Conflict in the Swamp

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"Then the three Toa Nuva went into power dives, screaming through the air toward a final clash with the Makuta."
— Narrator, Swamp of Secrets

Conflict in the Swamp
Conflict The Toa Nuva fight the Makuta in the Swamp
Combatants Mistika Toa Nuva
Mistika Makuta
Location Swamp of Secrets
Result Makuta and Toa Nuva groups reunited

The Conflict in the Swamp was a series of battles in the swamp of Karda Nui between the Mistika Toa Nuva and Makuta.


Toa Nuva

  • Find the Ignika, the Mask of Life.
  • Obtain the Keystones.
  • Defeat the Makuta.


  • Manipulate the Toa into reawaking Mata Nui.
  • Defeat the Toa.
  • Find the Ignika.


Ambushes on the Toa Nuva

After a long flight down into the swamp, the Toa Nuva spread out, resolving to use their elements to alert each other if they find either the Kanohi Ignika or any Keystones.

Onua was flying low when he was attacked by a Nui-Kopen. Using his Mask of Strength, he swatted it into the swamp where he saw the mutagenic properties of the swamp water. As he was observing this, Bitil struck him with a blast from his Nynrah Ghost Blaster, paralyzing Onua and forcing his mechanical parts to obey Bitil. Bitil summoned duplicates of himself and they started for Krika's Camp with Onua in tow. By the time they reached the camp, the effects of the weapon had worn off. Onua caught one of the Bitils in a headlock, but the Bitil broke free. The original Bitil summoned several dozen versions of himself, and Onua responded with an explosion of mud beneath their feet, scattering them. Onua flew off, and when Bitil tried flying after him, Onua fired his Nynrah Ghost Blaster, forming a sphere of energy around Bitil and sending him falling into the swamp.

Gali, meanwhile, was searching when she caught the attention of Makuta Gorast. Right as Gali found and recovered a Keystone, she was attacked by Makuta Gorast. Gali turned just in time and slammed Gorast with a fist of Water. Gorast hurled herself at Gali, and while the Toa threw a blast of water, the Makuta dodged it and hit Gali in her midsection, throwing her into a tree. Gorast landed in the mud and again charged at Gali who summoned a water sphere around Gorast's head. Gorast tried shaking it off, but Gali fired her weapon, which had transformed into a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. The energy from the weapon wrapped Gorast in energy coils, and Gali banished the water sphere. Gorast introduced herself and snapped the chains. The pair exchanged shots, but when Gali increased the moisture in the dirt, Gorast was stuck in the mud. As Gali stood over her, Gorast voluntarily sank into the mud, then exploded out at the startled Toa.

Meanwhile, Tahu found the Codrex and was circling it, trying to figure out what it was. Warily activating his Hau, he flew in to investigate, but he collided with the energy field and was thrown into the swamp, knocking him out. When he awoke, he saw Makuta Krika, and after the latter introduced himself, he sucked the energies from Tahu, causing him to collapse. The weakened Tahu sent a fireball in the air, signaling help.

By now, Onua had found Gali and rescued Gali from Gorast, throwing the Makuta with all his strength into the swamp. When Gorast tried attacking him, he slowed her with a mud geyser and flew off with Gali in the direction of the fireball. Tahu, meanwhile, made the temperature in the earth shoot up, scorching Krika and forcing him to back off. Onua and Gali arrive then, although Bitil and Gorast were hot in pursuit. Tahu used his Hau to protect them . Before the Makuta could attack, they were distracted by Chirox who was falling hard from the sky. As the Makuta went to intercept him, an Av-Matoran led the Toa away, deep into the swamp.

The Makuta noticed immediately that the Toa are gone, but Krika recognized that the Toa would have to return for the Keystone that he possessed. They headed back to Krika's camp, leaving an obvious trail for the Toa Nuva to follow.

Battle in the Makuta Camp

Once they were a safe distance away, the Toa Nuva were presented a Keystone piece by the Av-Matoran who had led them into the swamp. To their shock, this Av-Matoran and his companions then transformed in to Bohrok. The Toa Nuva started back, following the trail left by the Makuta and planning their attack as Tahu demonstrated timed elemental attacks. Following Onua's directions, they quickly reached Krika's camp where they spotted the three Makuta burying some artifact.

