BIONICLE 20: Struggle in the Sky

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"Don't you have more dark-serious things to do? Like watching for loitering Lava Eels?"
Toa Metru Matau to a Nuurakh

BIONICLE 20: Struggle in the Sky
Outside/alternate title Danger is the Dark Hunters
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Struggle in the Sky", also known by its title text "Danger is the Dark Hunters", is issue #20 in the BIONICLE series of comics and the fifth issue in its "Metru Nui" story arc. The comic book is narrated from Nidhiki's point of view. It was released in the September/October 2004 issue of LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

Nidhiki and Krekka are searching for the Toa. Nidhiki states that capturing the Toa Metru will be harder than capturing Toa Lhikan was. He says that he suspects that they are on the Airship due to his knowledge of Toa.

Meanwhile, Vahki attack Vakama, Nokama, and Matau, as the three plan their next move. The Toa soon defeat the Vahki, stating at the time that they are not outlaws, but then the two Dark Hunters break into the Airship. Nidhiki angers Vakama, and Vakama charges at him. Krekka freezes him in the air with a freeze Kanoka and sends him falling to his death. However, Matau catches Vakama just in time, avoiding a blow from Nidhiki and landing on the floor.

Meanwhile, Teridax, posing as Turaga Dume, gives orders to a Vahki as Nivawk returns to report on the Dark Hunters' progress and is ordered to return to watch over events in the Airship.

Meanwhile, Nokama destroys the platform Nidhiki was on, causing him to crash to the floor. Back at the fight, Vakama manages to heat the ice so he can break out of it, while Matau dodges a Kanoka launched by Krekka. Using another Kanoka, Vakama then teleports Krekka to the outside of the Airship, and he falls to the ground. With Krekka out of the way and Nidhiki covered in debris, the Toa fly away.

Nidhiki thinks of following them, but decides to find Krekka instead.



  • In some parts of the world, this comic came packaged with golden-colored Kanohi Vahi.

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