Battle Against the Piraka

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Battle Against the Piraka
Conflict The Piraka fight the Toa Nuva
Combatants Toa Nuva
Location Voya Nui
Result Piraka defeat Toa Nuva
Toa Nuva left for dead

After the Piraka successfully enslaved Voya Nui's inhabitants, they began to focus on finding the Ignika, the Mask of Life. The Toa Nuva, also seeking the mask, arrived on the island, inciting a Battle Against the Piraka.


Toa Nuva

  • Find the Ignika.
  • Defeat the Piraka.


  • Find the Ignika.
  • Defeat the Toa Nuva.


The Toa Nuva, after arriving on Voya Nui, scouted around the area. Soon, they encountered two Piraka, Hakann and Reidak. As the Toa Nuva fought against them, Hakann deserted Reidak, and attempted to flee the battlefield. Before he could leave, he was joined by Zaktan, and the three Piraka began assaulting the Toa Nuva. Soon, they were joined by their allies, Avak and Thok, and Avak and Hakann dispatched Kopaka and Gali, respectively. While Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa battled Reidak, Tahu and Zaktan crossed swords, but Zaktan overwhelmed Tahu with his swarm of Protodites. After Pohatu, Onua, and Lewa imprisoned Reidak, they found their teammates had been defeated, and the Piraka quickly knocked Lewa and Pohatu unconscious. Badly outnumbered, Onua charged the Piraka, only to be knocked unconscious by Vezok, a late arrival. On Zaktan's orders, the Toa Nuva were stripped of their weapons and Kanohi Nuva, and the five subordinate Piraka took them to Mount Valmai.[1] As the Piraka prepared to throw the Toa Nuva into the lava, the volcano began to erupt and the Piraka fled, abandoning the unconscious Toa Nuva.[2]

Zaktan with Tahu's Hau Nuva


The Toa Nuva woke up in time to escape the volcanic eruption and found shelter. They were soon attacked by the Matoran Resistance, who believed that they were more Piraka, but they formed an alliance after the Toa Nuva proved their benevolence. The Matoran and Toa Nuva infiltrated the Piraka Stronghold, retrieved their Kanohi and tools, and went to confront the Piraka. However, they were swiftly defeated by rogue Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka, who incapacitated the six Toa and six Matoran with a single blow from his sword. The Toa Nuva were imprisoned again and enslaved by Antidermis to drain their elemental energies into a pool, greatly weakening them. The Matoran were taken away for interrogation.[2]


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