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"This is our world - this, right here, shrouded in vines and too close to Roxtus for my liking. We both saw Atero crumble. Well, not again, not to my village."
Glatorian Vastus, Raid on Vulcanus

Comic Vastus.png
Tribe Jungle
Powers Air
Tools Venom Talon
Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Vass-tuss[OGDi: May 7 2009, 02:49 PM]
Set number 8986

Vastus is a Glatorian, and was the Prime Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe on Bara Magna.


Early life

On Spherus Magna, Vastus lived with other members of the Jungle Tribe under the rule of the Element Lord of Jungle. During the Core War, he was enlisted by the Element Lord of Jungle to fight for the control of Energized Protodermis, and led troops as a field commander. He was designated to lead a covert unit, which infiltrated enemy villages to sabotage their efforts. One of their missions was to sneak into the Ice Tribe village and trigger an avalanche that would block the main road off from the mountain. However, an error created a larger slide than they had predicted, and half the village was destroyed, resulting in the death of over one thousand mostly non-combatant Agori. This event tormented Vastus, and he began to feel guilt over his actions.

Vastus in a jungle

Vastus led his Jungle fighters against the Water Tribe, numbing Tarix on one side during the course of the battle. Tarix proposed a truce, which Vastus readily accepted. Tarix explained about secret Ice Tribe tunnels he heard of from several Ice Agori, and they decided to set out through the Great Jungle. Vastus did not approve of the quest, and had his army plan a retreat in advance. They spotted Malum leading a Fire Tribe force and hid, but Malum's army started a fire that killed three of Vastus's troops. When they reached the tunnels' supposed entrance, they all hid when the Fire Tribe squadron appeared. Vastus took one of Tarix's Water Blades, and blasted Malum, returning Tarix the blade before he and his fighters moved out, leaving the Water Tribe to face Malum.

The war was ended by the Shattering, which struck the planet, shattering it into several pieces. Vastus was isolated on the largest fragment, Bara Magna, along with many others. He played a part in the development of the new social system, and became the prime Glatorian of the village of Tesara, undertaking the matches in which more was at stake.

Glatorian career

Vastus won the Great Tournament in Atero more than once.[1] Due to the constant threat of attack from Bone Hunters or Vorox, Vastus rarely fought outside of Tesara, wanting to remain close to defend the village if needed. [2]

Vastus fighting Malum in the Arena

Engaged to fight a match against the secondary Fire Glatorian Malum, Vastus traveled to Vulcanus to participate in the match. While initially having the upper hand, Vastus eventually lost to Malum's rage, and was incapacitated without formally conceding the fight. Malum attempted to force Vastus to admit his loss, but was stopped by Strakk, who assisted the Jungle fighter after Malum left.

At one point, he participated in three consecutive battles for the Jungle Tribe. When the Jungle Tribe was drawn into a water dispute with the Rock Tribe, Vastus was unable to fight due to fatigue, and Gresh took his place.

War with the Skrall

Along with the other Glatorian, Vastus traveled to Atero in order to participate in the Great Tournament. During the first match of the tournament, the arena was invaded by an army of Skrall. Vastus and the other Glatorian attempted to repel the Skrall forces, but were eventually overpowered, and forced to flee the city.


Raid on Vulcanus

Gresh approached Vastus as he was training in Tesara, requesting the Prime Glatorian's assistance in defending the city of Vulcanus from Bone Hunters. Vastus, not wanting to leave Tesara undefended, declined Gresh's invitation. Gresh then departed the village.

The defense team of Glatorian pleaded for his help again, after being discharged from service by Raanu. Vastus agreed, and traveled with the group to Vulcanus. Upon arriving in the village they found it under siege by the Bone Hunters. The Glatorian eventually overwhelmed the raiding party, and saved the village.

Arrival of Mata Nui

Vastus later took the Agori Tarduk and Gresh to the outskirts of Tesara, in order to construct a new wall for extra defense. While listening to Tarduk's tales of his recent adventures, Vastus fired a Thornax at a potential hiding spot, striking the Bone Hunter Fero, who was lying in wait. While searching through Fero's possessions, Vastus found a Skrall shield. Vastus then spotted a brightly lit object flying through the sky.

Vastus in The Legend Reborn

While fighting Tarix within the arena, Vastus and his opponent halted the fight to listen to Ackar, who was calling for the fighting to stop. Vastus and Tarix quit their match, and heard Ackar ask for a unification of the villages, in order to fend off the combined forces of the Bone Hunters and Skrall. Vastus was given Elemental Air powers by Mata Nui, to help with the battles.

Along with the other Glatorian, Vastus traveled to Roxtus in order to claim the final village piece needed to complete the Mega-Village composed of the villages joined together. He fought in the following battle, which was eventually won by the Glatorian. After the villages united, he joined the defense force under the leadership of Ackar.

Vastus later traveled with Mata Nui, Gresh, Ackar, and Kiina, in order to help free a trapped Thornatus from rubble. Vastus combined his Air powers with Kiina's Water powers in order to dislodge the vehicle.

When Mata Nui discovered a coin bearing the maze symbol, Vastus informed him about Tarduk and his tales of the Valley of the Maze.

Battle of Bara Magna

Mata Nui soon departed, in order to find a method of powering the form of the Mega-Village, which was actually a robot crafted by the Great Beings. He was successful, and brought the robot under his control, following the evacuation of the Mega-Village's residents. Vastus and the other Glatorian and the Agori were then ordered to take shelter, which they did. Teridax eventually arrived on Bara Magna, and challenged Mata Nui to a duel. As the two robots fought, Vastus assisted the inhabitants of Bara Magna in attempting to bring the tyrant down, attacking Teridax directly and fighting against his Rahkshi.

The Glatorian were relieved from battle with the Rahkshi with aid from Tahu using the Golden Armor, which defeated the Rahkshi. Mata Nui was then able to complete his mission of reforming Spherus Magna from Bara Magna, Bota Magna and Aqua Magna, allowing the Glatorian and Agori to live with fewer troubles as he revitalized the planet, creating a paradisaical world.

Abilities and Traits

Vastus in Tesara

As a result of the actions he committed during the Core War, Vastus is extremely guilt-ridden, and seeks to atone for his crimes. He also feels a Glatorian's first duty is to defend his own village - not only did he initially refuse to defend Vulcanus from Bone Hunters, but he also sent Gresh to fight in most arena matches outside of Tesara so he could remain with his village.

Vastus, having discovered powerful meditation techniques during the Core War, possesses enhanced senses, enough to let him feel air currents that are precursors to attacks. He occasionally closes his eyes during battle, able to hear moves instead of seeing them.

With the assistance of Mata Nui, Vastus was granted the element of Air powers.


Vastus carries a Venom Talon, which has a Thornax Launcher affixed to the end of it. Stats


Set Information

Vastus in set form

Vastus was released as one of the six "Glatorian Legends" canister sets in the latter half of 2009. The set contains fifty-five pieces including a life counter for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.


"Four to one? Didn't I teach you better than that? It's not fair unless it's at least six to one."
— Vastus to Gresh, Raid on Vulcanus

"You're strong, Malum, and that is enough to win sometimes. But brute strength can't win every fight."
— Vastus to Malum, The Exile's Tale



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