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This article is about the Makuta of Nynrah. You may be looking for the weapon or the Makuta of Metru Nui.

"You have no powers. You have no mind. You are about to have no head."
Makuta Tridax to Vezon, Destiny War

Assigned region Nynrah
Kanohi Olmak (secondary)
Unknown (both formerly)
Tools Acid spear
Status Deceased
Pronunciation TRY-dacks

Tridax was the Makuta of Nynrah and a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Early life

Tridax, like all Makuta, was created 100,000 years ago by the Great Spirit Mata Nui[1] from a pool of the substance known as Antidermis on one of the Southern Islands of the Matoran Universe.[DW, Ch. 4] He became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization devoted to serving the will of Mata Nui and maintaining order in the universe. Tridax was responsible for the creation of several Rahi breeds to populate the universe.[1]

Following the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui, Tridax was assigned by Miserix to supervise the island of Nynrah.[OGDi][citation needed]

When Teridax demanded a Convocation to reveal his plan and claim leadership, Tridax sided with Teridax.[TMC, Ch. 6]

Like all other Makuta, Tridax's Antidermis evolved to a gaseous virus-like state where he no longer required sleep or sustenance. Teridax ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to Destral to modify the Makuta's armor to accommodate this evolution.[TMC, Ch. 7]

Before the Brotherhood was revealed to have betrayed the Great Spirit, Tridax had a team of Toa Hagah assigned to him.[2] After Toa Norik and his team rebelled against Teridax, many of the Brotherhood's Toa Hagah were killed, while others managed to survive. It is unknown which fate attended Tridax's team.[OGDi: Apr 3 2008, 06:58 PM][OGDi: Sep 7 2009, 02:59 PM]

Tridax worked with Mutran and Chirox to create the Shadow Leeches, using a Kanohi Olmak to deposit their failed experiments in various places across the Matoran Universe.[DW, Ch. 6] He also suggested the idea of the Tridax Pod, which was in turn named after him.[3]

Upon realizing that the Olmak could take him to other dimensions, Tridax gathered copies of Takanuva from various dimensions and returned them to his. After doing so, he drained light of several of them with the Shadow Leeches, planning to produce an army of Shadow Takanuva.[DW, Ch. 6]

Order of Mata Nui-Brotherhood of Makuta War

Soon after Antroz and his team left for Karda Nui, Tridax encountered Vezon, who had arrived on Destral at the behest of the Order of Mata Nui and had been captured by Rahkshi. He brought the half-Skakdi in for interrogation, and Vezon informed him of the Order's plans to sabotage Destral's teleportation device, and of the imminent attack on the island.[DW, Ch. 3] The assault soon initiated, and Tridax left to release the army of Shadow Takanuva upon the attackers, followed by Vezon.[DW, Ch. 5] Tridax apprehended Vezon and was telling him of his experiments when Tobduk and Mazeka broke into the chamber and exposed Tridax to a Protosteel-eating Virus.[DW, Ch. 6] Tridax's armor was soon destroyed by the virus, leaving him a cloud of Antidermis. Tobduk then told the Makuta the details of his own life, and incinerated Tridax's Antidermis with a staff.[BIA, Ch. 6]

Abilities and Traits

Tridax, like all Makuta, possessed the forty-two abilities belonging to the Kraata they created, along with telepathy and elemental Shadow powers. In the form he used while interrogating Vezon, his armor had a purple and crimson coloring.[DW, Ch. 3]

Mask and Tools

Tridax carried a long spear tipped with Acid[DW, Ch. 3] and a sharp blade.[DW, Ch. 5]

He used a Kanohi Olmak, though he did not wear it regularly.[DW, Ch. 6]


"Speak, fool! And let only truth and clarity come from your mouth if you wish to continue having one."
— Tridax to Vezon, Destiny War

"Very well, Skakdi trash. You want to learn the most powerful secret of Destral? You want the satisfaction of knowing what hides here before you die? Look around."
— Tridax to Vezon, Destiny War


  • The idea for Tridax's name was suggested by BZPower and BIONICLESector01 member SAmaster to Greg Farshtey, who accepted it into canon.[OGDi: Sep 5 2008, 02:08 PM]



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