The Toa scattered. Tahu summoned a delayed fireball that struck the camp, but when Gorast went to investigate its source, Tahu was gone. Gali summons a water blast that hosed Bitil, but when he charged out in search of the source, Gali had disappeared. Finally, Onua's earthquake struck the camp, knocking Krika off-balance. The Makuta lowered his density and flew up to look for Onua who himself had vanished.

With the Makuta out of the camp, the Toa hurried in, digging up the artifact that the Makuta just buried and looking for any sign of the mask. Although there was no evidence of the Kanohi Ignika, they realized that the artifact is a third Keystone. As they were about to retreat, they were attacked by the Makuta who claimed to have not been fooled by the ruse. Tahu activated his shield, and as the Makuta were threatening to batter it down, Krika let it slip that they hadn't found the Ignika. Tahu caught this and bluffed that the other three Toa Nuva had found the mask and were using it to attack the Makuta in the skies above. Bitil called the bluff and sent a telepathic message to a Makuta above. To his shock, he learned that the Ignika had become a Toa and had already fought Icarax.

Tahu signalled to Gali that they needed to retreat. Gali summoned a dense fog, even as Onua tunneled into the earth. By the time the fog dispersed, the Toa had gone. Gorast insisted that they pursue, but Krika anticipated that the Toa would head for the Codrex. The Makuta resolved to be there by the time they arrived.

Realizing that the Makuta weren't following, Tahu ordered Onua to circle the tunnel arround and lead them back to where they had come from. Rather than heading straight to the Codrex, they would surprise the Makuta by doing what was unexpected.

Battle in the Swamp

As they expected, the Makuta reached the Codrex first and took up positions around it, hiding in the shadows. The Toa Nuva came next, flying high in the upper reaches of the mist rather than low. They spotted the Makuta right away and went into power dives, hurling straight for the Makuta.

Tahu's fireball struck Krika, causing him to drop his weapon. Gali's sphere of water appeared around Gorast's head as she exhaled, and energy pincers pinned her. Onua split the earth open, catching Bitil. Giving the Makuta no time to recover, the Toa bore into them with their powers.

Krika fired a blast of shadow at Gali, causing her to almost fall. The break in her concentration freed Gorast, whom Krika ordered to help Bitil. Onua pursued Gorast while Tahu attacked Krika. Lowering his density, Krika was unscathed by Tahu's attacks, but Gorast was assaulted by eruptions of mud. Bitil had escaped his trap and was chasing Gali until the Toa of Water went on the offensive, attacking with water and energy blasts. Bitil responded by summoning his duplicates who caught Gali and threw her to the swamp. Onua saw this and formed an energy platform for her to land in above the swamp and connecting it to the Codrex. Gorast took advantage of the distraction to slam into his midsection. Without Onua to support it, Gali's platform collapsed, but not before she regained her altitude. As Gorast and Onua grappled, Gorast tried to summon her light-draining powers, but Onua struck her hard, sending her spiraling down.

Tahu and Krika were fighting hard, each unable to gain the advantage over the other. Krika claimed that the Codrex was set to detonate. Tahu nearly lost his temper and attacked Krika, but then he considered surrendering to buy time. In the end, he called the bluff, knowing that the Makuta would have done it already if they intended to. He also guesses that the Makuta wanted to have the Keystone, even as he sucks the heat out around Krika and freezes him. As he is being iced over, Krika directs Tahu's attention to the skies where newcomers are descending from above.


Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah arrived in the swamp where they helped Krika, Gorast, and Bitil regroup. Beating Tahu, Gali, and Onua back, they flew in formation and bore down on the Toa, backing them against the deadly energy fields of the Codrex. Right as Antroz was about to kill the Toa, ice formed around his hand, causing his energy to backfire. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa flew down from above, even as Tahu, Gali, and Onua flew to meet them. The Battle for the Codrex had begun.


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