Arena Match of Tarix vs. Vastus

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"Isn't this great? A sold-out crowd. I knew pitting Vastus against Tarix would pack them in."
Metus, The Legend Reborn

Arena Match of Tarix vs. Vastus
Ackar vs. Strakk
Arena Match
Conflict Dispute over food resources
Tribes Water Tribe
Jungle Tribe
Combatants Tarix
Location Arena Tesara
Winner None

The Arena Match of Tarix vs. Vastus was an unresolved fight between the Glatorian Tarix and Vastus.


The two tribes were drawn into a dispute over food resources, which the Water Tribe desperately needed in aftermath of Bone Hunter raids on Tajun trade caravans. As a result, the Water Tribe hired Tarix to travel to Tesara to fight the Jungle Tribe's prime Glatorian, Vastus. Metus, a promoter, was allowed to advertise the match, and managed to get a large number of Agori from many tribes to come view the fight. Raanu, leader of the Fire Tribe, was in attendance to watch training matches after the main arena match in search of a new Second Glatorian for Vulcanus.


Vastus and Tarix in combat

The fighters were kept in chambers, on opposite sides of the arena. The curtains on the chambers were pulled away by the Jungle Tribe Agori, signaling the beginning of the match. Tarix initiated combat by launching a Thornax fruit from his Thornax Launcher, which Vastus dodged, and the fruit exploded underneath him. He launched his own Thornax fruit, which narrowly missed the Water Tribe fighter. The two Glatorian each fired another Thornax fruit, which collided in mid-air, creating an explosion. Both Glatorian threw their launchers away, and charged at each other. The fighters began hammering at one another with their weapons, blocking and parrying the strikes. Vastus succeeded in knocking Tarix over into a ledge, and jumped in after him, plunging his weapon down. Tarix grabbed the weapon and threw Vastus off onto the adjacent platform. He took Vastus' weapon and leaped up after the Jungle fighter. The two fighters grappled when they heard Ackar's pleas for the fighting to stop. Against the protests of the crowd, Tarix and Vastus stopped fighting to listen to what he had to say.


The crowd of Agori

Ackar used his new Fire powers to silence the crowd, and informed them that the Bone Hunters and Skrall had allied. The crowd was skeptical, but Kiina backed up his claim, and told Tarix that their village had been razed. The Fire Glatorian insisted that they should abandon the arena match system, and unite against their common foes. Raanu and Metus disagreed, but Mata Nui insisted that their old ways could no longer support them, and offered his support to the villages. The population eventually decided to forgo battling in the arena for resources, and began uniting the villages.


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