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"Horror is looking into the eyes of the Shadowed One, knowing you are about to die ... and then being forced to live. Horror is waking each day to see every part of your body moving on its own, a shifting mass of Protodites where once was solid metal and living tissue. Horror is what is in the eyes of your partners when they look at you ... and in the cries of your enemies when your swarm engulfs them. Don't talk to me about fear, creature — I am fear!"
— Zaktan to Irnakk, Inferno

Element Air (in conjunction with another Skakdi)
Powers Laser Vision
Tools Three-Bladed Scissor (formerly)
Zamor Launcher (formerly)
Status Fused[1]
Pronunciation Zack-tan
Set number 8903

Zaktan was a Skakdi of Air as well as the leader of a group of seven rogue Skakdi Dark Hunters who called themselves the Piraka.


Early life

Prior to joining the Dark Hunters, Zaktan was imprisoned as a slave in a Protodermis mine on Zakaz.[citation needed] The Shadowed One discovered him there and judged him a potential Dark Hunter recruit. He freed Zaktan and brought him back to the Dark Hunter base island of Odina to train him.

Dark Hunters

Zaktan as seen in the Comics

Some time later, Zaktan plotted with Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and Reidak to overthrow the Shadowed One. He and the four other Skakdi stormed the fortress, slipping past the guard and infiltrating it. They attempted to find their way to the Shadowed One's chamber, but were instead confronted by Darkness, who revealed that the Shadowed One was aware of their plan. Eventually they were herded into the chamber, and confronted by their leader. In an attempt to execute Zaktan for their betrayal, the Shadowed One assaulted him with his disintegrating eyebeams, but Zaktan's body instead dissolved into millions of Protodites. The Shadowed One, surprised as the rest, let them live, with Zaktan's mutated state serving as a reminder.

Zaktan continued to carry out missions for the Dark Hunters, including one which brought him and Avak into a conflict with a Toa of Plasma on an island to the south of the Southern Continent. When Zaktan was finished, all that could be seen of the Toa were parts of a Kanohi, his armor, and a mysterious liquid.

During the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War, Zaktan, along with a small contingent of Hunters (including Reidak and Thok) were assigned to guard an old Brotherhood fortress which had since been captured by the Dark Hunters. After meeting with his informant, Roodaka, Zaktan decided to search through the fortress again, stumbling upon a room where Teridax, the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, had sketched out his master plan. The secret lair revealed to Zaktan all aspects of Teridax's plot against Mata Nui, dating back to the very start of the plan. This revelation left Zaktan in possession of extensive knowledge concerning what had happened and what would happen in the Matoran Universe. Zaktan, Thok, and Reidak then escaped the fortress, which was soon recaptured by Brotherhood forces.


A few hundred years after losing the fortress battle, Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and Avak defected from the organization, calling themselves "Piraka". Acting upon rumors that Teridax had been defeated and killed, they journeyed to his lair to find evidence that would prove the rumors true. In the lair they discovered the shattered remains of Teridax's armor, along with evidence of a battle. Reidak attempted to pick up his mask, but was blasted by dark energies emitting from the mask. Unable to make them stop, he threw the mask into the ocean.

Looking through the chambers for anything useful to salvage, Hakann discovered the Spear of Fusion. He accidentally triggered it in reverse on Vezok; the resulting being, a crazed, silver-armored Skakdi, was dubbed Vezon by the rogues. Teridax, whose essence was still present, used his powers to implant the concept of a "Mask of Life" into their heads. The group was attacked by Mana Ko, and Vezon escaped with the Spear of Fusion. The rest of the Piraka managed to elude the beasts, and soon emerged on the surface of the island Mata Nui. Disgusted by its paradisaical nature, they quickly gathered up Toa Canisters and set a course for Voya Nui, the location of the Mask of Life.

Zaktan's Protodites dispersed

Upon arriving at the island, the Piraka managed to trick the local Matoran into believing that they were Toa, convincing the residents to obey their commands. Zaktan built a vat which collected Antidermis from the air, as Avak constructed a launcher capable of firing spheres of the gaseous material. Eventually, the Piraka began to sense the distrust of the Matoran, and used the Antidermis to enslave most of the population. The Piraka were soon confronted by a team of Toa, the Toa Nuva, who had also come seeking the Mask of Life. Zaktan defeated Tahu Nuva in a sword fight; the other Nuva were also quickly overcome. He ordered the weapons and armor of the defeated Toa seized and the Toa thrown into the volcano. However, the volcano erupted suddenly, forcing the Piraka to flee, leaving the Toa in the path of the oncoming lava.

