Battle Against Vezon

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"We didn't come all this way ... Fight all these fights ... Just to lose now."
"Don't be silly. Of course you did. I am more than the guardian of the mask of life, Toa -- The mask is part of me! I am cursed for trying to steal this mask, condemned to guard it with my life for eternity. I am cursed ... And you are doomed.
Toa Inika Jaller and Vezon, In Final Battle

Battle Against Vezon
Conflict The Toa Inika try to wrestle the Ignika from Vezon
Combatants Toa Inika
Vezon and Fenrakk, later Kardas
Location Chamber of Life
Result Ignika taken by the Toa Inika, Fenrakk remade into Kardas, Vezon and Kardas temporarily frozen in space and time

The Battle Against Vezon was the battle between Vezon, the Piraka, and Toa Inika, when they arrived in the Chamber of Life. This battle happened in two parts.


Toa Inika


  • Retrieve the Kanohi Ignika to gain wealth, power, and fame


  • Kill the Toa Inika and the Piraka
  • Protect the Kanohi Ignika

Battle Against Vezon and Fenrakk

The Piraka broke into the Chamber of Life, where they found themselves face to face with Vezon and Fenrakk. They started to fight against them, but Vezon defeated them all, except for Zaktan, by fusing Vezok and Reidak to create the Piraka Fusion, which promptly defeated Hakann, Avak and Thok.

The Toa Inika then entered the chamber and confronted the pair. They discovered during the battle that Vezon had the ability to absorb the energy of the blows they made, thus making him and Fenrakk invulnerable. Instead of keeping up their elemental attacks, the Toa tried to force the pair into a pit of lava. To their amazement, the two went in willingly.

Battle Against Vezon and Kardas

Hewkii using his Stone powers to attack Kardas

Jaller then prepared himself to dive into the pit in order to retrieve the mask, but instead of doing so, Vezon and Fenrakk re-emerged, with Fenrakk now transformed into Kardas. The Toa then continued to battle against the pair, when Jaller realized that the Ignika was sentient and then ordered Kongu to read its thoughts. Kongu found out that, due to Matoro's attitude toward the other Toa, it was he who the mask wished to be its guardian, and that it despised Vezon. When Kongu then projected the thoughts into the Piraka's mind, Vezon was enraged and decided to kill Matoro. However, Jaller took the chance and fired the Zamor Sphere given to him by Axonn, which froze Vezon and Kardas in time and space. Matoro then stepped forward and removed the mask from Vezon's head, but the mask made Kardas unleash one final blast of energy which blew it out of his hand.


Realizing that they must follow the mask, the Toa began to follow the Ignika as it flew out of the chamber and tunnels and went out into open sea with the Toa and Piraka close behind. Eventually, it dove into the sea, and Hahli along with Matoro (using his Kanohi mask) followed it. Hahli nearly drowned in the attempt, but she was saved by a Ta-Matoran from Mahri Nui. The Matoran died, although not before telling the Toa about Mahri Nui. The Toa Inika then reunited with the Toa Nuva and began their journey down the Cord, while the Toa Nuva pursued other tasks.


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