BIONICLE 19: Enemies of Metru Nui

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"They say that Toa are very wise and always have good advice to give, so here is some, if someone walks up to you, hands you a Toa Stone, and tells you the city is depending on you... don't walk. Run."
Toa Metru Vakama

BIONICLE 19: Enemies of Metru Nui
Outside/alternate title Surrender or Run
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Enemies of Metru Nui", also known by its title text "Surrender or Run", is issue #19 in the BIONICLE series of comic books and the fourth issue in its "Metru Nui" story arc. Issues of the comic book were included in LEGO Magazines released for the July/August 2004 publication.

Plot Summary

Toa Metru Vakama, Nokama, and Matau are running away from a Vahki Bordakh squad. Nokama is hit by a blast from the Staff of Loyalty, and turns on her fellow Toa, pushing Vakama over the edge of a tower on which they are standing. Vakama contemplates his situation and options as he falls. He sees more Bordakh below but realizes that his Kanoka Launcher can double as a flying mechanism when he unintentionally activates it with his thoughts. Vakama then launches two shrink Kanoka and makes the Vahki below smaller.

Meanwhile up above, Nokama is struggling with Matau who pushes her off and to the edge, grabbing her foot as she slips. However, Nokama still falls, much to the Toa of Air's chagrin. The shock of the fall breaks the Vahki's hold on her and Vakama catches her.

The Vahki start to chase Matau through the Chutes when he dives into one. Down the chute, Vahki Vorzakh destroy a section of the chute, in order to capture Matau. Matau grabs on to the ceiling of the chute with his tools, as the Vahki chasing him fall out of the chute.

Meanwhile, the Vahki squads who captured Whenua, Nuju, and Onewa march them through underground tunnels. Whenua, Onewa and Nuju make a plan to bolt from their Rorzakh guards. At this point of time, Whenua is unknowingly struck by a blast from the Vahki's Staff of Presence. At a side passage they break out in a run but the Vahki are able to track them. They run in circles for hours, until the Vahki trap them at a dead end. Nuju begins doubting his abilities as a Toa.

Meanwhile, the other three Toa decide to take refuge in the cargo hold of an Airship. Vakama begins to suspect that there is more behind events in the city than is apparent. In the end, Vakama, Nokama, and Matau escape on the ship with a squad of Vahki Nuurakh hidden on it, waiting to strike.


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