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Teridax's Reign
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The following timeline presents the events occurring during Teridax's reign over the Matoran Universe, leading up to the Battle of Bara Magna.

One Year After the Coming of the Toa

  • The success of the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui paves the way for the awakening the body of the Great Spirit, but with Teridax's consciousness occupying it. Teridax destroys the remaining Brotherhood of Makuta ships attacking Metru Nui during the Siege of Metru Nui.[1][2]
  • After the battle, Turaga Dume announces to all who gather at the Coliseum that Mata Nui has awakened, but at that moment, the stars form the shape of the Kanohi Kraahkan. The voice of Teridax proclaims that when the Toa Mahri revived Mata Nui, Teridax's spirit slipped in before Mata Nui's could. Thus, he explains, the Toa Nuva awoke him with Teridax's mind. Teridax banishes Mata Nui's spirit into the Kanohi Ignika, and launches it into space.[3][4][5]
Teridax possessing Mata Nui
  • Teridax eliminates almost every remaining Makuta in the Matoran Universe. Those remaining are used to mass produce Kraata before being killed as well.[6][7][8]
  • Teridax recreates the Visorak species following their destruction at the hands of the Toa Mahri.[9][10]
  • A squadron of Rahkshi is sent to terrorize and take command of Metru Nui. Fleeing from the Rahkshi, the Turaga, Toa, and several Matoran take refuge in the Archives. The Turaga meet Krahka, who informs them of unused tunnels the Toa can use to escape. The Toa Nuva, Krahka and some Matoran leave through these tunnels to rally help from other islands. Gali is left on Metru Nui to investigate the Great Beings history in the Great Temple. Onua, too, remains to fortify the Archives.[11]
  • Teridax obliterates the Daxia Fortress, killing several Order of Mata Nui members.[12][13]
  • With the exception of Gali, who remains in Metru Nui, the Toa Nuva arrive on Stelt, encountering Trinuma, who offers the assistance of the remaining Order members.[12][14]
  • The Toa Nuva split up, realizing they are too easy a target if they remain together.[15]
  • Pohatu and Takanuva journey to the ruined Destral. While there, Takanuva searches for the device which teleports Destral. After locating it, he sends word to Nuparu that he needs his help fixing it.[16]
  • Legions of Rahkshi are sent to Odina, driving the Dark Hunters out. Those Dark Hunters remaining on the island flee to Xia, and set up a new base there.[17]
  • Tahu manages to tame several Rahi for messaging purposes. He relays the fate of the Dark Hunters to the other Toa.[17]
  • Several Metru Nui Ta-Matoran evade Rahkshi capture and attempt to escape to the Island of Mata Nui, unaware that it has been destroyed. They are not heard from again. Gali sends word of this to the other Toa.[14]
  • Nektann enters into alliance with Makuta. He leads a squadron of Rahkshi to Metru Nui, but is met with resistance from the Toa Mahri.[18][19][20]
  • The seven Turaga are captured and imprisoned in the Coliseum. Ahkmou is assigned the unofficial title of "Turaga" of Metru Nui and orders the Po-Matoran carvers to create statues of Makuta Teridax.[21]
  • All Toa leave Metru Nui to help with the resistance elsewhere.
