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"You know, big blast of hot air, enough to knock a person over. Sort of like Scodonius after a win in the arena."
Crotesius, Riddle of the Great Beings

CGI Agori Scodonius.png
Tribe Water
Occupation Vehicle pilot
Tools None
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Scoh-DOH-nee-us
Set number 8993

Scodonius is an Agori of the Water Tribe living on Spherus Magna.


Before the Shattering occurred, Scodonius lived on Spherus Magna under the governance of the Element Lord of Water, who ruled the Water Tribe. When the Shattering took place, Scodonius was stranded in the desert region of the planet, which formed a separate planet called Bara Magna.

Scodonius piloting the Kaxium V3 in practice combat

After the Glatorian social system was established, Scodonius became a veteran pilot in the arena matches, and participated in the matches with Kirbraz using the Kaxium V3.

A few months prior to the Skrall's attack, Kirbraz was injured and unable to pilot their vehicle. Berix offered to replace him on the Kaxium V3 team and Scodonius agreed, but only to torment the Agori, intentionally making things particularly hard on Berix, who soon quit.

Scodonius was one of several Agori assigned the task of maintaining the Arena Magna in Atero to ensure its readiness for the Great Tournament. He was offered a position in Tarduk and Crotesius' expedition to the Valley of the Maze, but declined, believing it to be idiotic to go exploring so close to the Great Tournament without knowing the dangers. Upon completing the task for the most recent tournament, he returned to Tajun.

He later traveled back to the Arena Magna in order to view the Great Tournament. During the first match, Atero was invaded by Skrall warriors. Scodonius managed to escape, and went back to Tajun.

Kirbraz and Scodonius initiated a practice match with the Fire Agori Crotesius, challenging him in their Kaxium to sharpen their skills in the vehicles, using a new move in which they split the vehicle, in an attempt to startle the Fire Agori. While Kirbraz recovered from having his part of the vehicle knocked over, the three Agori discussed the Skrall attacks, and the chances of another attack happening. Skrall, who were watching their practice, assaulted them soon after, though they escaped on their vehicles.

Scodonius later participated in in a battle at Roxtus between the Agori and Glatorian, and Skrall. After the battle, he joined the other Agori in the Mega-Village.

Shortly afterward, Berix helped repair the damaged Kaxium V3. Scodonius apologized for his poor treatment of Berix and allowed him to join the Kaxium V3 team. He then evacuated the Mega-Village in order to let Mata Nui use the robot that the village was built within to attempt to restore Spherus Magna, only to be forced to combat Teridax.

Abilities and Traits

Scodonius is known to be a braggart, boasting after victories in the arena. He also does not get along with his partner, Kirbraz, and often attempted to score victories for himself.


Scodonius pilots the sidecar of the Kaxium V3.

Scodonius piloting one side of the Kaxium V3 Stats


Set Information

Scodonius was released as a pilot in the Kaxium V3 large boxed set in late 2009. He uses fourteen of the set's 251 pieces and attaches to the sidecar by a connector piece on his back.


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