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"Malum was the most dangerous kind of warrior – one who did not fear death, for it would seem a comfort compared to the life he lived now."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall

Former Glatorian
Tribe Fire (formerly)
Tools Sword (formerly)
Flame Claws
Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Wastelands
Pronunciation Mal-umm
Set number 8979 Malum (instructions)

Malum is a former Glatorian of the Fire Tribe who is currently allied with the Sand Tribe. He was exiled to the desert wastes when he attempted to kill his arena match opponent Strakk after the Ice Tribe Glatorian had already conceded.


Early life

Malum facing Strakk during the Core War

Malum once resided on the planet of Spherus Magna, and fought in the Core War under the command of the Element Lord of Fire.[1]

He once led a Fire Tribe contingent, and during an expedition through the Great Jungle, he heard a suspicious noise, which was a hidden Jungle Tribe fighter. Although there were no other signs of anything, Malum started a fire in the forest anyway. He soon caught wind of the Jungle Tribe squad, which had made an alliance with a Water Tribe faction, and followed them to an area of the Northern Frost. He was blasted by an elemental Water blast, and assumed it to be Tarix, challenging their faction. The Jungle fighters abandoned their allies, and the Fire and Water armies clashed. The fight was interrupted by Certavus and his squadron, and Malum gave an order of retreat.[2]

Malum was part of the unit that captured the Energized Protodermis spring late in the Core War. Moments before the Shattering, he was approached by two Agori, Raanu and Kyry, who were trying to warn him of the impending danger. Malum did not believe the two, informing them that the Fire Tribe was winning the war.[1] In the wake of the disaster, Malum was stranded on the largest fragment of the planet, Bara Magna.

Glatorian career

Malum facing off against an opponent in the arena

Malum later fought in the arena as the Second Glatorian of Vulcanus, after Perditus relinquished the role, and was trained in combat by Ackar.[3][4] Malum ruined his reputation when he mauled a Tesara trainee to such an extent he couldn't fight for an entire year.[3] He became known as a brutal fighter, though his ways were tolerated, as he never directly broke any rules.[5]

Shortly after the Skrall migrated south and began competing in the Arena Matches, Malum fought a Skrall warrior and lost.[6]

During one match with Vastus, Malum overwhelmed his opponent, and was about to continue assaulting him when he was stopped by Strakk. Ackar later warned Malum about his attitude, though Malum rebuffed his lecture, and threatened the Prime Glatorian. The two spotted Vorox, and Malum expressed his disdain for the creatures. Malum continued his violent arena ways, despite a warning from Raanu that other villages would refuse their challenges if Malum were made Prime Glatorian.[7]


Joining the Vorox

Malum being exiled

Several months later, Malum fought Strakk in the arena. Strakk's dirty tactics, along with pushing Malum further than any other of his opponents, infuriated the Fire Glatorian. Malum knocked Strakk down, and prepared to kill the Ice Glatorian, when he was knocked over by Gresh. Due to his violations of the arena code of conduct, Malum was banished from Vulcanus to the wastelands. He began wandering the deserts, challenging any Glatorian he chanced upon for his own gain.

Surviving against expectations, Malum eventually encountered a pack of Vorox, and challenged the alpha male for dominance. The pack leader knocked him down, but Malum faked defeat, and attacked the Vorox when it turned its back, beating it and gaining dominance over the pack. The next day, Malum sought out the exiled pack leader, and killed him.[7]

During his time as an exile, Malum encountered Bone Hunters many times. The raiders wounded and stole from him when they could, and Malum nursed a grudge against them as well.[8]

Three Vorox of Malum's pack attacked Strakk, Gresh, Tarix, and Berix as they were traveling to Vulcanus. Malum signaled for them to retreat in the midst of their battle.[9]

Malum was later approached by an Agori who was assisting Raanu after Vulcanus began experiencing daily raids by the Bone Hunters. Malum refused to personally help the village, but promised to come up with a solution if the Agori gave him some Thornax ammunition. Receiving it, he reluctantly made good on his deal by telling the Agori to make a stew from the Thornax to feed to the Zesk and tell the primal Agori the Bone Hunters had more of it. Malum suspected the Zesk might get the Vorox to raid their camps to look for more, temporarily relieving Vulcanus of its problems. He subsequently traded with the Agori, receiving Thornax in return for the Rock Salt needed to make the stew.[10]

Conflicts with the Skrall

Malum with his Vorox

Malum and his Vorox attacked a Skrall party north of the Skrall River, although they disappeared into the sand during the battle. Malum had the Vorox organize an ambush for a patrol of Skrall, as he anticipated Tuma to send a party after him. The patrol of Skrall, mounted on Rock Steeds, was lured to a cave with telltale signs of recent Vorox activity, and attempted to lure the Vorox out. However, they were instead attacked by the Vorox as Malum emerged from the cave to observe the ambush. The Skrall then fired Thornax at the cave's ceiling, collapsing it and immobilizing Malum, rendering him unconscious. The patrol leader ordered the Vorox to surrender. When the attack ceased, the Skrall placed Malum onto his Rock Steed and the patrol rode towards Roxtus. Malum awoke in Roxtus, and was confronted by Tuma and a Skrall. Tuma informed Malum that he desired the Vorox as allies, and needed Malum's help in gaining their trust. Malum was then forced into an arena with several Vorox. Enraged at the torment they had suffered at the hands of the Skrall, Malum calmed the Sand Tribe warriors, and deceived the Skrall into attempting the same. The Vorox attacked the Skrall when they tried the same trick, giving Malum enough time to escape.[11]

While in the Black Spike Mountains, Malum approached a guard convoy comprised of Gresh, Strakk, Tarduk and Kirbold. He warned them that Skrall patrols had increased in the area, and departed.

