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"As a vehicle pilot in the arena, he was just one more Agori fighter in a world dominated by Glatorian. But if he did something truly great, well, Raanu wouldn't live forever, maybe he could lead Vulcanus someday."
— Narrator, Riddle of the Great Beings

Tribe Fire
Occupation Mechanic (formerly)
Vehicle pilot
Tools None
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Crow-TEA-see-us
Set number 8992

Crotesius is an Agori from the Fire Tribe of Vulcanus and a vehicle pilot in the Arena Matches.


Early life

Crotesius piloting the Cendox V1

Crotesius was an Agori on Spherus Magna when the Element Lords gained control of the villages. The Element Lords eventually started a war over Energized Protodermis, one which ended when the Shattering broke the planet apart. At the time of the Shattering, Crotesius was in the desert region of the planet called Bara Magna, which formed a separate planet of the same name.

Bara Magna

After the new social system of Arena Matches was developed, Crotesius worked as a mechanic and helped repair vehicles driven by others. Eventually, he came across a vehicle buried in the Wastelands, and hired Berix to help him excavate it. Refurbishing it with spare parts won by the Fire Tribe in Arena Matches, he created the Cendox V1, and has since developed a close emotional attachment to it. He began to pilot the vehicle in matches, and won the vehicle division of the Great Tournament.[1]

Expedition to the North

Crotesius was one of the Agori assigned to prepare Atero's Arena Magna for the most recent Great Tournament. When Tarduk left the other Agori to go searching in the ruins for artifacts and discovered a piece of metal with symbols and a map with the Red Star inscribed upon it, Crotesius complained about Tarduk's work efficiency. Eventually, Tarduk talked Crotesius into trading for the piece of metal in exchange for his assistance in investigating the whereabouts of the Red Star.[2]

The two managed to recruit Kirbold in their task, and the trio set out into the White Quartz Mountains, riding Sand Stalkers. As they progressed, they soon found themselves being stalked by a pack of Iron Wolves. Though they tried desperately to escape the wolves, the group was eventually cornered by them.[3] Though Tarduk wanted to charge through the herd of wolves, Crotesius knew that the Stalkers would not go any further. Crotesius then spotted Surel, who introduced himself to the group. Surel informed the Agori of how he came to be on Bara Magna, and that the Element Lords had escaped their confinement and were now on Bara Magna. The Element Lord of Ice triggered an avalanche to rush towards the party, interrupting the conversation.[4] The onslaught was blocked by the Element Lord of Fire, and the group escaped in the midst of the conflict. Surel, after learning of the reason for their travels, warned them of the dangers that lie on their route. Crotesius interrupted the warrior, demanding that he stop speaking in riddles. Surel put a dagger to his throat in response, but withdrew it soon after, refusing to spare the Agori of the horrors that awaited them to the north.[5]

The next day, Kirbold pleaded that the group turn back and abandon the trip. Tarduk temporarily dissuaded the Ice Agori, but upon reaching the Forest of Blades, Kirbold insisted that he be allowed to retreat. As he and Tarduk examined the forest, Crotesius realized that there were warriors fused to the trees. Tarduk allowed Kirbold to leave with one of the Sand Stalkers. Crotesius and Tarduk continued on the expedition, traveling through the forest. Some distance within, they were suddenly bound by the vines and flora of the forest,[6] and approached by the Element Lord of Jungle. Recognizing Crotesius to be a Fire Agori, the Element Lord of Jungle intended to keep Crotesius to bind to the trees, but was stopped by Kirbold, who had returned to the group. Kirbold freed Crotesius and lit the forest on fire, escaping with the other two Agori.[7]

After some time, the three Agori were forced to ford the River Dormus to keep heading in the right direction. Crotesius claimed that their destination might not even exist anymore, and was taunted by Kirbold for being afraid to cross the river. To prove his lack of cowardice, Crotesius went right up to the river, and was quickly dragged underneath the surface by a hand made of water. He was soon joined by Kirbold and Tarduk, and their captor revealed himself to be the Element Lord of Water. The Lord demanded to know the route they were taking, and the three Agori eventually convinced him to spare their lives, and act as his guides, in return for knowledge of their quest. The Element Lord agreed, but quickly fled when confronted by the Element Lord of Ice, who began to freeze the river.[8] As the ice crept towards them, the Agori began to swim to the shore, only to be surprised by three pillars of rock that launched them out of the river and destroyed the ice.

When Crotesius and the others rose, the rock had adapted to the form of Tarduk, though it spoke in the voice of a Skrall. The figure, who they deduced to be the Element Lord of Rock, told them the Valley of the Maze was not theirs to conquer. When they said they were not there to conquer the Maze, he asked them if they were missing their homes, to which Kirbold responded yes. The Element Lord allowed them to travel onward, warning them to only learn what they had to, to not take anything and to never return.[9]

The Agori traveled along the banks of the river for several hours, during which they witnessed baterra shapeshifting.[10] They remained undisturbed by the mechanical beings, because their tools and weapons were concealed.

Eventually, they reached the headwaters of the river, over which was an ornately carved tunnel known as the Spirit's Wish. Tarduk mentioned that it was a mythical arch that granted the dearest wish of those who passed through it. Since there was no other way around, they went through it. After a sudden flash of light and then complete darkness, Crotesius awoke in the ruins of the Arena Magna, along with Kirbold and Tarduk. The trio realized that the Skrall must have destroyed Atero, and resolved to head back to their villages, leaving Tarduk with a desire to return to the Maze and solve the riddle that had no answer.

War Against the Skrall

Crotesius riding the Cendox V1

Kirbraz and Scodonius later fought with Crotesius in a practice match, using their vehicles. After boasting about his skill in the arena, Crotesius was able to deal with a new maneuver they showed him, knocking Scodonius over. The three Agori started talking about the recent Skrall movements, and Crotesius remained convinced that the Arena Match system would continue, despite the Skrall abandoning it.[11]

Crotesius' Cendox V1 in practice combat

Crotesius was part of the group that came to support Mata Nui and seize the city of Roxtus.

Restoration of Spherus Magna

Crotesius would later inform Mata Nui of the expedition he, Tarduk and Kirbold had undertaken in search of the Valley of the Maze, and explained that Tarduk had gone off once more to locate it alone.[12]

He later evacuated the Mega-Village for the Prototype Robot to be used by Mata Nui. After Mata Nui defeated Teridax and revived the flora of the newly restored Spherus Magna, Crotesius now lives on that planet once more.

Abilities and Traits

Crotesius is very ambitious, and desires to be the leader of Vulcanus. He is very impatient, and has low tolerance for the eccentricities of others, though is also renowned for his bold and daring personality. Crotesius is also very protective of his vehicle.


Crotesius rides the Cendox V1, a vehicle he built. After armoring it with parts won from matches, he has won several times in the arena with it. Stats



"Sure we know the way. Would we have come this far out if we didn't? But why should we tell you?"
"Highly overrated. Better a dead hero than a live coward, I always say."
Kirbold, the Element Lord of Water, and Crotesius, Riddle of the Great Beings

Set Information

Crotesius in set form

Crotesius was released as a pilot in the Cendox V1 box set in late 2009. He contains a life counter for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. Fifteen of the set's 151 pieces are used to build Crotesius.


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