Attack on Mahri Nui

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"No, this bizarre sight was not some harmless underwater phenomenon. It was venom eels - thousands of them - massed for an attack on Mahri Nui."
— Narrator, City of the Lost

Attack on Mahri Nui
Conflict The Barraki attack Mahri Nui
Combatants Venom eels, Ehlek
Mahri Nui Matoran, hydruka
Location Mahri Nui
Result Barraki's forces withdraw; Small damage to Mahri Nui and the Fields of Air

The Attack on Mahri Nui was an assault launched by the Barraki upon the Matoran of Mahri Nui after the Kanohi Ignika sank into the waters of the Pit.



  • Invade Mahri Nui to obtain the Ignika.


  • Defend Mahri Nui.


Barraki Ehlek, along with his Venom Eels, attacked Mahri Nui as an excuse for searching for the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life. The battle began when a Po-Matoran named Dekar attacked a lone Venom Eel. Dekar wounded it multiple times, but the Venom Eel came out unharmed, because of a curse the Ignika had bestowed on him. Dekar fled to the city. Just before the battle, Carapar kidnapped the Ga-Matoran Kyrehx to bring her to Takadox.

In the city, the Matoran used their Air Launchers to repel the Venom Eels. Dekar discovered he could not kill any of the Venom Eels and understood it was because of the fact that he was carrying the Ignika, and he left for a distant cave, preparing to destroy it.

Later Carapar brought back a hypnotized Kyrehx and forced Ehlek to stop his attacks while sending his Keras crabs to occupy the Fields of Air. When the 300-foot long Venom Eel attacked, Ehlek's forces were forced to scatter and Carapar's was decimated. The eel began to head for Mahri Nui, noticing the bright lights that illuminated in the city. However, the Le-Matoran Defilak, along with the Ga-Matoran Idris and the Onu-Matoran Gar, smashed all the city's Lightstones and the eel, no longer seeing the city, left.


When the Toa Mahri arrived at the city, the Matoran attacked them. The Toa were put to a test: free the Fields of Air from Carapar's army of Keras crabs. The Toa accepted but as they proceeded (with the exception of Matoro) the Keras withdrew, and the Barraki led the Toa away.


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