  • A few Order of Mata Nui members somewhere south of Karzahni look for a cache of weapons and supplies. However they are killed by Rahkshi. Onua learns of this and sends word of it to Tahu.[15]
  • Tahu, Kopeke, Johmak, Krahka, Guardian and Lariska set up camp in Karzahni to organize a plan of action. Guardian is pulled and crushed beneath the earth as a team of Exo-Toa appear to hold Tahu's group hostage. Onua arrives and saves them by opening a chasm that the Exo-Toa fall into. The Toa Nuva of Earth informs Tahu and the others that the supplies he'd informed them of had been raided by Rahkshi. However, he tells them of Teridax's possible source of Energized Protodermis on the island of Daxia, where Makuta's force of Rahkshi have been created. Together, they plan to travel there to destroy it.[15][13]
  • Axonn's Rode helps him awaken from an illusion created by Teridax. He vows to take the Makuta down.[13]
  • After being teleported to the far south by Makuta Teridax, Keetongu goes his own way. He eventually learns of the recreation of the Visorak and combats them.[22][23][24]
  • Lewa arrives at the island of Artakha to recruit its ruler in their resistance efforts, only to find it under siege. Artakha teleports Lewa to Tren Krom's island instead to ask for assistance against Makuta.[13]
  • Macku runs into trouble with some Exo-Toa, but escapes into the Archives.[21]
  • After a 2,000 year long inter-dimensional voyage, Toa Mangai Tuyet returns to the regular universe, appearing in the Archives, where she is found by Macku.[21][8]
  • Following a sign left by Macku, Kapura travels to an entrance to the Archives situated in Ga-Metru, where he meets the Ga-Matoran and Hafu. Macku leads the Matoran deep into the Archives, to a room where the Ga-Matoran has discovered Tuyet with pieces of the Nui Stone embedded in her armor. Macku and Kapura lead her deep into the Archives, although eventually Macku turns back to divert suspicion, leaving Kapura and Hafu alone accompany her.[21][8][25]
  • While musing on Aqua Magna, Teridax plans to depart the planet on an interstellar mission of conquest. Using his new powers as the Great Spirit, he becomes aware of the arrival of the alternate Teridax.[8]
  • Mazeka and the Makuta Teridax from The Melding Alternate Universe return from that dimension and arrive on the Southern Continent. The alternate Teridax uses his powers over Light to deprive the sentient grasses of the Southern Continent of light, killing them and allowing safe passage.[8]
  • Vezon arrives in an alternate universe where Mata Nui's mission was not interfered with and beings from the Matoran Universe and the re-made planet of Spherus Magna now co-exist. While he is there, the cursed Great Being from the core universe seems to freeze the world around him and bargains with Vezon, and the two agree that Vezon will help the Great Being escape in return for his freedom. Vezon is pulled back to the core universe.[26][27]
Teridax departing Aqua Magna
  • Tren Krom trades bodies with Lewa, leaving the powerful entity free to leave the island and the Toa Nuva of Air incarcerated on the island. Tren Krom contacts Artakha and requests to be transported to Metru Nui. After a warning from the ancient being about keeping Lewa's body, Tren Krom is teleported to the Archives. Tren Krom meets up with Tuyet, Hafu, and Kapura in the Archives. They work together as they meet Pouks and Bomonga, who after learning they have been placed under an illusion, Tren Krom breaks the spell on the six Toa Hagah.[27][28]
  • Helryx, imprisoned in the brain center below Metru Nui, decides to activate a Water Nova Blast to destroy the machinery in an effort to destroy Teridax. No sooner does she do this than Tren Krom, Tuyet, Kapura and Hafu break down a wall and arrive inside the chamber, interrupting Helryx's plan. Tren Krom uses his power to free Miserix from his illusion.[29]
  • Helryx tells Kapura and Hafu to return to Metru Nui to make their peace with one another and with the Great Spirit, anticipating the universe's demise. The Matoran, however, linger in the chamber. Tren Krom exposes a bank of machinery and begins to send a message to Mata Nui on Bara Magna. Tuyet overhears him speaking of the Kanohi Ignika and Golden Armor. Axonn and Brutaka use Brutaka's power to teleport into the room. Axonn supports Helryx's idea to destroy the Matoran Universe and Brutaka insists that the message be sent to Mata Nui and that the universe remain intact. Unable to reach a compromise, Brutaka, Tren Krom and Tuyet battle against Helryx, Miserix and Axonn to decide the fate of the Matoran Universe.[29]
  • Teridax, having successfully dissolved many rebellions against him, decides to confront Mata Nui on Bara Magna. Lifting off of Aqua Magna in the gigantic robotic body, the Makuta vows to kill Mata Nui.[30]
  • While traveling through Ba-Koro, Mazeka and the alternate Teridax are attacked by Shadow Takanuva sent by Makuta who taunts them.[31]
  • As the fighting continues, Helryx gains the upper hand and prepares again to unleash a Nova Blast that would destroy the Matoran Universe when Artakha teleports himself into the fray. Artakha banishes Tren Krom from Lewa's body, having completed his mission, and the spirit of the Toa Nuva of Air returns to it. Teridax announces to the assembled beings that they should depart from the chamber, and when Axonn resists, the Makuta teleports all of them into outer space in transit from Aqua Magna.[31][32]
  • The Toa Mahri, on a mission from the Order of Mata Nui, travel to Zakaz to investigate the activities of the Skakdi that haven't allied with Teridax. The Toa Mahri witness a Zyglak, a Vortixx, a laborer from Stelt, and the five remaining Piraka being dumped into a vat of Energized Protodermis by Skakdi.[32]
  • Lewa manages to create a sphere of air around the others. Artakha attempts to teleport them all to Bara Magna before the entire group is pulled inside a dimensional gate. The group finds itself on Bota Magna, in the mad Great Being's prison. Their rescuer turns out to be Vezon, and when he is questioned on the reason why they're there, the Great Being declares they've come to free him and that they have arrived on Bota Manga.[33]
  • Takanuva's efforts to repair Destral's teleport device fail.
