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Alternate Locations
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The BIONICLE storyline depicts many Locations that exist outside the prime reality.

This page lists non-prime realities and any notable locations within them. For notable locations in the prime reality, see Locations; for less notable locations in the prime reality, see Locations/Other Locations.

Alternate Universes

Alternate Timelines are spawned from an act or choice made in the primary universe; for every decision made there, an alternate timeline exists where a different choice or outcome occurred. This list includes only the Alternate Timelines that have been visited by residents of the prime universe.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

The Kingdom is situated in an alternate universe that diverged from the prime reality when Toa Mahri Matoro failed to use the Kanohi Ignika and Mata Nui died, forcing most of the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe to migrate to the island of Mata Nui to escape the collapse of the Matoran Universe.[1]

The Kingdom of the Great Spirit

The island of Mata Nui has been extended and strengthened after the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe migrated here. It serves as the home of almost every single species that lived in the Matoran Universe.



Great Furnace

Walls of History

For a full list of locations on Mata Nui, go here.

The Melding Alternate Universe

The Melding Alternate Universe is an alternate universe in which the Great Beings stopped the Core War and averted the Shattering by creating Matoran, Toa, and Makuta with roles counter to those held in the core dimension.[2]

Fortress of the Great Beings

The Great Beings never departed Spherus Magna in the Melding Universe, instead occupying at least one fortress that existed in neither the Black Spike nor Bara Magna regions of the planet.[3] Unlike the Valley of the Maze, which more closely resembled a deathtrap to deter intruders, the maze surrounding this fortress was designed to be less dangerous and more confusing. The Great Beings also included upgraded crystal and iron fortifications to the exterior of the fortress.

When the Matoran Mazeka and Vultraz were escorted here by the alternate Makuta Teridax, they passed through the many twists and turns of the exterior maze. They finally arrived at the main gate, guarded by Gorast and Icarax, and entered a council chamber inside the fortress. Here, six Great Beings conversed with the Matoran and decided to detain Vultraz for examination of his affiliation with Shadow. Mazeka elected to bring the alternate Teridax back to the main universe to balance the two realities, and departed with his new companion.[4]

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

This alternate universe diverged from the prime reality when the Brotherhood of Makuta decided to remain benevolent and not to interfere with Mata Nui's task. Mata Nui successfully repaired Spherus Magna, and the Matoran emigrated from the Matoran Universe to live with the Agori.[5]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

The Toa Empire Alternate Universe is an alternate universe which diverged from the prime reality during Toa Mangai Tuyet's betrayal on Metru Nui. Toa ruled the universe in an oppressive dictatorship, led by Tuyet. Here, Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta act as freedom fighters.[6]

Metru Nui



For a full list of locations, please go here.

Other Alternate Universes

  • An alternate universe in which the Great Beings built a forty-million foot tall mechanical being they named Makuta, but his brother, Mata Nui, was plotting a rebellion against him.[5]
  • An alternate future wherein Toa Lesovikk and his team arrived at the Toa Fortress in time to save Lhikan and his original team from the Frostelus. This alternate universe was shown in Lesovikk's vision created by the Kanohi Olisi.[7][8]
  • An alternate universe into which Brutaka sent a Doom Viper, into a particularly lethal area.[9][10]
  • An alternate universe from which an alternate Tuyet was taken by Botar.[5]
  • Close to 100 alternate universes from which Makuta Tridax stole several alternate Takanuva.[11]
  • Many alternate universes, containing Toa, which Tuyet visited over the course of 2,000 years to recharge the Nui Stone.[5]

Pocket Dimensions

Pocket Dimensions are minor worlds that bear little or no relation to the core universe and its offshoots. They are not created by differing timelines and may be host to entirely different conditions than the universe of Solis Magna.

City of Silver Pocket Dimension

This is a pocket dimension in which Takanuva arrived using Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak. It has two races of sapient beings, the City-Building Creatures and Kestora, as well as a mysterious entity resembling a Spectral Mask.[12]

Dimensions of Meaningless Time and Space

These are dimensions that Toa Nuva Gali saw when Dalu severely enhanced Gali's vision with her Chargers. In these dimensions, concepts such as time and space have no meaning. Seeing these dimensions drove Gali into madness.[13] Some of the dimensions with meaningless time and space are inhabited, though they are life forms unlike anything seen before.[14]

Dimension of Light

This is a pocket dimension which is populated by beings of solid Light. The occupants feed on Shadow and, according to Brutaka, are always hungry.[15]

Dimensions of Makuta Mass

These are dimensions to which Makuta shift unused mass when they shapeshift. They can also retrieve mass from it provided they have enough power to do so.[16][17][18][19] Each Makuta has their own personal dimension, and cannot access the mass of others.[citation needed] Makuta Teridax accessed his dimension when he confronted the Toa Mata for the first time.[20]

Zone of Darkness

The Zone of Darkness is a pocket dimension which is void of light. Only the Zivon naturally resides here.[21]

The City of Silver Pocket Dimension.

Tuyet's Prison

This is a pocket dimension where Tuyet was held captive for 1,500 years. It is entirely devoid of any Toa, so she was not able to absorb their power with the Nui Stone as the Order of Mata Nui interrogated her to learn the stone's secrets.[22]

Vanisher's Pocket Dimensions

Vanisher can open pocket dimensions where he traps enemies' energy attacks. He can keep the energy stored for as long as he wishes and then release it back at a target.[23]


  • It was theorized by Pohatu that the interior of the Shadow Leech Hive was actually a pocket dimension, because it seemed impossibly large inside. However, this turned out to be only an illusion created by the Makuta.[24]


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