seal Teridax in a Protodermis cage

The Battle at the Great Barrier occurred when the Toa Metru attempted to take six Matoran Spheres to the other side of the Great Barrier with a Vahki Transport from Metru Nui.


Toa Metru

  • Escape through the Great Barrier with the six saved spheres.


  • Prevent the Toa Metru from leaving the dome of Metru Nui.


After absorbing Nivawk, Nidhiki and Krekka into his essence, Teridax confronted the Toa Metru near the Great Barrier as they tried to flee Metru Nui, taking six Matoran with them. The battle began when the Makuta caused pillars of Protodermis to rise out of the Silver Sea in an attempt to crush the Toa's Vahki Transport. Thanks to Matau's skillful piloting and Nokama's use of her Hydro Blades, the Toa managed to avoid Teridax's first assault. Under Vakama's orders, Nuju used his Kanohi Matatu to lift him up the cliff's sheer wall where he could confront Teridax. Vakama's companions remained below to take a different route.

Atop the Great Barrier, Teridax tried to convince Vakama to join him and his brothers. The Toa of Fire refused the offer, and summoned the Vahi's power, trying to slow Teridax's Shadow Hand. He was unable to correctly focus it, and trapped both himself and Teridax in a pocket of slowed time. Turaga Lhikan threw himself in front of the oncoming shadow hand, which absorbed his shield and mortally wounded him. The Vahi was sent flying out of Vakama's grasp, and Teridax dove from the cliff to retrieve it.

Vakama hurried to Lhikan's side, distraught. Lhikan explained that his destiny was fulfilled, while Vakama's had just begun, and gave him his Noble Hau. In his moment of grief, Vakama discovered the power of his Kanohi Huna.

Teridax had retrieved the Vahi. While cloaked in the power of his Kanohi Huna, Vakama knocked the Vahi from Teridax's hand with a Kanoka disk, sending it back into the sea. Enraged, Teridax attacked Vakama, but Vakama used his mask power to dodge Teridax's shadow hand. He hid behind pillars and goaded Teridax into crushing them against himself while trying to grab Vakama. Eventually, Vakama tricked Teridax into latching onto the Great Barrier and pulling himself into it. The other Toa Metru then reached Vakama and combined their elemental powers to imprison Teridax in a Toa Seal.


With Teridax safely imprisoned, the Toa Metru took the six Matoran they had brought with them through the Great Barrier to discover the island of Mata Nui. Despite their care, however, one of the six Matoran was lost in the tunnels leading to the surface of the new island. Though bodily held within the seal, Teridax sent out a telepathic signal to the Visorak hordes to invade Metru Nui and capture the remaining Matoran in the city's Coliseum.


  • Teridax later claimed that he was distracted during the battle due to interference from the minds of Nidhiki and Krekka.[1]


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