  • Tahu's mission to destroy the Energized Protodermis on Daxia is successful. Tahu's team later divides itself.[34]
  • Tahu and Onua attempt to ambush a group of Rahkshi, but these leave before the ambush can be sprung. The two Toa Nuva are informed by an Order agent that the Rahkshi legions are gathering in the south. Curious of Teridax's sudden move, Tahu commands the agent to retrieve any Toa she can find and gather them for a strike against the army.[30]
  • On Zakaz, Nektann prepares to lead his people to the south, to join the Rahkshi armies.[30]
  • Teridax arrives on Bara Magna and challenges Mata Nui in the body of an ancient robot. As the robots engage each other in combat, Mata Nui fires a blast at the Great Spirit's chest. Teridax threateningly reminds Mata Nui that the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe are put at risk of being hurt as Mata Nui damages his former body. Mata Nui resolves to keep fighting, but is quickly put at a disadvantage.[35]
  • Inside the Matoran Universe, Mata Nui's blow creates a minor quake. Tahu melts a mass of metal falling towards him and Takanuva. He reminds the Toa of Light that they recruit new Toa on their journey south.[36]
  • To the north, Pridak and the other Barraki feel the quake as well. Although there has been no word from the Shadowed One or Carapar, the Barraki move forward with their plan, and their armies begin a march to Metru Nui.[33]
  • Every Vortixx within a kio of the Shadowed One's chamber on Xia is crushed to fragments, with the Shadowed One himself vanishing.[33]
Rahkshi of Heat Vision pouring out onto Bara Magna
  • Teridax's army reaches the robot's foot. Teridax opens a hatch and deploys it on Bara Magna. Tahu, behind him an army of Toa, Matoran and Order of Mata Nui members, reach the hatch and join the Glatorian resisting the Rahkshi and Skakdi.[37]
  • On Zakaz, the Toa Mahri witness the amalgamation that results from the Skakdi fusion. The fusion asks the Skakdi to feed him. As they begin to do so, he bends the minds of the Toa Mahri so that they wish to serve the Skakdi.[33]
  • Teridax attempts to launch a blast of gravitic energy at Bara Magna, but the attack is redirected at the two planets at the last second by Mata Nui, pulling them towards Bara Magna. Mata Nui makes numerous attacks on Teridax, but his strength wears out in his outdated body, before he can finish Makuta off. Teridax punches Mata Nui, knocking him over.[35]
  • Tahu's use of the Golden Armor kills all the Rahkshi on Bara Magna, causing Teridax to lose focus. Noticing an oncoming planet, Mata Nui shoves Teridax into it, killing the Makuta and severely damaging the robotic body. The Matoran Universe is rocked with earthquakes following the robot's collapse.[35]
  • The alternate Teridax and Mazeka succeed in killing the Shadow Takanuva, but the alternate Teridax's armor is damaged, and begins leaking Antidermis. Alternate Teridax teleports Mazeka and himself up onto a ridge, escaping the worst of the quakes.[38]
  • Metru Nui is heavily damaged, and several Matoran, including Macku, Tamaru, and Kopeke, begin rescue efforts in the Archives, managing to save Taipu and other Matoran.[38]
  • Following the battle, Kopaka is contemplating seeking Lewa out when he spies the Skakdi fusion exiting the Great Spirit Robot with a procession of Skakdi and the enslaved Toa Mahri. He resolves to let Lewa wait while he gets to the bottom of the mystery.[38]
  • Lewa departs the fortress of the Cursed Great Being but finds himself captured by native Jungle Agori.[38]
  • The Great Being Angonce monitors his equipment and discerns that Mata Nui's mission to restore Spherus Magna was successful but remains concerned for their wellbeing.[38]
  • The surviving inhabitants of the Matoran Universe escape the robot body and begin a new life on Spherus Magna with the Agori and Glatorian.[35]


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