Defeat of the Dark Hunters

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"Go with them? But I'm a Toa, Lhikan. I'm your brother in arms!"
"No. No, you're not. You lost the right to call me 'brother' when you betrayed us all. Get out, Nidhiki – of my sight and of this city. Get out before I kill you."
— Nidhiki and Lhikan, Birth of a Dark Hunter

Defeat of the Dark Hunters
Conflict Nidhiki betrays Metru Nui to the Dark Hunters, but the plan backfires when Lhikan overhears the private discussion.
Combatants Nidhiki and Dark Hunters
Lhikan and Toa
Location Canyon of Unending Whispers
Result Dark Hunters surrender, Nidhiki banished

The Defeat of the Dark Hunters was the final confrontation of the Toa-Dark Hunter War wherein a plan by Nidhiki to sell out the Toa Mangai and Metru Nui backfired and resulted in his exile and the surrender of the Dark Hunters.


Dark Hunters

  • Ambush the remaining Toa in the Canyon of Unending Whispers.


  • Counter-ambush the Dark Hunters with the new reinforcements.


Six months after the outbreak of the Toa-Dark Hunter War in Metru Nui,[1] Nidhiki wandered from his post at the Coliseum, making his way from Ta-Metru to Ga-Metru when he was spotted by Hakann and Lariska. While Hakann watched, hidden on a rooftop, Lariska approached Nidhiki and after some discussion, Nidhiki offered to betray Metru Nui and hand over Dume, Lhikan, and the Toa in return for rule over Metru Nui. The two agreed to meet the following day whereupon the Dark Hunters would have their answer.[2] A message was dispatched to the Shadowed One who agreed to the deal and left orders that Nidhiki be eliminated once Metru Nui was secure.[3]

The evening of the following night, Lhikan asked Nidhiki to greet a supply ship coming from the south and Nidhiki agreed, eager for an excuse to leave the Coliseum and meet with the Dark Hunters. He left before Lhikan could tell him where to meet the ship, and when the Toa of Fire went after him to tell him this, he stumbled on the second meeting, wherein Lariska agreed to the terms of Nidhiki's deal. The pair planned their decisive move to be at the Canyon of Unending Whispers.[2]

From a rooftop overlooking the scene, Hakann spotted Lhikan. The Dark Hunter was eager for the war to be over but didn't want to be taken captive if the Toa won. Confronting the Toa, he leveraged his knowledge of the Makoki Stone's fate in return for the freedom of the Dark Hunters, once defeated. Recalling the sacrifices made by his former teammates to protect the Makoki Stone, Lhikan accepted.[3] A second message was dispatched to the Shadowed One, outlining the terms of the proposed ransom.[2][3]

The next day, Nidhiki announced that the Dark Hunters had established a base camp in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, and that every Toa would be needed to crush them decisively. Lhikan agreed with Nidhiki's plan, and before long over a hundred Toa descended into the canyon. But even as the Dark Hunters sprang their trap, emerging from hiding places around the Toa, Lhikan sprang his own as three hundred Toa appeared atop the canyon walls. The supplies Lhikan had asked Nidhiki to meet were, in fact, reinforcements. Lhikan outlined the terms he had delivered to the Shadowed One. All Dark Hunters were forever banished from the city, and Nidhiki was to be taken with them.[2]


Nidhiki would be brought to Odina, but even in the service of the Dark Hunters, he would aspire to leave and resume his heroic life in another land. When Roodaka arrived to seek training from the Shadowed One, the former Toa Mangai would attempt to negotiate with her to get him off the island. She would betray him, however, and would purchase her training regime from the Shadowed One by mutating Nidhiki into a monster. Incapable of resuming his life as a Toa, Nidhiki would spend the rest of his life as a Dark Hunter.

The Makoki stone would be brought to a heavily-defended Toa base. Six months after their defeat in Metru Nui, Nidhiki would train a team of Dark Hunters to infiltrate the island and steal it back. This they did successfully, and with the stone back in his possession, the Shadowed One would break the artifact into six pieces and ransom them. The Brotherhood of Makuta would ultimately purchase all six.

When Makuta sought to enact the Great Cataclysm on Metru Nui, he would hire Nidhiki, Krekka, and Eliminator to help him, the first to land in the city since the organization's defeat there. Upon their return, the pair would kidnap Lhikan, but not before the latter had noticed their arrival and arranged for a new Toa team to emerge after his disappearance.[4] Nidhiki and Krekka would operate out of a base in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, a place where they kept Lhikan imprisoned. The Canyon would be the site of a showdown between them and three Toa Metru, Lhikan's successors.