BIONICLE 27: Fractures

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"You never like my ideas."
"Well, your last one got us a one-way ticket to our own barbecue."
Toa Hordika Matau and Nokama

BIONICLE 27: Fractures

Outside/alternate title Fractures
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Fractures" is the 27th and final issue of the BIONICLE series of comics and the 12th issue in its "Metru Nui" story arc. Copies were included with the November/December 2005 issue of LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

Toa Hordika Vakama, Whenua, Nuju, Onewa and Rahaga Norik are moving through the ruins of Metru Nui. Whenua gets into an argument with Vakama. Vakama strangles Whenua, but is stopped by Nuju.

Meanwhile, Matau and Nokama, who hid to the underside of a Visorak Battle Ram to sneak into a Visorak tower, discover that Roodaka has ordered that the Ram is to be sent into a blazing furnace. They escape when Matau uses an Air Rhotuka to create a cyclone around the Battle Ram. The powerful twister propels the Battle Ram (and the Visorak pulling it) through the side of the tower and into the air, and it crashes near the other Toa Hordika, but Matau uses another Air Rhotuka to create a cushion of air that saves Nokama and himself. After looking back on the Visorak's conquest, the Toa decide to attack the Coliseum. They decide they need to get in, but realize the Coliseum is heavily guarded. Norik tells the Toa that they need a diversion, and tell them a story of how Norik diverted the Visorak from the south wall of a Brotherhood of Makuta fortress, telling them of how he teased the Visorak to attack him, and he sprung a trap, thus having many Visorak crushed by a huge slab of stone.

Meanwhile, at the Coliseum, Sidorak is angry with the fact that the Toa are free, and Roodaka makes some very daunting statements about the Toa, like that they are trapped with the role of "hero" and they will come to the Coliseum.

On the last two pages is a preview of Voya Nui.


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