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"Once a year, Glatorian from all over Bara Magna gather together to battle for the right to be called champion."
— Narrator, The Fall of Atero

Great Tournament
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Aspect of Society
Location Bara Magna
Purpose Allowing Glatorian to fight without pressure from Tribes
Effects Winner can charge more for services

The Great Tournament was an annual event held once every year in the Arena Magna. The winner of the tournament was declared champion of the Glatorian.


After the new social system was established, the Great Tournament was eventually developed, giving Glatorian a chance to prove their worth. Tribes prepared for the tournament by holding exhibition battles, inviting competing Glatorian from other villages to fight in their arena, raising the anticipation level for the tournament. Several Agori from various villages were sent to Arena Magna in the days beforehand, to refurbish the building and prepare it for the upcoming event.

Tarix won the tournament last year, and was the last Glatorian to hold the title of champion.[1]

At the start of the most recent tournament, a massive Skrall army marched on Atero as the event began. The current match ceased in order to defend the city from the Skrall. Ultimately, the Glatorian and Agori were forced to flee as the Arena Magna fell.

After the social system was rejected by the Agori in the aftermath of the Attack on Tajun, the Great Tournament ceased to be held.

Known Champions

Vehicle Division

Event Structure

Agori preparing Atero for an upcoming Tournament

The Great Tournament lasted for three days, with every Glatorian competing for the honor. Agori and vehicles were barred from the main fights, as they were only to determine the strength of the Glatorian. A separate division encompassing vehicle combat was also created, where Agori and Glatorian who fought in vehicles were also allowed to compete.

Overripe Thornax fruit, which can explode on contact, were permitted in Tournament matches. Other rules of arena matches applied, such as the inability to use certain weapons if it unbalanced the fight.

Effects on Agori Society

The winning fighter claimed the title of champion of all Glatorian, and was given the right to charge higher for their services, as well as a bigger claim to resources.


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