Malum and his Vorox encountered the group again after they had escaped from a Skrall patrol that kidnapped them. He took Kirbold and Tarduk hostage, and told Gresh and Strakk to go to Roxtus and collect a Flame Sword that the Skrall had stolen from him. Gresh and Strakk recovered the weapon, but refused to return it to Malum, and instead freed Tarduk and Kirbold and ran away. When they tried to escape from him, they fell down the Dark Falls.

The convoy, later escaping from another Skrall band led by Stronius, were blocked by Malum and the Vorox. To escape, Ackar convinced the Skrall the Vorox were on his side, tricking them into fighting each other. As the convoy fled, Malum pursued on a Sand Stalker, accusing Ackar of associating with thieves, as he believed Gresh to have stolen the sword he agreed to return. Gresh proposed to fight over the issue right then, but Malum refused and left after threatening Gresh.[12]

Malum and his Vorox pack speaking with Gresh

Malum, along with several of his Vorox, visited Gresh while he was practicing for the Great Tournament. He warned Gresh of an impending attack, but refused to elaborate further and departed.[13]

Raid on Vulcanus

Malum and Ackar during the night of their attack

Malum was approached by Ackar and Gelu, who sought his help in dealing with Bone Hunters. Despite initially refusing to assist the village that had exiled him, Malum was convinced by Ackar to enact revenge on the Bone Hunters, who had harmed him before. The two Glatorian helped the exiled warrior construct plans, and attacked a Bone Hunter encampment. The Vorox of his pack took the Bone Hunters by surprise, and Malum joined the fight himself. The group eventually retreated. Malum expressed his respect to Gelu, and retired to his cave.[14]

To prevent harm from coming to his pack, Malum subsequently forbade the Vorox from assisting the Glatorian in their war with the Skrall.[5]

Abilities and Traits

During the Core War, Malum had a reputation as aggressive and unwilling to accept defeat. His order to retreat from the legendary Certavus shocked his soldiers, as it was the first time they had seen him voluntarily concede a battle.[2]

Malum has a manifested lack of honor and has difficulties controlling his temper. His uncontrolled anger led to him attempting to murder Strakk in an arena match, for which he was exiled.[7] Following his exile, he became convinced that Ackar had set him up out of jealousy.[3]


After joining a pack of Vorox, Malum eventually learned to understand and speak the language of the Sand Tribe, which consists predominately of whistles and hand gestures. He is also very protective of the Vorox in his tribe, and sympathizes with the species as a whole. He tends to see more civilized values in them than he does in Agori or Glatorian.[15]


Malum used a sword in the Core War and in arena matches, though this was broken in his final match by Strakk.[2][7] He also possessed a sword that was originally intended for Ackar, which he kept after his exile. However, this sword was eventually stolen from him by the Skrall.[12]

Malum currently wields a pair of Flame Claws and bears a shoulder-mounted Thornax Launcher. Stats


Set Information

The Malum set
Malum Set

8979 Malum was released as one of six Glatorian canister sets in early 2009. It contains 59 pieces, among them a Thornax fruit and a rotating "life counter" piece on his back which indicates Malum's health in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. Malum and his canister are both used in the game.

Instructions for 8979+8990 Sand Stalker, a combiner model of the Malum set and 8990 Fero & Skirmix, were released in the March–April 2009 issue of LEGO Brickmaster magazine.


"Fall, Vastus! Today belongs to Malum!"
"I know all about your might, Malum. Too bad there's no sane mind to direct it."
— Malum and Vastus, The Exile's Tale

"Perhaps it would be best if you curb your ferocity a bit?"
"If I become Prime Glatorian I will retain my ferocity... and the other villages can go to blazes."
— Raanu and Malum, The Exile's Tale

"You are the trash of the desert, and I am the one who will celebrate at your grave."
— Malum to Tuma, Empire of the Skrall

"The desert is a place of extremes. Blazing heat, chilling cold, fierce loyalty ... and deep hatred. The Skrall won't forget this day ... and to their bitter regret, neither will I. "
— Malum's thoughts, Empire of the Skrall

"What brings you to my ... empire? If you are seeking hospitality, I have none to offer. Food? Water? Whatever I have goes to my people."
— Malum, Raid on Vulcanus

"You're right. But civilized society said it had no place for me. The Vorox found me, sheltered me, and made me part of their tribe. We want nothing to do with your world anymore, Ackar. But out of the friendship we once shared, I will allow you and your friend to depart with your lives... if you leave now."
— Malum to Ackar, Raid on Vulcanus

"I care nothing about Vulcanus. Let it burn. But I would see the Bone Hunters burn first."
— Malum, Raid on Vulcanus

"Once you fall into my claws, it's all over."
— Malum,



Malum in Glatorian Arena 3
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