Zaktan later encountered Brutaka, and promised him Antidermis spheres in return for his services, giving him some in advance. A little later, at the Piraka Stronghold, Avak imprisoned Zaktan in a cage, convinced the Piraka leader was tricking them about the location of the Mask of Life. The cage produced a sonic hum every time Zaktan tried to escape by splitting into Protodites. The effect began to slowly drive him mad. The other Piraka arrived and as Thok prepared to claim Zaktan's title of leader, Reidak, realizing Hakann was behind the scheme, threw him at Avak, unintentionally freeing Zaktan in the process. The Toa Nuva, rescued by the remaining free Matoran, arrived with their allies and confronted the Piraka. The five Piraka refused to fight, hoping the Toa Nuva would defeat Zaktan for them. However, Brutaka dispatched the Toa Nuva and Voya Nui Resistance Team, upon Zaktan's request. Zaktan and Hakann later recaptured the escaping Dalu and began fighting when they returned, blaming each other for her escape. Zaktan defeated Hakann, though he left him alive.

During one of many struggles against the new Toa Inika after they arrived on Voya Nui, Zaktan was carried by Nuparu into the sea with his Kadin and Hakann and Thok managed to steal Brutaka's power with a special Zamor sphere, forcing the remaining Piraka to ally with the Inika. At their request, Zaktan constructed a Zamor Sphere to reverse the effects of Hakann's sphere. This was later used successfully by Hewkii, though everyone was knocked out in the ensuing battle, except Zaktan. The Piraka awoke first and, finding the entrance to the 777 Stairs leading to the Chamber of Life, they descended into the darkness. Arriving in the Zone of Nightmares, the Piraka were confronted by their greatest fear, a legendary being known as Irnakk. All the Piraka were incapacitated by Irnakk's Zamor Spheres, while Zaktan was absorbed into his mind. Here, Zaktan learned that the titan was an illusion created by the Ignika out of their fear. Irnakk eventually dispelled Zaktan from his mind, whereupon Zaktan proclaimed that he would kill all the Piraka, including himself, thus destroying Irnakk. Irnakk laughed at the idea, however Zaktan used his past experiences and horrors to convince the monstrosity that he was not lying. Irnakk, admitting his own fear of death, allowed the Piraka to pass.

In one chamber, the Piraka were trapped in canisters and forced to work together. However, Reidak betrayed them and the group fell into water filled with mutagen, out of which Vezok found a way. They proceeded to the Chamber of Life after another fight with the Toa Inika and an encounter with an underground chamber and a number of traps; in the Chamber, they were confronted by Vezon and Fenrakk, the newest guardians of the Ignika. Vezon fused two of their number into a hulking monster, which in turn defeated the other Piraka. After defusing and incapacitating the beast, Vezon was bested by the Toa Inika in an attempt to claim the Mask. Zaktan and the Piraka, having recovered, then attacked the Inika in an attempt to get the mask for themselves. After reemerging from underground, having failed to catch up with the Inika, the Piraka were about to attack when the Inika reunited with the Nuva and Axonn, as well as Botar carrying a defeated Brutaka over his shoulder. The Piraka decided not to strike, instead biding their time in hope of a more opportune moment.


Due to their encounter with the Pit Mutagen, Zaktan and his fellow Piraka were mutated into life forms possessing only a spine and a face. He and his fellow Piraka slithered into the Cord, where they killed a group of Zyglak. They later ambushed the Toa Mahri; during this battle Zaktan attempted to kill Idris, who used her Electro-Blade to fend off the attack. Zaktan was later defeated by Axonn, and taken in for interrogation by the Order of Mata Nui. He was then imprisoned in a water tank on Daxia. Toa Helryx came into contact with him on occasion, pulling him out of the tank to stop him from breathing anytime he would not behave.

Zaktan was later taken by Helryx to Xia, still kept in a small water tank. Helryx then gave Zaktan to the Toa Hagah as a guide to find Teridax, in exchange for his freedom. He told the six Toa that Teridax would be heading to somewhere underneath the Coliseum, where the answers to the many mysteries and secrets of the universe would be held.

An Order of Mata Nui member then teleported Zaktan and the Toa Hagah to Metru Nui, where the Hagah found themselves fighting Zaktan's old foes, the Toa Mahri. After Norik told the Mahri why they were here and the importance of their mission, the fighting ceased; nine of the eleven Toa worked together to make a tunnel leading underneath the Coliseum, while the other two, Kongu and Iruini, left to look after the mutated Piraka. The Toa Hagah then traveled down the underground tunnel, taking Zaktan with them.

After exploring the tunnels, the Hagah and Zaktan came across a trap which magnetically immobilized the group against a wall, and prevented the use of their powers. Molten Protodermis was pouring in, ready to incinerate them, when Makuta Miserix teleported the seven beings into another tunnel. After a long conversation, they had decided to follow Miserix when unknown figures appeared from a portal behind them. Initially, Toa Helryx and Keetongu emerged, but they were then joined by Axonn and Brutaka via a second portal. Teridax then revealed himself by destroying Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak with energy, and then proceeded to attack Zaktan with a sonic hum, which caused both him and his water tank to explode.

