Conflict Between Axonn and Brutaka

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"You fool, Axonn! Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?"
"Don't you realize those are the only kind worth fighting for?
Brutaka and Axonn, In Final Battle

Conflict Between Axonn and Brutaka
Conflict Axonn and Brutaka fight
Combatants Axonn
Location Voya Nui
Result Brutaka banished to the Pit by Botar
Antidermis collection vat broken
Makuta Teridax released

The Conflict Between Axonn and Brutaka occurred while the Toa Inika were journeying to the Chamber of Life and when the Matoran Resistance were searching for the Toa Nuva.



  • Bring Brutaka back to the light.
  • Defeat Brutaka if necessary.


  • Defeat Axonn.


The fight started when Axonn decided to confront Brutaka once and for all. He tried to persuade Brutaka to abandon his misguided ways, but when Brutaka refused to listen to reason, the former friends engaged in a duel.

The contest appeared even, since Brutaka had the advantages of height and reach over Axonn, but Axonn was stronger. Attempting to steal Brutaka's sword, Axonn was reminded that he gave it to Brutaka, and was subjected to a painful electrical shock. Seeking victory, Brutaka used his Kanohi Olmak to open a dimensional portal behind Axonn, which would not close until something passed through it, even if Brutaka was knocked unconscious.

Axonn shatters the vat of Antidermis.

Axonn warned Brutaka that his actions would summon Botar, whose name instilled fear even in the sword-wielding giant. Driven to rage by his former comrade's corruption, Axonn attacked with unbelievable force, shrugging off Brutaka's attacks as if they had not even hit him. In desperation, Brutaka looked to the vat of Antidermis, but Axonn destroyed it before he could get to it. As it shattered, Axonn heard a voice besides Brutaka's crying out, deeper and more guttural. Bereft of his axe, Axonn managed to strike down Brutaka with a blast of power from his hands, and sanity returned to Brutaka's eyes just before he was knocked unconscious. Botar then appeared and took custody of Brutaka, and warned Axonn that any attempts to interfere with him would be met with Brutaka's punishment. Axonn vowed to free his friend, and as all three Order of Mata Nui members left, the portal Brutaka had opened was revealed to be a gateway to the Zone of Darkness, as Krahka and the Tahtorak emerged from it.


Botar took Brutaka to the Pit, and Teridax followed in his Antidermis form. Axonn met up with the Toa Nuva and the Toa Inika following their battle for the Ignika. Krahka and the Tahtorak were also inadvertently released from the Zone of Darkness.


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