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  • Toa Nuva Kopaka, weary from the Battle of Bara Magna, seeks solitude in the new forested area of Bara Magna. He notices a section of the Makuta robot disappearing, and an army of Skakdi, the Toa Mahri and the Golden-Skinned Being emerging. The Toa of Ice trails them to the edge of Aqua Magna where the Golden-Skinned Being conjures a castle-like fortress.[1][2]
  • Toa Nuva Lewa departs the cell in which the deranged Great Being is imprisoned and explores the jungle of Bota Magna. The Toa of Air observes giant cybernetically-enhanced reptiles and a group of Agori travelling along the forest floor. When he greets them, they discover his point of origin as the Great Being's fortress and threaten him with their weapons.[1]
  • The Great Being Angonce monitors his equipment and discerns that Mata Nui's mission to restore Spherus Magna was successful.[1]
  • Sahmad, Telluris and Metus witness the restoration of Spherus Magna, and afterward the Iron Tribe Agori interrogates Metus after realizing he has stopped dreaming. After retracing his steps back into the Black Spike Mountains, they find strange symbols in the ground, but the trio are dragged into the ground by tentacles.[3]
  • Tahu and Gali head north in search of a site to build "New Atero" on.[2]
  • Toa Hagah Gaaki is working with Toa of Water to help aquatic Rahi leave the Matoran Universe when she is met by Kopaka, who tells her of the Toa Mahri's predicament. Gaaki promises Kopaka that the Hagah will investigate and report to him.[2]
  • Lesovikk approaches Kopaka and Pohatu, expressing his anger at Karzahni being freed. After refusing Kopaka's offer of forming a search party the next morning, Lesovikk immediately departs.[2]
  • Toa Nuva Onua enlists Toa Zaria, Chiara and Orde to participate in a mission to find the Great Beings, as per Mata Nui's request. The Glatorian Gelu joins the team as their guide.[4]
  • Angonce hurries to the vault of Marendar, but discovers that the living weapon has escaped in response to the arrival of numerous Toa on Spherus Magna.[4]
  • As they are returning home from their search, Tahu and Gali and notice Lesovikk heading north. He is missing his sword.[5]
  • The day after their encounter with Lesovikk, Kopaka and Pohatu go searching for Lesovikk, and find Karzahni dead in Iron Canyon, impaled by Lesovikk's sword.[2]
  • Tahu and Gali return to the main Agori/Matoran camp. They, Kopaka, and Pohatu discuss Karzahni's death, and Tahu decides that Kopaka and Pohatu should track down Lesovikk.[5]
  • Sahmad wakes up in an illusion, where he is 750 years in the future in a city named New Atero. Sahmad discovers his former lover, but is shot by her, dispelling him from the illusion. He wakes in a room full of Iron Tribe Agori, who chant at him in unison.[6]
  • Sahmad demands his host show himself, and realizes that the Iron Agori are Sisters of the Skrall. The being who controls them begins to show herself, telling her history and how she feeds on dreams. The Sisters begin to move toward Sahmad. Telluris and Metus (his curse reversed) run in and lead Sahmad to the surface, only to find the being on Spherus Magna.[7]
  • The being, who reveals that her name is Annona, goes to feed on the inhabitants of Spherus Magna. Sahmad, Metus and Telluris latch onto her as she is teleporting, and find themselves in Aqua Magna, with Annona heading for a fortress on the beach. Annona, Sahmad, Telluris and Metus reach the fortress created by the Skakdi Fusion. There, Annona traps the Skakdi in illusions and is confronted by the Skakdi Fusion.[8]
  • Annona is impaled by rock spikes created by the Skakdi Fusion, and begins to die. In desperation, Annona feeds on the dreams of the mad Skakdi warriors, gaining the strength to escape. The fusion's power realizes the mad dreams, causing the fortress to dissolve and creatures to appear. Telluris tries to kill Annona, but is killed himself. Sahmad uses Metus to help him break off a rock spike before Metus flees, and impales Annona's joint. The fusion mentally instructs Sahmad to dream that there are no dreams, and it becomes true through the fusion's power. Annona brokers a deal with the fusion that she will be sent to a world to feast and be content. Sahmad dreams this happening, but dreams the paradise is inhabited by beings just like Annona, so that they will kill each other. Annona is sent to this land by the fusion's power. The fusion thanks Sahmad, and Sahmad re-dreams dreams back into existence. He and the fusion part ways.[9]
  • Kopaka and Pohatu go searching for Lesovikk. In a forest, a telepathic scream shows them the image of the Red Star, and they soon find Tren Krom dead.[5]
  • Gelu's team takes Sand Stalkers into Bota Magna, Chiara learns of Orde's past. The group is attacked by Vorox with powerful weapons, led by Kabrua, and entangled in a net. Kabrua decides to take the Toa to the Vorox's city.[10]
  • Kopaka and Pohatu encounter Gaardus, a failed experiment of the Nynrah Ghosts, who witnessed Tren Krom's death and knows of the Red Star. He is asked to take the Toa there. Gaardus takes the two inside the Red Star, where they meet three Kestora.[11]
  • Kabrua lets the Toa and Gelu free so they can run into the woods to be hunted by the Vorox. They try to ambush the Vorox, but Kabrua has anticipated this, and has used his knowledge to shut off the Toa's power. Zaria and Chiara are caught, but Orde and Gelu escape. Gelu and Orde run out of range of the shutoff, and Gelu asks Orde to scan Kabrua's mind to find how he knew that much about Toa. Orde learns that there is a Great Being in disguise as one of the Matoran Universe inhabitants that has been waiting since the Shattering and has a dark vision for the universe.[12]
  • Gaardus is implicated in a crime by the Kestora he committed on his previous journey there. The three Kestora try to fire on the trio, but Pohatu disarms them. Again they discuss what to do, until Kopaka becomes fed up and freezes them. Gaardus goes missing.[11][13]
  • Velika, the murderer of Karzahni and Tren Krom, begins his plans to murder the group inside the Great Being's Fortress in Bota Magna.[13]
  • Kopaka and Pohatu enter a lab in the Red Star, and lights begin to flick off. Using his Kanohi, Kopaka sees horrors in the rooms around them. Mavrah then rescues the two.[13]
  • The group of Matoran Universe inhabitants manage to escape the fortress, and, unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escapes as well.[14][15]


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