Battle Against Mavrah

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"I understand that my friends — beings who have risked their lives to save Matoran like you — are in danger. I understand that your 'friends' have caught the scent of battle and are destroying each other. And I understand that this cave is going to be the last place any of us ever see in this lifetime."
Toa Metru Onewa to Mavrah, Voyage of Fear

Battle Against Mavrah
Conflict Mavrah attempts to kill the Toa Metru using Kralhi and Rahi
Combatants Toa Metru
Sea Rahi
Location Silver Sea
Result Mavrah disappeared, some Kralhi destroyed, some sea Rahi killed, a squad of Vahki decimated

The Battle Against Mavrah was a conflict between the Toa Metru, Mavrah and the First Rahi, and some Vahki. It occured when the Toa Metru were attempting to find a new home for the Matoran of Metru Nui, and found Mavrah in a cave. In the mistaken belief that the Toa had been sent to force him to return to the city, he ordered the First Rahi to attack them.


Toa Metru

  • Escape from Mavrah

First Rahi

  • Kill the Toa


  • Prevent the Toa from injuring any of his creatures
  • Keep the Toa from taking him or his creatures back to Metru Nui


  • Subdue and apprehend lawbreakers



Several centuries before the Great Cataclysm, several large marine Rahi washed on Metru Nui's coast. They were captured and placed in captivity in a sub-level of the Archives. Turaga Dume and the Chief Archivist assigned Whenua, Onepu and Mavrah to study the creatures, and to avoid panic in the city decided the project was to be kept secret. Several days later, however, an escape attempt from one of the Rahi caused extensive damage to the Archives. The project was terminated, despite Mavrah's protest. But before the Vahki could take the Rahi back to the sea, they disappeared, as did Mavrah. The subsequent search was unsuccessful, and Mavrah was presumed dead.

However, Mavrah had not died but had allowed the Rahi to escape and joined them. They eventually settled in a riverway inside the Great Barrier. Mavrah discovered escaped Kralhi residing in the tunnels as well, and was able to assume command over them.

Many centuries later, the Great Cataclysm occurred. Metru Nui was destroyed and its Matoran forced into Matoran Spheres. The Toa Metru were able to escape on a Vahki Transport, made buoyant by six Matoran Spheres. Guided by Vakama's visions, they entered the tunnel in search of a new home.

First Encounters

The first encounter with Mavrah's Rahi occurred when, coming to a fork, the Toa Metru turned left. The water immediately started boiling and the Toa Metru glimpsed a large creature ahead radiating heat. They escaped into the other tunnel, but when Nokama dove to assess the damage to The Lhikan, she discovered a long serpent-like creature lying dead on the river bottom.

A short time later, while traveling, the Toa were detected by Mavrah. Even as he journeyed back to his lair, Nokama dove again to scout for danger. She discovered a trap set up ahead and traveled back to warn her friends.

Meanwhile, The Lhikan had been caught by something. Upon diving, Nuju discovered what appeared to be seaweed clinging to the transport's legs. Before he could resurface, however, the apparent seaweed attacked him, pulling his mask off. It atttempted to devour him, but suddenly Nuju and the transport where pulled away by a powerful current. The Toa of Ice was rescued by Nokama, but The Lhikan was almost pulled into a whirlpool, saved at the last instant by Whenua creating an earth ramp which allowed the transport to fly over it. After reuniting, the Toa discovered the whirlpool no longer existed. Realizing it was artificial, Vakama decided to make it appear as if the Toa had perished.

First battle and imprisonment

The Toa therefore hid inside The Lhikan and allowed it to drift down the river. The vessel was detected by a tentacled Rahi, which attempted to pull it underwater. A brief fight ensued, and the creature fled, the Toa Metru in pursuit. The transport eventually reached the wide lake where most of Mavrah's Rahi resided. The Toa were attacked and lost one of the Matoran Spheres, which contained the Matoran Ahkmou, but managed to defend themselves prior to the appearance of the Kralhi, which, on Mavrah's orders, captured the Toa.

Believing they had been sent by Turaga Dume to apprehend him, Mavrah told them to head back to the city. The Toa were unable to convince him the city had been destroyed, and an attempt by Onewa to control Mavrah's mind failed due to the intervention of the Kralhi. However, Vakama was able to escape using his Kanohi Huna and while the Kralhi pursued him, Whenua told the other Toa about the Underwater Rahi Study.

Second Battle

By the time the tale ended, Vakama had disabled the two Kralhi following him and found the transport. Meanwhile, the other Toa attempted to break out. Nuju, Whenua and Onewa battled the Kralhi while Nokama and Matau attempted to convince Mavrah to call his servants off. However, the two Toa came under attack and Mavrah set the Rahi upon the Toa.

Vakama returned and he and Matau faced the Kralhi even as all the six Toa came under attack by Mavrah's Rahi. Onewa attempted to attack Mavrah, but the Rahi flung him into the water, while fifteen Vahki Vorzakh appeared.

Whenua dove to save Onewa even as the four remaining Toa defended themselves against the last Kralhi, the Vahki and the Rahi, which by then had started attacking each other as well. Whenua and Onewa resurfaced, and Onewa attempted to convince Mavrah the Rahi were out of control. The Matoran realized this, but while attempting to calm the Rahi, was swept into the waters by a large wave.


The Toa escaped the battle among the Rahi, and, after recovering the Lhikan, found a passage that bypassed the massive cavern and swam down it, viewing the battle one last time. Several Vahki noticed them, and began pursuing the Toa. Onewa then used his stone powers to bring down the ceiling of the tunnel, destroying the Vahki but also preventing the Toa from returning to Metru Nui that way. The Toa eventually reached the island of Mata Nui.

Ahkmou's sphere was later found by Makuta Teridax, who opened it and revived him. He noticed that Ahkmou's memory had been erased by the sphere, so Teridax told him lies about the Matoran to turn him against them before sending him to Mata Nui himself.