Battle for the Kanohi Ignika

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"It's the only way. If we stop them here, maybe, somehow, Matoro can survive and finish the mission!"
Toa Mahri Jaller, Death of a Hero

Battle for the Kanohi Ignika
Conflict The Toa Mahri fight against the Barraki to prevent them getting the Ignika
Combatants Toa Mahri
Location Waters near Mahri Nui
Result Matoro uses the Ignika and saves the life of the Great Spirit Mata Nui

The Battle for the Kanohi Ignika was battle which occurred between the Toa Mahri, the Barraki, and the Barraki's armies.


Toa Mahri

  • Give Matoro time to use the Kanohi Ignika and save the life of Mata Nui.


  • Seize the Ignika and escape from the Pit.


After the Toa Mahri returned from leading the Mahri Nui Matoran to safety in caves of Voya Nui above, they initiated a battle with the Barraki in order to reclaim the Ignika. Jaller took the mask from Mantax's hands as Hewkii dueled against Gadunka. Meanwhile Matoro froze Maxilos/Teridax, believing the Makuta would attempt to take the mask for himself. Jaller was then confronted by Hydraxon's replica, and attempted to ward off the Pit jailer using a large blast of Fire. As a result of the blaze, Maxilos was released from his prison of ice and then commanded Spinax to attack Hydraxon. The Toa Mahri swam up to the Cord and severed it with their Cordak Blasters, so that Voya Nui could be reunited with the Southern Continent. The island smashed into Mahri Nui, obliterating it, and began its descent returning to the Matoran Universe. Matoro retrieved the mask and swam in the direction where Voya Nui was headed, with the other Toa Mahri following and the Barraki not far behind.

Teridax confronted the Barraki, interrupting their chase, and swiftly dispatched four of them. He was then confronted by Takadox, who attempted to avoid punishment by showing Teridax his Tablet of Transit. In response, Teridax created a vision, in which Takadox was assaulted by his own army of underwater insects. After Takadox was defeated by the vision, the four Barraki revealed to Teridax that they were feigning defeat so that they could assemble their armies. The Barraki then ordered their armies to attack Teridax. Teridax, having bought time for the Toa Mahri, allowed them to defeat him.

Toa Mahri Jaller preparing a Fire Nova Blast

Before the Toa Mahri could reach the falling Voya Nui, the Ignika turned gray in Matoro's hands, signifying the death of Mata Nui. Believing that there was still a chance to save him, the Toa Mahri decided to split up with Matoro continuing to follow Voya Nui in its descent and the other five Toa holding the Barraki off. As the five Toa Mahri realized they were fighting a losing battle, Jaller prepared to launch a Nova Blast. Meanwhile, Matoro had reached the Southern Continent and had managed to slip under Voya Nui before it sealed the hole to Karda Nui. Before Jaller could kill himself and everyone within the vicinity of the blast, Matoro donned the Ignika and teleported his teammates to Metru Nui before he was dispersed into pure life energy, which revived Mata Nui.


Matoro used the Ignika to safely return the Toa Mahri to Metru Nui and further transform them into amphibious beings. The Barraki remained condemned to the Pit until they were drafted into the Destiny War.

Matoro's use of the Ignika, and his sacrifice, saved Mata Nui and the entire universe from destruction. The bright light which erupted from his form exploded throughout Karda Nui and blinded three of the Makuta there, marking a major turning point in the Siege of Karda Nui.

Teridax abandoned the Maxilos robot and left the Pit to complete the final stages of the Plan. His armor was later found by Hydraxon.


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