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"The Kohrak, with their icy blasts..."
Turaga Vakama, The Bohrok Awake

Powers Ice
Tools Ice Shields
Status Dormant
Location Bohrok Nests
Pronunciation KOH-rahk
Set 8565

Kohrak are the Bohrok swarm of Ice.


Toa Mata Kopaka with a disabled Kohrak's krana

Kohrak are created when Av-Matoran fulfill their destiny and transform into mechanical insectoids. They are then transported to Bohrok Nests to be fitted with a krana and then await the signal to cleanse the island camouflage of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They are aided by the Bohrok Va Kohrak Va.

The Kohrak swarms beneath the island of Mata Nui were awakened by Makuta Teridax, upon his defeat by the Toa Mata. Almost immediately, swarms of Kohrak and Pahrak assaulted Ta-Koro before being confronted by the Toa Mata. The swarms were able to temporarily defeat the Toa, until two of the Toa's number managed to create a large storm and drive the swarms off.

The Kohrak, along with the other swarms, continued their attempts to cleanse Mata Nui, combating all obstacles in their way. When the Bahrag were defeated and sealed away by the Toa, the Kohrak were rendered immobile, with no direction. The Matoran reprogrammed the Bohrok to help fix the destruction they caused, which they continued to do until they received a signal to return to their nests by the Bahrag.

When the Bahrag were released by the Toa Nuva, the Kohrak swarms awoke and resumed cleansing the island of Mata Nui. They have since returned to their nest.

Abilities and Traits

Three Kohrak in Kopaka's Toa Nuva Promo Animation

Kohrak consider themselves invincible and are dismissive of danger. Thus, they have no regard for their own safety. They will carry on working until they have no choice but to react. However, they have one weakness: they always confront enemies one on one, rather than as a unified force, forcing them to rely on their formidable individual skills.[1] Their bodies generated a cold presence, which kept other Bohrok away from them.[2][3] However, Kohrak are weakened by heat.[4]

Kohrak usually operated on the plains of Mata Nui, or alongside Gahlok in its valleys.[4] Like all the other Bohrok, they are capable of rolling themselves into a ball for fast transport from place to place and can snap their heads forward as a melee attack or to launch their krana at an enemy, which will cause that being to be brought under the control of the swarm.


Kohrak use their Ice Shields to channel their powers, through which they could freeze even open flames.

Set Information

Xa Za Vu Ca Yo Ja Su Bo
Kohrak Va
A Kohrak using its Ice shields

The set 8565 Kohrak was released as a set in early 2002 with forty total pieces. Each set included a randomly packed medium blue krana. By pushing down on the lever on the back of the Kohrak, the gears will cause its head to lunge forward. It is also able to roll up into a ball. An extra piece included in the set allows the rolled-up Kohrak to hang from the lid inside the canister.

Kohrak can be combined with 8564 Lehvak and 8562 Gahlok to create 8562+8564+8565 "Bohrok Kaita Ja", or with 8561 Nuhvok to create 8561+8565 "Bohrok Fusion".

A promotional item, P1716 Pen Kohrak was a customizable, Kohrak-themed pen also released in 2002.


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