Due to his nature, Zaktan survived as fragments of his substance at the molecular level, and was eventually able to piece together a small portion of his being.[2] He later traveled to Zakaz, where several Skakdi were creating a being using a variety of species, including his fellow Piraka, in a tank of Energized Protodermis. Badly injured and hoping to improve his condition[3], Zaktan emerged from a lake and plunged into the tank.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Brilliant and ruthless, Zaktan was the strangest and most mysterious Piraka, feared by his own companions. He was very intelligent, but also very distant, seeming not to understand the drives and needs of the Matoran, and not caring. Dishonest, secretive, and sadistic, he was hated and feared by all the other Piraka for his bizarre nature and his constant manipulation.

Zaktan's body was originally of the same substance as any normal Skakdi's, but when the Shadowed One's eyebeams altered Zaktan, his body and Three-Bladed Scissor became made up of billions of Protodites, each containing a fraction of his consciousness. When he talked, it sounded like a multitude of voices were coming out of his mouth, and his body constantly rippled as the Protodites were unable to stay completely still. Zaktan could dissolve into a flying swarm of these creatures to attack and then reform at will. Later, he was altered by Pit Mutagen into a water-breathing form consisting only of his head and spine, and the number of Protodites he was made of was greatly reduced.

Spiriah's experiments gave Zaktan an innate Elemental connection to Air, which he could access in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also possessed a powerful Laser Vision.

He alone was aware of the truth about the Antidermis, and was the only one who was permitted by Teridax to approach and fill the Zamor Spheres without experiencing severe pain. It was through his deadly acts that Zaktan became the self-proclaimed leader of the Piraka, managing to threaten the others through his past deeds alone.


Zaktan carried a Three-Bladed Scissor with blades sharp enough to cut almost anything at one end, and a pair of tongs at the other. He also carried a Zamor Launcher. Following Zaktan's mutation, he has lost his Zamor Launcher and the Three-Bladed Scissor became Protodites and were reabsorbed into his body once more.

Set Information

Zaktan as a set
Zaktan as a minifigure

8903 Zaktan was released in early 2006 as a Piraka canister set alongside five others. He came with forty-one pieces, including four Zamor Spheres, and featured the same action features as his fellow Piraka canister sets. Zaktan's parts could be combined with Reidak's to create a non-canon alternate model, whose instructions were split between the instruction booklets of the two sets.

Zaktan can be combined with the Hakann and Avak sets to create the Protodax model.

A Zaktan minifigure made appearances in the Piraka Stronghold, Lava Chamber Gate, and Race for the Mask of Life playsets of 2006, although the last of the three is non-canon.

Zaktan was also part of the McDonald's BIONICLE "Happy Meal" promotion in 2006. The toy features a grappling hook on its chest which can extend or retract via a motorized pulley system.


"He had seen more than his share of dangerous beings, but something about Zaktan gave him a chill. It was as if someone had taken rage and evil and given those qualities a body to walk around in."
Vezok's thoughts, Legacy of Evil

"The Matoran are getting restless. If you weren't spending all your time in here, you would know that. Then again, if you were spending time with them, they would have skipped 'restless' and gone straight to 'panic'. You don't exactly inspire warm feeling."
Hakann to Zaktan, Island of Doom

"Toa. You are an anachronism — pure and noble heroes, still striving for right in a universe of chaos, unwilling to admit that your day is long over."
— Zaktan to Toa Nuva Tahu, Island of Doom

"It was Toa who defeated the Dark Hunters when we attempted to conquer Metru Nui. It was Toa who engineered the war between us and the Brotherhood of Makuta that still rages today. Leaving a Toa, any Toa, alive is like keeping a Doom Viper for companionship."
— Zaktan, Dark Destiny

"What's the point of this, Zaktan? You want the Mask of Life, and we don't have it. Fighting us accomplishes nothing."
"Wrong. It brings you pain. And we want to go on bringing you pain, Toa. Now lay down your weapons and surrender, or this Matoran dies — along with many more. You know how many we can kill before you can stop us.
— Jaller and Zaktan, Downfall

"You Toa are all alike - all mewling idiots."
— Zaktan to the Toa Hagah, Dwellers In Darkness


Zaktan as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy
  • Zaktan's promotional nickname was "The Snake".
  • Greg Farshtey thinks Zaktan, Hakann, and Avak are the most fun to write about out of the Piraka, with Zaktan being his favorite.
  • When asked how Zaktan separated into Protodites, Greg Farshtey answered that it was "his nature,"[citation needed] and later clarified that Zaktan was likely a mutant even before Spiriah began his experiments.[citation needed]
  • Zaktan was one of the few beings in existence who knew the full contents of Teridax's plan.[4]


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