Conflict Between Brutaka and Teridax

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"If I have lost the staff, you are about to lose everything."
"You seem to have me mistaken for someone who has anything at all left to lose.
Makuta Teridax and Brutaka, Into the Darkness

Conflict Between Brutaka and Teridax
Conflict Brutaka faces off against Maxilos to prevent him from recreating the Nui Stone
Combatants Brutaka
Teridax as Maxilos
Location Waters near Mahri Nui
Result Staff of Artakha given to Botar
Teridax leaving for another battle
Matoro flees

The Conflict Between Brutaka and Teridax was a brief battle which occurred between Brutaka and Makuta Teridax possessing a Maxilos.



  • Defeat Teridax and prevent him from reconstructing the Nui Stone.



Teridax froze Matoro in a stasis field and started to recreate the Nui Stone using the Staff of Artakha. However, Brutaka intervened and fired a bolt of energy at Teridax, causing him to stagger and drop the staff. Teridax fired back a bolt of Shadow energy which missed, and Brutaka dove past Teridax, snatching the staff and shouting the name "Botar". Botar, summoned by the use of his name, appeared, and took the staff from Brutaka's hands, teleporting himself and the staff to a safe place. Teridax then threatened that he would kill Brutaka for losing the staff, but Brutaka ignored the threat.[1] Brutaka freed Matoro, telling him to find the other Toa Mahri, and resumed the battle. Teridax fired another bolt of energy at Brutaka, but the ex-agent of the Order of Mata Nui triggered his Kanohi Olmak and sent the energy into the Zone of Darkness. Brutaka then shot a blast of energy from his sword at Teridax and knocked his weapon out of his hands. Teridax then used the power of Gravity to hurl Brutaka into a nearby mountain, but Brutaka just taunted Teridax by stating what he could discern about Teridax's Plan. Annoyed, Teridax attempted to trap Brutaka in a stasis field, but the warrior easily destroyed it. Again, Brutaka taunted Teridax, telling him that Hydraxon's replica was probably going to destroy the Ignika.[2]


Teridax decided to leave and look for the Ignika instead, while Brutaka claimed that they would meet again.



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