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"Where places like Zakaz, Destral, and Odina discourage visitors, Xia is more than happy to have you come - provided you are there to do business. And the business of Xia is death for those of other lands."
— A member of the Order of Mata Nui, World

Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Vortixx
Dark Hunters (both formerly)
Population None
Assigned Makuta Makuta Antroz
Position East of Zakaz
Pronunciation ZEE-ah

Xia was a heavily industrialized island in the Matoran Universe. The land was known for the massive weapons manufacturing industry run by its primary residents, the Vortixx. The residents of Xia kept all of their sea routes available and clear of any obstacles. The island could be reached by sailing out of the southern gate of Metru Nui, then steering east and following the dome's wall.[1]


Xia was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. It became the home of the Vortixx species, who provided goods to other races of the universe, such as Matoran. Over time, the Vortixx began to demand higher payments than Matoran could afford. To rectify the situation, Makuta Miserix sent Mutran, Icarax, and Icarax's aide Pridak to Xia to negotiate a lowering of the Xian's prices.[2]

The negotiations lasted several days and only came to an end when Icarax lost his temper and destroyed part of the island. Cowed, the Vortixx agreed to lower their prices substantially. During their stay, Pridak made note of the island's potential. After the party left, Mutran realized that he had left his pet project, a sentient rock, in the center of the island.[2] The rock took root and developed into "The Mountain", a landmark which later became an integral part of a Vortixx rite of passage.[3][4]

During the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms, Pridak, now a Barraki, ruled the island of Xia, the northernmost island under his rule. Under his rule, Xia was organized into a massive weapons manufacturer, providing arms and war machines for the Leagues.[5]

After the League was defeated by the Brotherhood of Makuta the island began to manufacture weapons for the Brotherhood, which soon became its largest customer. They also began to provide the Dark Hunters with weapons.

After the Matoran Civil War, the Makuta Antroz was assigned by Miserix to supervise the island.[citation needed]

Makuta Kojol, the Makuta of Artakha, went to Xia after the Raid on Artakha to request a special armor-eating virus to be made into a weapon. He brought with him three other viruses, which he stashed away underneath the island. Tobduk, a member of the Order of Mata Nui, arranged for Kojol to be consumed by his own virus; his essence was later incinerated in a forge. The Vortixx claimed that they knew nothing about the incident, but the Brotherhood did not believe them. As a result, Makuta Teridax ordered part of the island destroyed to remind them to be more careful.[6][7][8]

The Kanohi Dragon was sent to this island after the Toa Mangai managed to defeat it, but the Vortixx always denied it. The Order of Mata Nui suspected that the Vortixx were studying it for weaponry.[9][10]

Xia's trade agreement with the Dark Hunters became strained after the Hunters stole Zamor Launcher prototypes from the island of Nynrah.[5] This tension eventually subsided, and trade resumed.[citation needed]

Roodaka, a female Vortixx native to Xia, used the Visorak Battle Rams manufactured on the island to overtake Metru Nui.[citation needed]

After the Great Cataclysm,[11] the Vortixx received the Staff of Artakha in return for a payment of weapons made to the Dark Hunters.[12]

About 1,000 years after the Great Cataclysm, a rumor spread through Xia that the League of Six Kingdoms was about to return to power, causing production of all varieties of weapons to increase.[13]

After Botar teleported the Tahtorak to Xia, the Rahi went on a rampage in the center of the city. The Toa Nuva traveled to Xia in search of the Staff of Artakha, as instructed by the scroll they had found. Onua went digging to find it, while the others did what they could to help the besieged Vortixx. The Rahaga later arrived to protect the Vortixx from the Kanohi Dragon and the Tahtorak. The Toa Nuva witnessed Roodaka transform the Rahaga back into the Toa Hagah, and then left to find the Staff (which had been taken by Icarax) while the Toa Hagah remained to help the Vortixx.[14]

A fight eventually broke out between the Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon, in which the Dragon was wounded enough for the Toa Hagah to bring it down. Toa Bomonga then used his Mask of Growth to wrestle Tahtorak to the ground. However, Toa Gaaki soon discovered a fleet of Dark Hunter ships approaching. Iruini teleported using his Kanohi Kualsi to one of the ships, where he met the Shadowed One, who had been hired by the Order of Mata Nui to prevent the Vortixx from providing any more weapons to the Brotherhood of Makuta. To do so, the Shadowed One planned to destroy the island and all of its inhabitants.[15]

Helryx, the Order's leader, infuriated by the Shadowed One's intentions, came aboard his ship and threatened the Shadowed One, to ensure he would not destroy the island. She then hired the Toa Hagah to seek out Teridax, with Zaktan as a guide.[16]

The Dark Hunters proceeded to occupy Xia. When Odina was overrun by Rahkshi, Xia became their permanent base of operations.[17][18]

While searching the island, the Shadowed One discovered the viruses left there by Kojol, including a copy of the one Teridax used to overthrow Mata Nui. He was then approached by three of the Barraki, who knew of the virus and hoped to form an alliance with the Dark Hunters to overthrow the Great Spirit.[7]

Later, all Vortixx in a kio of the Shadowed One's chamber were pulverized into fragments, leaving no sign of a weapon or killer. The Shadowed One himself disappeared.[19]

After the Matoran Universe was rendered uninhabitable as a result of the Battle of Bara Magna, the inhabitants of Xia migrated onto Spherus Magna. Later, Xia, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[20][21]


Xia's cityscape against The Mountain

Xia was a very inhospitable realm. The island was completely environmentally devastated, with every inch of the island not taken up by the Mountain covered in factories, warehouses, docks, and other buildings. There were no houses in Xia; all inhabitants slept near their posts, in case they were needed for an unexpected order. The only water source was a small, dirty stream that wound around the Mountain and passed through many factories on its course. The pollution was awful; the only clean air on the island was said to exist at the top of the Mountain.

Due to the pollution caused by heavy industry, only a few species of Rahi managed to survive on Xia. Half of Xia has been destroyed by a fight between two foreign Rahi: the Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon.

The dome of Xia was lit by a series of Lightstones.

Former Inhabitants

Known Creations

The following items were manufactured on Xia by its inhabitants:

A tower on Xia


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