BIONICLE 21: Dreams of Darkness

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"The Tahtorak wanted an answer to a question we can't know. Its efforts brought only destruction... and destruction was all it found. It's a funny thing about looking for answers, Nokama... sometimes you are far better off not finding them."
Toa Metru Vakama

BIONICLE 21: Dreams of Darkness
Outside/alternate title Nightmare
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Dreams of Darkness", also known by its title text "Nightmare", is issue #21 in the BIONICLE series of comic books and the sixth issue in its "Metru Nui" story arc. The comic book was released alongside LEGO Magazine's November/December 2004 issue.

Plot Summary

Immersed in a vision, Toa Metru Vakama finds himself helpless in front of a monstrous titan, with the other five Toa Metru fallen around him. From the titan's chest erupts a Shadow Hand, crushing Vakama, and attempting to absorb him.

Within moments, Vakama's vision changes, and he discovers that he is enmeshed by a webbed cocoon. In a spider-like fashion, Nidhiki crawls up to Vakama, and taunts him. Nidhiki then mentions his brother, and Vakama is transported to what seems to him to be Nuhrii's living quarters. Thinking this aloud, Lhikan appears, giving Vakama advice. Then, Vakama travels with Dume down a stone staircase. Dume disappears once they reach their destination, a tunnel with a web spanning the height and width of the tunnel. Cocoons from the webs break, and inside, Vakama sees his teammates emerging to the floor. After speaking to them, Nuju shows Vakama a mirror, which depicts what Vakama will become.

Awakening from his frightful vision, Vakama continues to walk with Matau and Nokama down the alleys of Ta-Metru. Nokama and Matau fill in Vakama on what they were doing, as Vakama is still disoriented from his vision. Soon, a rumbling begins, and a monstrous creature rises, an enraged Tahtorak who demands an answer to an unknown question. The Toa attempt to fight it, but the creature's strong scales render their attacks useless. Soon, Vahki Nuurakh arrive at the scene, and, inadvertently aid the Toa in trying to fight the creature. Within seconds, the creature smashes the Vahki to bits, and the Toa are alone against the beast again. With an idea, Vakama hands Matau and Nokama Kanoka Disks with the weaken power, and the three launches the disks at the ground below the Rahi. Already crumbling under the creature's weight, the street gives way, and the Rahi plummets. The Toa discuss the battle, and continue on, as Vakama ponders philosophically about questions, while thinking about his vision.



  • The Nuurakh in this issue incorrectly wield Staffs of Confusion as their Stun Staffs rather than Staffs of Command.

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