BIONICLE Chronicles

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BIONICLE Chronicles
Tale of the Toa, the first book in the series
Book Series
Number of books Five
Author Cathy Hapka
Greg Farshtey
Years released 2003

BIONICLE Chronicles is the first BIONICLE book series. They were written by Cathy Hapka, with the exception of the fourth book, which was written by Greg Farshtey. It chronicles the adventures of the Toa Mata, their transformation into Toa Nuva, their fights against the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal, and the search for the Seventh Toa.




  • The first four Chronicles books were later released in a box set, along with a special edition poisoned Hau Nuva. However, the mask was replaced with Lhikan's Great Hau due to limited stock.
  • The first four Chronicles were later re-released as a single, hardcover book.
  • Some events recorded in the Chronicles novels, notably how the Toa Mata defeated their Shadow Toa opponents and which Bohrok-Kal stole which Nuva Symbols from their villages, were later retconned in either the BIONICLE: Encyclopedia or replaced with events from the Bohrok-Kal Online Animations.
  • Mask of Light is not officially a part of the Chronicles series, nor does it include the Chronicles variation of the Legend of Mata Nui. However, it effectively bridges the gap between Tales of the Masks and Mystery of Metru Nui, and would otherwise be the only novel to not be in a series.
  • The first four Chronicles books and The Official Guide to BIONICLE were the only BIONICLE books officially translated into Hungarian.